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Dr. Melissa Sell is a chiropractor and Germanic New Medicine Consultant. She helps people to understand their symptoms from the GNM perspective, guides them in learning to trust their bodies, and teaches them mental shifts for creating a deep sense of peace and wellbeing.

Every part of our organism is designed to survive.  Having a shock sets off our biological program to respond.  The interpretation depends on you.

The specific type of biological program depends on the type of conflict shock.  German New Medicine is scientific, derived from patient studies.

Intensity and duration of the conflict determine intensity and duration of the restoration phase.

We have normal day (symp/night (parasymp) rhythms.  Conflict response is Increasing or decreasing cells or altering function.  Depends on the tissue type, each controlled by a different part of the brain and when it developed.

3 Tissue Types:

1) Yellow – endoderm – is oldest.  Processing the morsel.  Most basic type of conflict shock.  Cell increase.

2) Orange – old mesoderm.  Increases in tissue cells during the conflict.  Comes in to protect.  Acne, melanoma.

3) New mesoderm.  Structure and integrity.  Renovating connective tissue.  Cell decrease, devaluing.  Reconstruction process. 

Breast cells increase in size due to a worry conflict.

Melanoma – a shield to protect you from the sun or other agent.

Body always has a reason and a purpose.  We’re here after years of adaptive wisdom.  Body never operates against itself.

Autoimmune paradigm is not true.  It’s a self-evaluation conflict.

If there is a mistake, it’s in our misinterpretation.  The tissue adapted.  Symptoms are the resolution.  It’s when the body is repairing, rebuilding lost tissue, or decomposing new tissue.

Shreds the idea of germ theory.  Germs are present at the site of inflammation, used to decompose tissue.  All controlled by the brain.  Germs are seasonal workers.

Antibiotics act on the brain, they don’t act on the germ.  They’re like chemo that puts the body back into conflict resolution.  Misses why the body is doing what it is doing.

We have cancer all the time because we’re constantly changing things in our body.

Do we want to use even natural “killers” like hydrogen peroxide or parasite cleansers?  It depends on the state of your consciousness.   Does it sometimes make sense to decrease bacterial load?

A symptom means the patient had a certain type of experience.

Name change from German New Medicine to Germanic Healing Knowledge.  Reason is to get away from the word medicine and its idea of conquering nature.

Conference on May 17 on Germanic Healing Knowledge.

Test Germanic Healing Knowledge on yourself.  We tend to blame food first.  But it’s not the food, it’s you.  We remember what the food is tied to when we had the original conflict.

If you fear something, you’re making yourself vulnerable to a conflict shock.

The body concerns itself with how you feel inside.

What about pain?  Often caused by swelling.  Take black tea or coffee when in the healing phase to go back into the sympathetic state.  When you resist pain, it intensifies.  Breath work can be helpful. 

Ron asks GNM meaning of swelling in the feet.  Look at heart conflicts and water retention due to isolation, abandonment, stagnation, or refugee conflict, and feeling stuck.  Get it out of the deep subconscious.  Look at the resistance, feeling like it shouldn’t be happening.  May need to go meet new people, or change your story of being alone. 

Constipation is stuckness.  Not moving the morsel along. 

Liver can be territorial anger.  If you take milk thistle and you feel better, can you get rid of the underlying issue that way?  No supplement can resolve a conflict.  If something helps, you were probably in the healing process anyways.

We overlook our consciousness because it’s nonmaterial.  Make an intentional choice to live healthfully.  Make spiritiual , energetic, emotional shifts.

Listener asks;  Anti-bacterial herbs aren’t killing?.

For more info, see drmelissasell.com and her Youtubes.  She specializes in transformations of internal experience.

You have to identify with your emotional states, not just watch them.

Patrick says, if you have cancer, consult with Dr. Melissa Sell.

'Melissa Sell – German New Medicine: Every Part of Our Organism Is Designed to Survive – May 10, 2022' have 3 comments

  1. May 11, 2022 @ 8:06 pm YG

    This sounds like psycho analysis to me. Nice lady but to my ears, this is mythology, not medicine. I’ll stick with doctor Peat thank you very much.


    • May 12, 2022 @ 3:52 pm David

      It’s actually predictable, repeatable, and provable with ct scans of the brain. Our perceptions and reactions are everything. BUT there are other factors going on that I do not hear Melissa Sell mention regarding the terrain of the body with blockages and stagnation which can get these biological processes, expressions, or manifestations stuck and/or to present much stronger, such as dental, scars, surgeries, structural misalignment, birth and other traumas than can lock into the physical body, etc.. Always many other factors contributing, including environment, energies we have around us including from other people and EMF.


    • May 13, 2022 @ 7:02 am Photomaineac

      So you don’t believe you are able to create your own reality?


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