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Kelly Raber, D.Sc.

The Cause and Cure for Cancers


Cancer. Just the word strikes fear in us. For we all know someone who has had cancer. This disease is no doubt an epidemic. The study and drug development alone surrounding this disease is enormous! We see the emotional TV ads depicting hard-working doctors determined to find a cure once and for all. And we pray that this disease passes over our houses.

Our prayers were answered before we even asked. There is a cure for cancer; it has been with us for hundreds of years.

In this land, America, a great and horrible deception has been played upon the citizens. It is sad. It is angering. It is something that will take a long time to fix. But unless its citizens rise up and demand the freedoms back, our freedoms will forever be lost.
We are so indoctrinated to believe that there is no cancer cure. We actually believe that the government would tell us if there was a cure for cancer. We believe that the government cares. We believe that if the media found out about a cure it would spread like wildfire and become so popular that everyone would soon know about this amazing find!

Kelly Raber, D. Sc., holds a doctorate in science and is not a medical doctor.  He has formulated 100’s of herbal nutraceuticals for numerous aspects of the body. He believed in sharing his knowledge with everyday people so that they could use his formularies to heal themselves the way God had intended. His dietary supplement formulations have improved cardiovascular health, neurological health, and endocrine health. His formularies reversed diabetes as well as cancer.

He has written various articles over the years about natural health and has spoken at different conferences outside the USA that explored the uses of traditional medicines. Many may remember that Dr. Raber’s free speech was taken away by Federal Judge Marc. T. Treadwell in July 2014. All of Dr. Raber’s free online articles were removed from Judge Treadwell threatened to order the destruction of all of BioAnue Labs dietary supplements (formulated by Dr. Raber) if still contained articles about health on a certain day in July 2014.

Show highlights:

-His background and D.Sc. are in chemistry.  Has worked on formulating natural products such as enzymes and glandulars for 25 years.  TumorX is the most used product of the 80 he’s developed.

-70% of blood root on the market isn’t true blood root.  When a few grams of blood root is dissolved in a glass of  water,  a red dye should be released.  The water should turn red.

-Cancer stem cells are made immortal by telomerase.  TumorX destroys the cancer cell so that enzyme can’t salvage it.

-Cancer is cancer.  Very little difference between types of cancer.  All have the same mechanisms for spreading it in the body.

-What is cancer?  Are nonfunctional cells that are replicating and kill by invading other tissue.  Cancer is a metabolic parasite.  It keeps giving off lactic acid, which the body converts inefficiently to glucose, using up ATP and draining the body of energy.  Causes cachexia.  The body becomes incapable of repairing itself.  The defective cells can’t be changed and must be  killed with apoptosis.  Need to destroy them, without making the body worse.

-When people say they cured their cancer with a healthy diet, it was the phytochemicals in the food that were killing the cancer cells.

-Both the immune system and phytonutrients together are needed to kill cancer cells.

-It’s not just carbs, proteins, and fats that we need from food, it’s all the other nutrients.

-Cancers growing larger will spread throughout the body before it ulcerates and ruptures.  The body isn’t trying to encapsulate it.

-Is it helpful to cut cancer out?  If a tumor was 2 lbs, it would be helpful to remove it, but by the time a tumor gets to 2 lbs, it will be inoperable because there isn’t enough tissue to cover up the wound.  Most helpful to remove at the 5-6 mm stage.

-Mohs’ original surgical technique was to apply zinc chloride paste to the skin tumor, allow it to die, horizontally slice off a small amount of the tumor area and examine it microscopically, and repeat iteratively until all the cancer cells were dead.  Had a over 97% success rate.  Now they excise only, no paste is used.

-What does chemo do?  Dr. Raber doesn’t recommend it.  Survival rates using solely allopathic medicine haven’t changed since Nixon’s War on Cancer.  Use natural products instead.

-Blood root is a herb from North America, primarily growing on the east coast.  Has a small white flower in the spring, which is used to locate the plant and dig up the root.  It will kill cancer cells by inducing apoptosis with a chemical process in a dose dependent action.  The issue is needing to be sure of taking enough. Blood root will do the trick, if used correctly.

-Use of pancreatic enzymes in cancer can be successful, but sometimes need 150 capsules a day.  Cancer fighting effectiveness is bumped up considerably when combined with bloodroot, CoQ10, and ATP.  If all components are taken correctly, won’t have nausea, won’t get sick, and can take all the pancreatic enzymes needed.

Bloodroot Cancer Cure book explains how to tell if you have the right stuff and how to make capsules and tinctures.  Instructions To Cure Cancer book explains how to use bloodroot.

-The federal government is draconian in prohibiting what he can say.  He can’t recommend sellers;  he can’t list testimonials.  The 1994 DSHEA Act mandate on informing people how herbs work is being dismantled.  The FDA didn’t like him using the word cure, even though he had testimonials of people who were cured.

-If your body needs digestive enzymes, you would have trouble with digestion.  If fighting cancer, take enzymes on an empty stomach so it’s not wasted on digestion.

-Certain parts of the body need to be highly alkaline, other parts acid.

-Most people who raise stomach pH need to lower it.  We need to break minerals down in the stomach to absorb them.  99% of people with heartburn need more acid.

-50%-70% of the time people can correct an insufficient acid condition.  Keep increasing betaine hydrochloride until you have a feeling of warmth in the stomach.  Pepsinogen only works in an acidic environment, and the body will create more acid in response to betaine.

-If in pain, use a coffee enema.   Are natural ways of dealing with pain without using allopathic poisons.

