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After studying international business, Marc experienced first-hand the Argentinian state bankruptcy in 2001 and its ruinous consequences for the country and its citizens. He already gained international work and life experience as a young man.

Together with Matthias Weik (his friend from kindergarten days), for the past decade he has been holding seminars and specialist talks on the topics of precious metals, EU, the euro, Industry 4.0, digitalisation, Bitcoin & crypto currencies, blockchain and decentralisation at national and international companies, associations and foundations, and at congresses and specialist conferences around the world, as well as at universities and colleges.

Marc Friedrich is an enthusiastic connoisseur of whiskey. He recommends selected single malts as a mixer (!) for both balanced investment portfolios and balanced meals.

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Show highlights:

-The biggest bubble of all time will cause the biggest crash of all time and we, the people, will pay the price

-QE is a universal income for the rich

-Money management is not taught in schools anywhere in the world; if the public really knew how the monetary system worked, it would be shocked; Mark believes that less than 2% of the population really knows what’s going on

-People losing trust in the system will cause a crash and it will be very fast

-Why haven’t wages gone up since Lehman?

-We create change, just like tearing down the wall, we will change the monetary system with the coming crisis

-Marc believes we will go into a Golden Age with a new monetary system

-The importance of diversifying your wealth

-A listener calls in to ask about Ethereum; Marc talks about cryptocurrency

-It’s all about cycles; China was once great and it’s becoming the Great One again

-What drove Bitcoin up to $20,000 two years ago?

Check out his latest bestselling book The Greatest Crash of All Time

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Marc Friedrich has a unique take on why the whole monetary system will crash in the next few years, January 15, 2020

'Marc Friedrich – The Whole System Is Totally Rigged and the Next Crash Will Be the Biggest – January 15, 2020' have 2 comments

  1. January 16, 2020 @ 8:26 am Rick

    Awesome guest.


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