Matthew Ehret

Investigative Journalist, Historian

Transhumanism Has Been In the Making for a Very Long Time

Matthew is a journalist and co-founder of the Rising Tide Foundation and Canadian Patriot Review. He has published scientific articles with 21st Century Science and Technology, and is a regular author on several political/cultural websites including Los Angeles Review of Books: China Channel, Strategic Culture, Off Guardian and The Duran. He has also authored three books from the series the Untold History of Canada.

Article: The New Eugenics: Transhumanism and the Myth of the 4th Industrial Revolution

The elite talked about and planned to incorporate technology into humans for the past one hundred years

Jules Verne was a humanist and H.G. Wells was a eugenicist and swamp rat

Many “well respected” and lauded authors were tools of the oligarchy wanting to reduce the population.

There are two forces now wanting to rule the world.  Multi polar being Russia and China and Uni Polar, the Davos Crowd

These people at the top of the food chain have a “God complex” and think they know how to control the world to their vision.

Matthew digs into Zionism and the control of many people of Jewish bloodline

MI-6, British Intelligence to this day are the chief spooks running the world.

He believes the Euro Zone as we know it is doomed to failure when countries agree to give up their own currency

'Matthew Ehret – Transhumanism Has Been In the Making for a Very Long Time – June 14, 2021' have 3 comments

  1. June 19, 2021 @ 2:59 am Hanna Haverbeck

    To get the truth who is the real tyrannical monster that rules the world watch this video:


  2. June 19, 2021 @ 12:46 pm Michael

    Is still at the surface! There is only ONE top of the Pyramid and not two. They want us to know that there are two factions but they play these two factions, countries,…. against each other. Do we really think Putin, Xi or Swalbe is the top? Then you still are not getting it. The ones in the top will not been seen of known by us bc they have digged them selves so deep in clouds and trough bloodlines that is foolish to think that they are just China, Rusia or the Davos clowns that run the show. Come on


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