Judy Hoy

Scientist, Biologist, Naturalist, & Wildlife Researcher

The Consequences of Exposure to Gene and Thyroid Disrupting Toxins


Judy Hoy & her husband Bob run a wildlife rehabilitation center in the Bitterroot Valley in western Montana. They’ve helped deer, bears, coyotes, small mammals, birds and more return to their natural habitats. Over the years they’ve witnessed many unusual cases such as underdeveloped upper facial bones on many avian species, underbite and overbite on a variety of mammal species, tumors, chemical blisters, malformations, and other adverse health issues due to toxins on plants and in our air, rain, and rivers. Roundup, which contains Glyphosate, other herbicides, insecticides called neonicotinoids and the fungicide, Daconil, are dangerous chemicals sprayed on our crops. They have a serious effect on our lands, on our animals, and on the human race. This site is to educate as many as possible about how these chemicals are affecting our wildlife, as well as domestic animals and children.

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And also a special website Judy has put together to teach how to use Cell Salts to help animals recover more quickly from health issues


Show highlights:

Birth defects in White Tail deer caused by insecticides

The synergistic reaction and poisonous strength of several toxins being used together

Judy experienced lung damage from the pesticides that were being used in her area

Judy talks about the decline of insect populations. She says that if the decline continues, within the next 10-20, life will cease to exist

Judy believes that all the cancer in pets is caused by all the glyphosates found in dog foods and from people spraying their lawns

We discuss how she uses Hyland’s cell salts for reversing deformities in animals. She shares a story of a young child with facial deformities that were given the remedies by her mother thus transforming her face.

Listener comment on Judy Hoy’s work: A friend fell off her roof onto rocks while she was power washing. Her ankle suffered multiple fractures and she was put in a boot. I put her on Judy’s Calc-Phos and Bioplasma. Her ankle healed so quickly that she walked into the docs office holding her boot rather than wearing it. Nurses and docs freaked out that she was endangering the bone…UNTIL…x-rays proved an early perfect healing …way before the expected required time. Judy Hoy is a brilliant woman.This story is just one example of how I’ve used her recipe to heal animals and people.

We learn how Judy defied the odds when given her pulmonary fibrosis diagnosis; she has lived and thrived with her lung issues for 22+ years

Question from a listener: The observation of Mrs. Hoy lead her to believe that agricultural pollutants are causing malformation of bone development. If this is because calcium or magnesium become poorly absorbed and utilized, does she think that Vitamin D plays a role here? Does she advise high amounts of Vitamin D? What does Mrs. Hoy think about airborne pollution blocking certain portions of sunlight that are needed for vitamin D production, calcium absorption and other vital bodily functions?

Judy Hoy, long time researcher into the detrimental affects chemicals are having on animals and people, December 11, 2019

'Judy Hoy – The Consequences of Exposure to Gene and Thyroid Disrupting Toxins – December 11, 2019' have 4 comments

  1. December 25, 2019 @ 3:08 pm Charles May

    I found the 30 X cell salts by Highland, but I can’t find the bio plasma where is that at, and is it by Highland also. Thanks


  2. April 20, 2020 @ 9:35 am Anna Osterling

    Re Judy’s revised Salt recipe, one of the ingredients was said to be “Morton’s No Salt” which is potassium chloride. But when I looked for it in google, I only found this one which has a slightly different name “Morton’s Salt substitute” Is it same thing as Morton’s No salt?


    • July 13, 2020 @ 10:11 pm Judy Hoy

      Salt substitute is usually potassium chloride. Just look at the label.


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