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Kevin Ryan, MD

Author ofWhen Tumor is The Rumor and Cancer is the Answer: A comprehensive text for newly diagnosed cancer patients and their families

Multiple surveys show that patients and their families are more afraid of cancer than any other disease. This fear can paralyze patients and even lead to a bad outcome. Dr. Kevin Ryan, MD, FACP is a cancer doctor, cancer survivor and author of “When Tumor is The Rumor and Cancer is the Answer: A comprehensive text for newly diagnosed cancer patients and their families.” Dr. Ryan addresses these anxieties in a systematic, logical, supportive and compassionate way to cancer patients and their families. He guides the cancer patient and their family through the entire process starting with the diagnosis and the importance of the patient’s autonomous right to control his or her treatment as he or she wishes. “When Tumor is the Rumor and Cancer Is the Answer” also covers various treatment options available. Possible symptoms and side effects, both physical and emotional are also addressed. Dr. Ryan also discusses alternative and unproven therapies, cutting-edge therapies, medical ethics and advice to family members on talking with their loved ones about their cancer.
Dr. Ryan’s goal of writing this book is to make patients active participants in their treatment at home and in the examination room. The knowledge gap between oncologists and patients causes undue anxiety. Anxiety is reduced when cancer patients and their families are well informed and comfortable voicing their concerns to the medical team. Being well-informed on all aspects of this disease will help a cancer patient to reduce stress, conquer fears and ultimately become a cancer survivor.

Show Highlights:

-Tremendous improvements in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Now have immunological molecular level treatments. Mass spectroscopy can see what makes cancer cells unique.

-Cells are clonogenic. Cancer cells arise all the time. The body monitors constantly, but if the cancer cells escape detection, they will grow.

-Cancer risk association with age, environmental causes, and pre-determined genetic flaws.

-Cancer cells harvest the body’s ability to make blood vessels, which supply nutrition. Some cancers stay put and don’t metastasize, others spread to predictable locations.

Importance of making patients welcome and emotionally comfortable. Giving a MP3 player to record office visits. Advice on searching the internet about their disease. Everyone’s cancer is unique to them.

-Anxiety is fear of the unknown. Embrace it with the patient.

-Clinical trials to know if an approach is truly effective. Don’t know purity, efficacy, or best dosage of supplements. Complementary and alternative medicines don’t have rigorous, scientific study. If no harm, use them when conventional medicine harms or doesn’t work. Know which are dangerous and don’t have any proof.

-Many meds come from the plant and animal kingdom. Plants and herbs can have their uses – e.g. marijuana in selected patients with selected symptoms.

-Anecdotal stories aren’t proof. If an alternative treatment works, it needs to be studied in a clinical trial. Test the active ingredient(s).

-Mortality rate from cancer is now 46%, down from 66% in the 1980s. Drop is not due to alternative and complementary medicine.

-See what conventional medicine has to say before consulting Dr. Google.

-The cure is in the cause. Why did the immune system break down? Why did the body let it happen? What can we be doing to find it earlier and to prevent it?

-How important is the patient’s belief in their treatment? Is the placebo effect a more important factor in remission than treatment?

-What happened in women who were told they had breast cancer and seemingly cured it without using medical treatments?

-Mammography vs. thermography?

-Can surgeries spread cancer?

and more!

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dr ryan becker m.d. and conversation on contemporary and alternative cancer therapies, march 9, 2017

'Kevin Ryan, MD – When Tumor Is the Rumor and Cancer Is the Answer – March 9, 2017' have 14 comments

  1. March 10, 2017 @ 12:54 am Matt Grantham

    Well I have to write about a guest who apparently lives in me own home town. Tough interview Patrick I thought you did a nice job in balancing your response Apparently the doctor is now longer practicing though he spoke as if he still has a practice? Anyway I enjoy folks on the show who are attracted to quackbuster like memes and insisting they have the magic ball for true science Ryan said that the Gerson therapy has damaged a great deal of people Really? I would like to here his science on that one One assumes he is referring to the fact that by not choosing to do chemo and doing Gerson instead they were damaged by Gerson? Not only is the predication whacky since the Gerson institute did not force anybody to come their, but also, and by his own admission, he does not have the kind of facts for even that bizarre assertion if it were true Did he meet the people that went ot the Gerson institute ? did he see their radiography and exams himself directly? The guy was like a conspiracy theorist claiming all the several hundred people you had personal experience with were pure charlatans I thought you got close to one of the most significant point in that clinical controlled studies rely on studying isolated single components, and that approach has perhaps more serious limitation than its place as the gold standard of medicine warrants


    • March 11, 2017 @ 3:55 am dan

      I didn’t like this guy either and i usually don’t comment. Most of the guests on this show i resonate with but this was a typical MD. Sometimes you need a guest like this to hone your senses as they can make you feel very ungrounded. i need a healthy dose of Dr Jennifer Daniels now to balance me out :)


  2. March 10, 2017 @ 11:28 am Jenny

    Patrick you handled this call in a very professional manner. It was hard to listen to and I’m sure much harder to stay cool as the host. Dr Ryan was the typical unprofessional, arrogant MD. Their years of brainwashing has them believing that theirs is THE only religion and he comes across just like a religious zealot. They feel entitled to label everyone else a quack even if they know next to nothing about anyone else’s training and experience. His pretense of being a great compassionate doctor is a pretense to ensnare his patients to confess what they may know so he in his magnificent self aggrandizement can refute every thing they might have gleaned for them selves. In other words, he heads them off at the pass. Anyone with eyes that see and ears that hear knows that anything coming from the NIH or the CDC is a flawed as can be. Peer reviewed research is vetted to only come from those that regurgitate what “the Money” tells them to find. He is an obvious reason why we, the silent ones, recognize the arrogant ignorance of this profession and quietly go about healing ourselves.


