Matt Long

Author of The House that Jesus Built: The Biblical Shape of the Earth and Co-host of The Flat Earth Podcast

Matt Long was born and raised in Fort Worth, TX, though he currently resides in Alberta Canada. While at The University of Oklahoma he played tennis and earned a degree in Construction Science. Matt has worked in the construction and development industries for the last 11 years, while also pursuing ventures in electricity, natural gas, and solar energy. He is an avid student of the Bible, particularly Genesis and “Literal Biblical Cosmology.”

In 2017, Matt began publishing content on Facebook, Instagram and youtube under the screen name FLATWORTH.  Matt has recently moved on to his next project, starting a podcast with his wife Jessica known as WOKETOWN found on most major podcast platforms, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.  He is also the co-host of THE FLAT EARTH PODCAST with David Weiss of DEEP INSIDE THE RABBIT HOLE.

Matt found better explanations in the Bible than in science class.

When and why did they stop teaching flat earth cosmology? 

If the earth is spinning, shouldn’t we be able to feel the earth spin?  They’re teaching us not to trust our God-given senses. 

What existed prior to Jesus’ creation of the earth?  Was earth created 6000 years ago?

Physical reality is earth.

Are we eternal beings?  Do we have a starting place?   An ending place?

They try to make us fear death.  Makes us controllable.

All ancient cultures subscribe to a flat rotating earth with something like a dome above us.

Biblical theology believes in a stationery earth with dome over the top and stars inside the dome.  The hosts of heaven are the stars, and the angels’ job is to participate in the rhythm and clock of the earth.

Bible said a star fell from heaven and was given the key to the bottomless pit.

7 stars in the hands of Jesus are the 7 angels.

Enoch says stars are angels, which are intelligently designed entities.

God sits above the north star, the star that doesn’t move.   The procession of heavenly hosts all revolve around God.  Revelation 4:3.

Google “Hebrew cosmology”.  The waters above are heaven.  In Genesis 11, the Tower of Babel was an attempt to reach into the heavens.

Bible is a collection of 66 books collected over time.  It was the first book and is the most reliable of all books. The writers want us to believe what they saw. 

Where does your truth start?  There’s a war going on against truth.

Matt recommends The Happiest People on Earth book.

How often does the term “Immovable earth” occur in the Bible?  The biblical writers were getting a direct download from God.

The firmament is described as a strong molten looking glass that God walks on.  Over 200 verses refer to a fixed, flat, immovable earth with a firmament above. 

Water comes from the fountains of the deep.  Relieving air pressure at the firmament level allows water to come up from below.

Moon gives off cold light.  Its phases are tied to the sun, but it’s giving off its own light.  Moon might be an inverted dome of a pole.  What are the moon’s craters?

How high is the firmament?  Where Is the center of the world?  Strange black structure at Antarctica called the Black Rock.

Admiral Byrd said there’s an ice wall at Antarctica that extends for at least 3 miles.  Multiple countries agree it’s off-limits to any private exploration.  Operation Deep Freeze expeditions.  Does the dome meet earth there? 

Disney filmed Operation Deep Freeze.  He was friends with Werner von Braun, who has Bible scripture on his tombstone referring to a firmament.

What is the Sea of Glass biblical reference in Revelation 4:6 and 15:2?  Could it be a frozen self-healing system?

Larry asks: What is the mud flood?  A reset every couple hundred years, where the population awakens and the controllers then shut them down with a reset.  Phenomenal buildings exist from the far past. 

Purposely diluting the wonder of the past to diminish the wonder of God.

We have a responsibility to determine if what we are absorbing is truth or lies. 

Oregon listener asks about the moon moving in the opposite direction when viewed from Florida.

Matt’s opinion of Nephilim?  They predate Genesis 6.  Rock wall found with a layer of giant bones and skulls, which is now under water.  Noah’s flood was to get rid of Nephilim bloodline.

Is the current Great Awakening actually God in motion?  Apocalypse means awakening.

Does Satan exist? 

Shelly asks about the moon phases.  If the moon is an electro-powered system, and earth is a magnet, the moon is like a light bulb affected by the location of the power source of the sun.  It’s self-illuminated and self-phasing.

