Lipofuscin In The Gut

By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

The name “Yellow Fat Disease” is misleading.

Lipofuscin is the disease’s insoluble coloring matter, and yellowish-brown is commonly associated with it.

But lipofuscin comes in many colors, including orange, reddish-brown, brown, and black.


J.C. Sloper, M.C. Barrett, & T.A. Partridge (“The muscle cell,” Journal of Clinical Pathology, 1978) wrote …

“Diseases of smooth muscle are usually attributed to disturbances in control mechanisms. This applies to the megacolon of Hirschsprung’s disease, in which it is widely accepted that the prime abnormality is in the autonomic innervation of the large intestine.

“A well-recognised change, however, which primarily affects the muscle cells themselves is the accumulation of lipofuscin pigment in atrophic smooth muscle. This can be so excessive as to justify the term ‘brown bowel’ disease, a form of lipofuscinosis in which large amounts of this pigment can be seen in the smooth muscle of the gut and also in that of the arterioles.”


Omega 3 fatty acids are a major cause of aging, including the aging of the large intestine.

EVERYONE who eats these so-called “essential fatty acids” accumulates lipofuscin inside and outside their cells.

Different organs age at different speeds, depending on a variety of factors, including lifestyle, environment, heredity, and — especially — diet.

Vitamin E and selenium decelerate aging, but there’s a snag.

These nutrients need ACCESS to the organs they’re nurturing and protecting.

Do you think constipated people have ideal access to vitamin E and selenium?

The same goes for diarrhea.

In the first case, nutrients never arrive or arrive too late.

In the second case, nutrients don’t stay long enough to do their job.

Also, excess water dilutes their effects — the reason vitamin E does such a lousy job in fish farms, something Monsanto and other corporations have been cashing in on for a long time!


Vitamin E and selenium occur in three Growth Zones …

1) Morning (rib cage and above)

2) Midday (rib cage to pelvic bones)

3) Evening (pelvic bones and below)

The above anatomical alliteration is approximate and simplistic.

Mother Nature has just as many loopholes as lawyers do.

Consult your Solar Nutrition technician for more details.


According to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) …

“Selenium is the core of vitamin E.”


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