  3. March 11, 2017 @ 10:50 am joe from the carolinas

    I really really enjoyed this because it was a legitimate debate. It is okay that Dr Ryan disagrees, he has very limited training outside of his area of medicine. Patrick was very respectful and yet persistent which actually made a growth experience. Also this shows that we can disagree with people and still enjoy our time together. We are very lucky to live in a reality where we are not (yet) put in jail for our beliefs (at least in the US). Awesome show Patrick, you really did an awesome job.


  4. March 12, 2017 @ 12:11 pm Mona

    Most often, I’m unable to listen to Patrick’s while they are airing. This one I was able to pop in and listen from about half-way (estimation) into the show. Can’t wait til I can listen to the podcast (if ever made available).
    Initally, I was intrigued by the guest, and impressed with his knowledge and the ability to share it with such articulation. Then he started slamming alternative medicine. Patrick took him on like a champ, tho… and the show regained its balance. I do believe both ended up thinking in full circle, which is a ‘good thing.’


  5. March 13, 2017 @ 1:20 pm Stan Johnson

    Heard him say all the proceeds of his book will go to the American Cancer Society. I take it that these are the cut burn and poison brigade. If that’s so hopefully no one listening to this show will buy it. So called scientific studies he talked about haven’t done anything at all for cancer. 24 years ago and every year after that they claimed that through experiments on animals they could cure this cancer or that cancer, unfortunately we are not mice or rats. Even within the species they tested they could not reproduce a cure that worked for both rats or mice, yet the media trumpeted it to the heavens, well guess what? It just didn’t work in people, surprise , surprise. Cancer research uses a totally bogus system and passes it off as science.


  6. March 13, 2017 @ 1:45 pm Stan Johnson

    I’d like to see him prove that more people die of alternative therapies, that is a lie and impossible to prove. Common sense tells you that that is just not the case. you just have to look at statistics as to how many millions die every year even after conventional treatment. And as regards a to years of training, Charlotte Gerson has decades more training than he does in her particular field. It was pancreatic cancer Patrick that you were trying to remember, but sometimes some people are so infuriating that it knocks you off course I’ve experienced it myself in debates.


  7. March 13, 2017 @ 1:54 pm Stan Johnson

    And as regards to percentages of survival rates this is also a fabrication of the truth and its done by manipulating the figures this claim that people are surviving longer is easy to disprove, just like the increase in so called cures which in reality do not exist and are simply fabricated. The way this is instigated is by using relative cure which in reality is no cure at all just a comparison of a former drug with the new to come up with a percentage which in reality means less people will survive but is passed off as an improvement


  8. March 14, 2017 @ 1:53 pm Timothy

    Great job handling an EGO based, in the box, self controlled must be right personality. I have heard a lot, read a lot on this subject as I have Cancer, was diagnosed 2.5 years ago and have been behind the curtain if you will. I do from first hand experience understand how this twisted, manipulated game is played and he is nothing more than a FOOT SOLDIER of big pharma , established allopathic medical etc.with an ego, and that makes him think he is a General. 94% of all oncologists surveyed said if they were in that position (diagnosed), their children or family members, friends, people they cared about that they would NOT TAKE THEM THROUGH THAT PATHWAY! Why, because the real stats tell the real story. Why do they use the 5 year number, simple, look at the death rate accelerate after that time window. These guys try to manipulate and intimidate with their language, I say B.S. give me only the true results. 18 years or 100 years who cares, if you are studying Spanish you can not speak Greek . Point: Closed mind wrapped in a wrapper of openness and compassion. Not impressed.


  9. March 15, 2017 @ 12:55 pm MLL

    Thanks to everyone who posted a comment about this interview. I try to be selective so I rely on listener comments and Patrick’s show summaries to know whether an interview is worth my time. Think I’ll skip this one!


  10. March 16, 2017 @ 7:16 am Dave

    So let me get this straight he is a nice guy he makes you feel comfortable he listened to you and then he pumps you with poison come on Patrick. He speaks to Scientific studies we all know that the scientific studies he is referring to are done by the pharmaceutical companies and no matter what their studies will always come come to the conclusion that there was a benefit.


  11. March 16, 2017 @ 7:21 am Dave

    I listen to it halfway through i had to stop to me it sounds like a commercial you see on TV for a cancer hospital.They are making so much progress with new drugs that are on the horizon


  12. March 21, 2017 @ 9:17 am Joan Gregerson

    This was a very interesting interview. I was impressed by how Patrick was able to voice a dissenting view in a respectful manner.

    Dr. Ryan repeated that encouraging alternative therapies could result in harm. On the other hand, one thing that Dr. Ryan didn’t seem to mention was that medical errors are the third leading cause of death, according to a 2016 report published in the BMJ journal, by doctors from the Department of Surgery, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. In fact, they estimate that the numbers are likely underestimated, since the reporting mechanisms are lacking.


  13. March 26, 2017 @ 4:57 pm Trevor

    Sanpaku eyes — high-floating irises (can see the whites below) — beware the condition of emotional disorientation!
    In Pat-Speak: a troubled soul.


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