How about the International Space Station, which will be eliminated next year.  There’s room above the Karman line to be in space but not be in outer space.  Horizonal diffraction will bend the corners of earth down, like a fish-eye lens, so astronauts will see earth as a curved ball.

Does gravity really exist?

Does NASA really use helium balloons for satellites?  Something could be weightless below the firmament, but it’s more a function of electromagnetics.

Contradictions between heliocentric model of cosmology vs. biblical model keeps people from believing in the Bible.  Matt felt plugged into the Creator when he discovered the truth of biblical cosmology.

Sharon asks how to counteract a “highly-educated” son who fiercely holds onto the heliocentric model.  Start with proving the Bible is true.

Good References: David Weiss and his flat earth-sun-moon app, Dean Odle on Rumble, MattLongTexas Facebook Instagram Twitter and Youtube, and Level (2021) documentary.  Flat earth search results on YouTube, and also Flat Earth Society, give misleading TPTB versions.  Disregard.

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'Matt Long – The Biblical Shape of the Earth – May 9, 2022' have 7 comments

  1. May 10, 2022 @ 8:29 pm KMF

    The last flat earther couldn’t explain why the sun doesn’t change sizes at sun set if it’s all perspective.


    • May 11, 2022 @ 12:32 am patrick

      If you understand how the sun moves around the flat place in a horizontal motion, as a hand above a table, palm down goes in circles above the table/plane. You are in one spot and as the sun boves above the plane, it obviously appears to change size when it is closer and farther away from us. It’s that simple. And as the circle gets bigger and smaller and changes position over the plane, we have “seasons”. Easy, peasy.


      • May 11, 2022 @ 3:27 pm Frank

        If the earth is flat then the sun should always be visible no matter where it is.


        • July 10, 2022 @ 1:28 pm Janet Henderson

          I work for a government agency that maps the precise size and shape of the Earth. The Earth is not flat. It is also not a perfect spheroid. It is sqooshed in at the poles by about 13 miles. The Earth is more akin to a potato than a sphere. All of your roads, airports, housing developments, etc. tie off of our markers. In fact, surveyors are required to use 4 satellites to set any new markers in the ground and we have scores and scores of passive markers all across the US, along with CORS (continuously operating refererence stations) that take measurements of latitude, longitude, and most importantly ELEVATION! Flat Earthers think that the Earth is relatively flat, but they rarely talk about “how flat’ or ‘non-flat’ they think it is. If it were flat then with our GPS devices, we would see every possible satellite that there is…but we don’t, because it isn’t flat, and it is also not a perfect spheroid, but an ellipsoid.


          • July 10, 2022 @ 1:40 pm patrick

            Great, well then if you work for the USG Janet then I am sure you can send us a real photo… not a compter generated image, (which is all NASA pts out) of a round earth and planets.
            All CGI.
            Send us a real actual photo of this floating sphere, potato …whatever… completely surrounded by space so that it can spin around the sun…
            We will grateful and will let our research and “beliefs” just fall away.

  2. May 11, 2022 @ 4:09 pm BubbaJ

    I didn’t listen to this show, but I’m certain that the moon is a big frozen pizza. You can clearly see the cheese & pepperoni, so there you have it. [I apologize if this is offensive, I couldn’t help myself.] I recently just watched some talks with Randall Carlson (geologist plus lots more) and… well… you know. I’m all for thinking out of the box but I’m pretty sure all this universe & galaxy stuff is real, and space aliens are real too. It’s really not that complicated or scary, it’s actually fairly simple. But it’s just a little bit more complicated than a 2-dimensional concept, because it’s 3 dimensional, but there’s only … IDK… 5 or so main variables that explain most of the universe, once you understand those then you understand things… but you guys don’t seem to want to watch any videos of the truth or read any astronomy books… if you’re so sure about your theory then at least entertain the alternative theory so you can prove to yourself that it’s wrong. It’s all good, no worries. I still love & respect everyone. All that really matters is that we work together as local communities and it’s okay to question everything.


  3. May 12, 2022 @ 12:20 am curt

    If the sun is local and the density of atmosphere blocks it out then no it shouldn’t “always be visible”. Speaking of visible work out the luminosity Venus must be or even the moon to refect the suns light from where science says it is in “space”. We will wait for your calculations. Thanks Frank!


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