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Joey is an 18 year old proponent of the carnivore diet. He will attend UCLA where he hopes to continue the journey towards establishing the link between nutrition and disease. He is a firm believer in the efficacy of a carnivore diet in both curing and preventing a plethora of health issues. He has a youtube channel called Carnivore Camaraderie that he uses to share content in the form of anecdotal experiences, hard science, and interviews with professionals, all of which serve to reinforce his belief that a carnivore diet is the absolute best thing a person can do to achieve good health. Joey differs from many other people within the carnivore community due to his unique appeal to a younger demographic. He wants to build a platform that can be used to clarify misconceptions and provide tools that people can use to become healthier. He hopes that, by spreading the right message, he can improve the world and help ameliorate peoples’ health problems.


His diet has been 1 year animal-based, then 6 months pure carnivore.

Influenced by Paul Saladino videos that vegetables could be toxic.

Isotope analysis showed early man ate almost entirely carnivore.

Plant-based diet doesn’t provide enough calories and nutrients.

Testosterone levels used to be much higher.  Vegans have lower T than omnivore, despite their healthier lifestyle.

Low fat diets and statins lower T.  Zinc, eggs, organ meat raise T.  More T means higher ability to reproduce.

Becoming a noncomformist and skeptic after becoming carnivore.

Archeological examples of microevolution but none of macroevolution.

Impacts of Joey’s carnivore life on his personal relationships.

Divergence from his parent’s view of the world.  A questioning child trying to use common sense.

Electronic gadgets contributing to feminization of men.

Recommends Bart Kay and Dr. Kiltz for understanding of carnivore physiology.

Effect of diet on his athletic performance:  Keto had terrible effects.  Meat and fruit -did great.  Pure carnivore – terrific performance and improvement.

How can fruit be bad for us?  In nature, animals eat fruit to become fat, in preparation for the winter.  Makes no sense to eat fruit in the winter.  Fruit also has a lot of sugar in fructose form.

Fruit has been hybridized to be sweeter and is not a health food.

Sugar is how we put on body fat.

How about fat?  Eats high fat ground beef, also tallow by spoonfuls.

Eat as much meat as you could possibly want.  Eats only raw dairy, which still has lactase in it. 

Organ meats – do it in percentage that would be in the animal.  Higher ratio of organ meat to muscle meat is probably best, because scavenger animals and early humans would have eaten the organs first.

Grass-fed, grass-finished, no antibiotics meat is best and is low in deuterium.  Even grain fed meat is better than vegetables, but grain is high in deuterium.  Deuterium is super-high in processed foods, in water, and is a major factor in disease today.  Deuterium replaces hydrogen in metabolism and spins slower in the electron transport chain.

Cows eat grass, which ferments in the gut.  The fiber converts to fat in the form of short chain fatty acids.

Now pooping 3 times a week instead of 2 times/day.

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