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What affect will Russia’s move to sell oil and gas for gold, Ruble and Bitcoin have on commodity prices?

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War between State Department and Pentagon.  State Department is in the clutches of the neocons;  always wanting to go to war.

Pearl Harbor was a result of the US doing then to Japan what we’re doing now to Russia.

Military is not necessarily political.  The deep state is the agencies.

The pharmaceutical industry has surpassed the military-industrial complex.

If Russia is not an enemy, why do we need NATO?  They need to keep up the hatred.

USSR satellite states like Ukraine used to have more nukes than China.  Historic agreement to give up nukes in exchange for NATO not expanding.

US Asst. Secretary of State Nuland installed Zelensky in 2014.  Ukraine is pathway in to Russia.

What does Putin want?  Why are the Russians supporting him?

Klaus Schwab thinks he can do his Great Reset if he gets rid of Russia and China as opponents.

Schwab has infiltrated many countries.  Leadership of countries with most draconian Covid restrictions, Trudeau, Zelensky are Young Global Leaders.

Biden going completely nuts, saying he will impose same sanctions against China if they support Russia.

Sanctions are for against governments, not individuals in a country.  The degree of Biden’s sanctions are unprecedented.

How about the biolabs?  Hunter Biden involved in funding them.  Can target individuals or certain races.

Why is the Middle East always a hotspot?  Religion.

More censorship than ever.  Communists did the same thing.

Did Putin invade because he thinks Xi Jinping has his back?

Biden is doing the same thing he’s accusing Putin of.  Sanctions against Russia weren’t voted on. 

In 8 weeks, Biden has destroyed the world economy.  Emerging markets are at risk. 

The economy can be a tool for peace, but sanctions are destroying mutuality.

This inflation is caused by shortages.  It’s not a question of price. 

The neocons are running things now and they’re totally insane.  If they take out Putin, they might get someone worse.

Emily wonders if they will turn off the internet for a while and blame Russia?  They can take out the satellites.

What will be impact of Russia only selling its oil for rubles, gold, or bitcoin?  Oil has lost its mobility. 

US uses civil forteiture to take gold and money.

Do the boys want WWIII to happen so they can “build back better”?  That’s what they want, but it won’t be a fighting war.  It’s all about power.

We can’t keep funding deficits.  They’re already stolen the pension funds in Europe. Europe will default on their debt. 

US will no longer be a superpower.  US military assets will be shared by the UN. 

Keynesian economics has failed.  The government is now the biggest borrower.  The Federal Reserve has lost the power to manage the economy.

One World Government is not the solution.  It’s delusional. 

Congress introduced an e-cash bill on Monday.  Creation of physical money to be taken away from the Federal Reserve (which is independent) and be given to the Treasury, under the control of President Biden.  No tracking of the money.  Everybody must be on the grid.  Probably will confiscate digital money.

Biden simultaneously introduced a new wealth tax on billionaires.  Assets to be taxed preemptively.  Definition of who is rich will be fluid.

What can we do now?  Stockpile 2 years of food.  Silver coins.  Antique coins.  Real estate. 

Can we move somewhere?  South America or Africa aren’t nuclear targets.  Monetary system is collapsing.

Who is in control of the CIA?

'Martin Armstrong – If Russia Is Not An Enemy, Why Do We Need NATO?  – March 29, 2022' have 3 comments

  1. April 2, 2022 @ 1:17 pm Kenya

    He does also not see it. WEF is not against Russia bc they are just two sides of the same coin. Follow these guys and Patrick get Corbett on and he will lay it all out. This you cannot see with the old thinking of last centurie and Martin proves this bc he still falls for it. Not all but still…


  2. April 3, 2022 @ 6:12 pm walter

    @ Kenya,
    The only thing i see Martin got wrong was “Czechoslovakia’. It has been broken in two for 20 years now. It was most likely a slip of his tongue because I am sure he knew that.
    Research the relation ship between Swab and Putin. It looks like Putin does not like Swab.
    Swab has cut Putin out completely from the table and Putin was asked to speak at Davos and he didn’t. I watched corbettreport you posted ( he is good). The speaker claims that there is no international laws. A nation can not tell another nation what to do UNLESS they have a treaty. So international laws are the Treaties between countries that they agree to and sign. All UN member States have signed on to a treaty. Read the Treaties and you have their laws.


  3. May 23, 2022 @ 11:54 pm Grant

    Nicely done interview, better than most of Armstrong.
    Especially good how how Armstrong was willing to correct Patrick’s mis-impressions repeatedly, as Patrick spouted samples what many people commonly think about the world and finance. Also good how Patrick seemed to take the corrections. Too bad there was not time to get into the deep complex details about who owns exactly what part of the Federal Reserve bank system. It is NOT what people on either side spout.


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