Kurt Wuckert Jr.

Cyber Security Professional and Bitcoin Expert

Kurt is an entrepreneur from Chicago with experience in Bitcoin mining, business management, and cybersecurity. As CoinGeek’s Chief Bitcoin Historian, Kurt is a wealth of knowledge on all things blockchain, and he has the unique ability to make complex ideas easy to understand.

His Bitcoin journey started in 2012, and he has been an active, public advocate for Satoshi’s Vision of big block Bitcoin since the beginning of the Bitcoin Civil War. He is a frequent host, co-host and special guest across the blockchain media space.

He is focused on teaching Bitcoin history, function and future utility for users and businesses through the written word, video and in-person media experiences – righting the wrongs of the Bitcoin Civil War and properly communicating Bitcoin to the globe.

Patrick asks is Bitcoin Digital Gold or a Ponzi Scheme?

Wuckert argues the BTC is geared to encourage people to not work and get rich doing nothing

An authority on Bitcoin explains how it started and why it is rising in price

There was a split in Bitcoin 2015 – 2016

Three Bitcoins platforms now exist:  BTC, BCH and BSV

Wuckert makes the argument why BSV will be the best for humanity, not necessarily for profits

All three bitcoins will only ever have 21 million coins ciruclating

BSV says they have the pure original vision of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin

Who is Dr. Craig Wright and how does he play into this genre


What would happen if The Powers That are make Bitcoin illegal to own?

According to publicly available data the BSV blockchain is over 7TB and growing in gigabytes each day. Is that a problem for decentralization as it makes running a node less accessible to the average user? In contrast the BTC blockchain after 14 years is less than 600 gigabytes in total data.

Since BSV runs the same proof of work algorithm (SHA256) as BTC, does that make it susceptible to 51% attacks and or block reorgs since it has only a fraction of the miners mining the BSV chain in comparison to BTC? 500 PH (petahash) on BSV vs ~400 EH (exahash) on BTC.

I’ve watched the BSV and BCH (bitcoin cash) prices in terms of BTC. Does the BSV/BTC rate concern you given that the trend is down?

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'Kurt Wuckert Jr. | BitCoin Encourages People to Not Work, Get Rich By Not Doing Anything Productive | July 17, 2023' have 2 comments

  1. July 18, 2023 @ 5:30 pm KMF

    Huge judgment saying all people are lazy. There was no price or money involved in 2009 when I started.


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