Hour 2:

-Are thousands of clinical studies showing natural products have the ingredients to kill cancer.  The key to it is dosage.

-Jeffrey says his brother-in-law cured a cancer on his forehead with bloodroot.

-High quality foods that haven’t been monkeyed with may contain a higher proportion of phytonutrients.

-Blood root won’t work if the tumor is not malignant.  E.g. for lipomas, use enzymes.

-Skin cancer, even squamous and basal cell cancer, is not a localized issue.  As it grows larger, it invades the lymphatic and cardiovascular systems.

-UVB radiation is not so good if you have fair skin.  Red skin from sun exposure is evidence the cells have been affected by radiation.  People with blonde hair, blue eyes are vulnerable.

-Backstory of the feds attacking Dr. Raber.  They define drugs as anything that works.

-Will bloodroot work on moles?  Some, not others.  The ones that it works on were probably cancer.

-Must bandage correctly when using bloodroot, otherwise get horrible holes.  Using vaseline on a crater will avoid permanent craters.  The body doesn’t like vaseline and will try to push it out.

-Look for purity in pancreatic enzymes.  They must be from pig, can’t be vegetarian.  12x is pure pancreatic enzyme.  Best on the market is 10x.  4x is mostly sugar.  Stay away from standardized nutrients – it’s an excuse for dilution.

-Hydrogen therapy.  Why did people say drinking alkaline water made them feel better?  Most water treatment units are producing hydrogen.  Slightly alkaline, high hyrogen water helps remove free radical and hydroxyl radicals form the body, so they can no longer damage the mitochondria.  Helps mitochondrial diseases such as Alzheimer’s, hepatitis c, neuralgia.

-Ideal pH of water? pH is a byproduct, not so important, but if pH>10, creates cell inflammation.  It’s the concentration of hydrogen in the water that is important.  Hydrogen is pH neutral, it’s the hydroxyl radical that changes the pH.  Most springs don’t have high hydrogen.  Are 3 places with naturally produced high hydrogen water.  Most water isn’t tested for hydrogen, but when consumed, high hydrogen water is highly beneficial for humans.

-Water electrolysis machines do the best to create hydrogen.  Here’s a link to Mr. Raber’s favorite machine

-Hydration is important for digestion.  If stomach is functioning correctly, it will produce all the protons it needs.

-Cells can only reproduce so many times, and then it can’t.  That’s aging.

-Take as many betaine hydrochloride as you need to break up food into small particles and absorb it.  Take 10 minutes before a meal.  Warming should be while you’re eating.  Don’t take more acid while you’re eating, but increase the amount you take before your next meals.

-Proton pumps make the acid.  Digest the nutrients so proton pumps have the raw material to make acid.

-To get more hydrogen, get a water electrolysis machine.  Best is Hydrochi machine at BioAnue Health products.  Clinical research shows we want to drink 2 liters a day.

-Steve says a DIY method of producing hydrogen water is explained here.

-Dr. Raber feels better drinking hydrogen water.  Has seen improvements in kidney function.

-Why do so many people feel better from taking sulfur?   We used to eat 5,000 – 6, 000 calories a day because we burnt it off from daily labor.  Now we can function on 1200 calories of food, but we need 600 calories to get the nutrients.  Harder to get enough nutrients on a lower calorie intake.

-Steve suggests a way to get around the government by claiming the coincidence of a healing and taking something.  They’re not dummies.  What we really need is freedom of speech for everyone.

-Jeffrey wants to know about daily use of iodine.  Depends when and how.  Dr. Raber likes transdermal application on a 2″x2″ area so you can monitor how your body is absorbing it and know from that rate if it needs it.

-Will iodine help for hypothyroidism?  If you don’t have the raw materials, the body can’t repair.

-Denise asks about Megahydrate by Dr. Patrick Flanagan.  It does increase hydrogen.

-How old is Dr. Raber?  Pushing 50.

-Listener asks what he thinks of Tyler LeBaron and the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation?  Agrees with what he wrote.  Hasn’t read his book.

-What supplements do you need?  Ask: what issues do I have?  What nutrients have been shown to help?  Is there one nutrient linked to 4 or 5 complaints?

-Most illnesses originate from a malabsorption issue.  If you’re deficient in a nutrient, can you assimilate it?  Must be able to digest and absorb it.  Or perhaps you don’t have enough enzymes, or aren’t metabolizing fats correctly and have a gall bladder issue.

-Someone on a high sugar diet, high carbs, will be more cranky than someone on a high protein diet.

-Advisability of being a vegetarian – does the body exhibit any evidence of a deficiency?  True vegans are the worst case.  Ghandi almost died from being a vegan.  Dr. Raber doesn’t think we’re meant to be vegetarian.

-If pancreatic enzymes help so much, why wouldn’t amino acids from meat help us get well?

-It’s really a liver dysfunction that creates high cholesterol.  Need lipase made in the liver to digest fats.

-Studies show people have used CoQ10 to get rid of cancer and heart disease.

-His new book will be on using blood root paste.


Dr. Kelly Raber on the causes, the mechanism and bloodroot for curing cancers, October 5, 2017, ONE

Dr. Kelly Raber on the causes, the mechanism and bloodroot for curing cancers, October 5, 2017, TWO

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    Kelly Raber, D. Sc. recommended a PH Mineral product but I could not understand what he said. Was it PH Islands Minerals or Ph In Minerals? Anymore information on the mineral supplement? Thank you!


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