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The pleasure of beneficial synchronicity.

Why is moving so stressful?  Imprinting by the birth experience, which is everybody’s first move. 

Everyone that’s had a strep throat has had throat cancer first.  The infection cleans out the cancer tissue.  The throat is where we express, and the lymph glands there are a filter of what we say.

Victims don’t get well and don’t do what they want to in the world.  Instead, look at it as a love story of all molecules trying to help us.

Why did Patrick get a leg cramp?  Could be Ca, K, or Mg imbalance or too much lactic acid.  Or from a dream where intensely jumping over or reaching something.  Standing up with feet flat on the floor may help it go away.  Warmth is good.  It’s only during the repair of the muscle fibers that it hurts.

James has been getting ill and has low neutrophils.  If neutrophils are low, lymphocytes may be high normal or higher.  Could be an issue of going into repair with exosomes (viruses), which means a conflict about contact with other people or territory.  Means the body is going into repair.  Or, if everything is low, something’s going on with the bone marrow.

Antibody is a protein against a person’s own body.  Immunizations accentuate and make the body go out of balance.  Overreaction has to be stopped, even if it means killing our own cells, and antibodies are produced.

Original wording in Jefferson’s Declaration Of Independence was life, liberty, and property, not life, liberty, and happiness.

Listener has macular pucker and foggy vision.  Would ozone gel help the eye?  Dr. Massey asks: What is the love story? 

Dr. Massey shares story of a 2 year old seeing their mother leave and developing macular issues as an adult on the anniversary of that event.  Something I’m seeing is creating suffering, so the brain creates the foggy vision and macular pucker to muddle the view of the unpleasant sight.

Ozone stimulates stem cells. 

Vitreous floaters is about a floater to block out the vision of a particular spot.  E.g. to block out the vision of dead bodies from wartime.

Constellation via Zoom with Stephanie Richmond. 

Bruce shares trauma from his birth experience when his umbilical cord was strangling him.  When triggers happen, notice the mood.  As a baby, would bang his head against the wall – means I want to go forward, but I need to be stopped.  Anything the baby’s brain takes up is what the mother doesn’t have to feel.  Holding the breath and becoming stiff – I have to hold the stiffness for the mother.  The baby takes on what the mother can’t bear.

Why would the cord be wrapped around the baby’s neck?  Ancestral experiences of someone who was hung, or who had to leave their home before they were ready.  Advancing in life could be difficult, because it brings back memories of being strangulated when moving forward.  Rebirthing may be helpful at both mental and physical levels.

Dr. Massey speaks highly of a somatic therapy session that eased some long-standing knots in him.

Listener asked: What is the immune system?  What is authentically me and what isn’t?  What does it take to maintain authentic me?  It’s not like a military operation of kill everything that isn’t me.  Instead, there’s a love story there.

Social distancing and masking – they want us to think anything that I don’t think is me is out to get me.  But anytime I think it isn’t me, it definitely is me.

The futility of vengeance. 

Listener was told they have no antibodies.  Doctors want to give immunoglobulins.  If a person is susceptible to severe repair (get severe flus or illnesses), it’s probably autoimmune.  Immunoglobulins can be helpful.  Can turn off allergic phenomenon.  Dr. Massey recommends Megamucosa by Microbiome Labs.  Also, increase protein digestion to get more immunoglobulins.  Stop gluten and dairy.

Patrick shares his 3 pm. coffee enema experience.   Filled up with lots of coffee, kept enema in for an hour.  Next day, had big chills, shaking, had to cancel show.  Consequences if we do something beyond our adrenal capacity to produce anti-inflammatory hormones. 

Fiber doesn’t get digested which means it doesn’t get used and must be excreted.

Some people with brown eyes who genetically have blue eyes have reverted to blue eyes after colonics and enemas.

Dr. Massey part one

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  1. September 20, 2022 @ 11:04 pm Star

    Please have Dr. Massey back on soon and/or Dr. Melissa Sell to do an in-depth talk about the eye/vision (floaters) issues and how to specifically resolve them through GNM. I was disappointed that you didn’t go into how to resolve them in this show.


  2. October 3, 2022 @ 8:09 pm doreen freeman

    yes need more info on eye floaters


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