Men Left, Women Right

by Atom Bergstrom

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Re: Is not the feminine left and the masculine right hand side?

Only in the imaginations of Western psychologists, Polarity Therapists, and patriarchal cultures — the same jokers who think the mutable Moon is feminine and the all-powerful Sun is masculine.

Anyone capable of using MIND HACKING’s Cornerstone Technique can easily know this for themselves without depending on any “expert” opinion, including mine.


MIND HACKING puts you in the Driver’s Seat.

Stop being a Passenger at the mercy of the Driver.


Re: For me, right hand is masculine, and left hand is feminine. Maybe I unknowingly programmed it as so, but anyway, for me, these loonies are correct.

The anterior and posterior are reversed … but MIND HACKING is a technique that resolves this front-back duality.

No other technique that I’ve ever examined (and I’ve looked far and wide) can pinpoint Cognitive Trigger Events as PRECISELY (names, dates, places).


What I’m referring to is the anatomical and physiological male and female entities.

This is NOT a psychological circumstance. It’s PHYSICAL.

It’s as physical as having your pancreas on the left side of your body and your liver on the right … only more so.

More so?!? Yes, since I’ve never found an exception to the rule of Male/Left, Female/Right, but I’ve worked with people with situs inversus (reversed organs, mirror-imaged organs).


Re: Is yawning masculine?

The head is the anatomical female part of the body. It’s a big fat OVUM.

The body and all four ambulators (arms and legs) is the anatomical male part of the body. The spine is a SPERM, and Kundalini is the sperm wagging its tail to swim through the ethers.


Re: How about the brain hemispheres that are said to direct the flow of the energies into the opposing sides of the bodies? Is this assumption correct and reversed in the correction implied here?

Good insight and question! That’s why Male is right on the back and left on the front and Female is left on the back and right on the front.

MIND HACKING reads the back of the body from the front, holding the feet, resolving the anterior-posterior duality.

When FEELING Cognitive Trigger Responses while holding the feet, it’s ALWAYS Male/Left and Female/Right.

MIND HACKING not only resolves the anterior/posterior duality, it also resolves those “open to interpretation” areas at the wrists, ankles, and lateral sides of the body.

MIND HACKING transcends the neurology.

This is evident when you ask a person to wave their left arm around, and you feel it in their left foot on the same side, and the same goes for the right arm and right foot.

There’s no neurological switchover.

MIND HACKING reads the brain moving when the arms are at rest.

An arm or neck movement during a MIND HACKING session is an artifact — static in the circuit.


Re: I’m trans. Have you ever done your mind hacking technique on one of us? There’s always exceptions to your rule, or your rule would be invalid.

Of course I have. I’m a Californian.

It’s ALWAYS biological male on the left and ALWAYS biological female on the right.

I haven’t found the exception to the rule yet, but I’M STILL LOOKING.

Why don’t you learn to MIND HACK, and find the exception to the rule? Seriously!


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