Matthew Piepenburg

Commercial Director at Matterhorn Asset Management AG – GoldSwitzerland

Matthew Piepenburg, Commercial Director at Matterhorn Asset Management and co-founder of, has extensive experience in alternative investments, law, and finance, with particular expertise in managed futures, credit and equity investing. He also has years of experience researching, evaluating and investing in alternative investments: hedge funds, private equity vehicles, VC and real estate. Matthew Piepenburg’s skills include asset allocation, portfolio management and macro economic analysis. He has written numerous white papers on the long-term distortions of central bank policies here and abroad. He has guest lectured at numerous family office forums, law firms and universities, including Georgetown, Brown, Harvard and Cal State. Matthew Piepenburg is also a published author and regular contributor to The Good Men Project and the author of the Amazon No1 New Release “Rigged to Fail,” which bluntly details the systemic and structural flaws behind central-bank distorted capital markets.

All of these combined monetary distortions are directly responsible for the staggering level of currency debasement ignored in plain sight by a majority of policy makers and investors, which is why Matthew is committed to informing of, as well as addressing solutions to, these systemic fault-lines in the global system. Toward this end, all rivers flow toward precious metals as currency insurance (hence Matterhorn role in Zurich) as well as sober yet actively managed portfolio construction (hence the SignalsMatter service).

Mouse click money used in circular loops to keep banks and Wall Street liquid.

Even banks are astounded at the amount of money printed.

Can the Fed delete some of the 9 trillion dollars on the books?

US has been expanding money supply and keeping the cost of that money low with low interest.  That game is ending.

The Fed is in a corner now after years of drunk driving.

If no one buys our IOUs, we default and lose credibility in the world.  Printing money is the Fed’s solution.

Fed choice is Imploding stock market or run away inflation.

Negative real rates – inflation higher than interest rates.  Inflation rate 7% and interest rate 2% now.

Inflation hurts Americans but allows the government to get out of debt.

The last couple years we’re spending 3 trillion dollars more than we take in.

GDP not growing but debt is growing.

Is today any different than 50 or 10 years ago?  Will we run out of zeroes?

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” ― Henry Ford

A private bank, the Federal Reserve, is running our federal government.

People are feeling the pain of inflation now and have also lost faith in the narrative.  Being told by Big Brother what is best for you has caused ripple effects.

As countries get more broke, they get more desperate.

Mainstream media was meant to be a control on power and now it’s part of the power structure.

We should be talking daily about how to restore our economy and not about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock.

We’re devolving with the loss of ability to speak freely.  Need to be able to hear all voices.

Zuckerberg being the standard for social interaction is the height of irony.  It’s like giving the keys to the insane asylum to the insane.

Lack of transparency about the effects of our financial and monetary policies.

What effect will Putin’s refusal of petrodollars have on the dollar and gold?

Sanctions and freezing Russian assets forced Putin to go deeper in with China.  Seismic changes happening now.  Undermining the dollar as sole exchange medium for oil.  Dollar purchasing power getting weaker.

Putin warned the world for 8 years.  US hasn’t thought this one out fully.  They wanted to make Russia bleed, but the West is not benefitting from this.

Don’t be hoodwinked.  We’re in this mess because of 50 years of bad policy, not because of Russia.

E-Cash is lipstick on a pig.  Gives them more oligarchical centralized control of currencies.

Larry Summers wrong that the derivatives market was healthy.

Plunge protection team engages in legalized price fixing of gold.

US terrified of gold being priced in an open market.  Purchasing power of major currencies has dropped 95%, whereas purchasing power of gold hasn’t.

Gold is not a barbarous relic.  Why are central banks buying so much of it?

Gold is an emotional investment, not a speculative asset.  Gold sits and laughs at other currencies as they lose value.

Kevin asks Matthew’s opinion of rhodium and palladium.   Have to have the personality and wealth profile to stomach their volatility.

We’re in too much debt without requiring major austerity to correct the mess.  We can’t live within our means.

Lockdown was a terrible financial disaster.  Middle class suffers the most.

How would Klaus Schwab succeed in seizing physical assets that people own?

Are big banks safe?  No, because of their exposure to derivatives.  Won’t be allowed to totally collapse though.  Smaller banks will be absorbed.  Some FDIC protection available.

Put 20% of free wealth into an insurance policy like physical gold.  Not Bitcoin.

They’re doing their best to put a boot to the neck of Bitcoin. 

People leaving Seattle because they don’t feel safe. 

Seeing through the lies we’re told.  The best things in life truly are free.  Don’t be too cynical.

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  1. April 4, 2022 @ 11:23 am Jim

    Great guest! Mathew seems like a balanced, smart guy! Thanks!


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