September 19, 2017

Michael R. Evans

The Geometry of Light


Inventing – designing – lectures – painting – sculpting – writing




Michael has a diverse background in researching and exploring other dimensions looking and seeing how life works.  This from Michael’s website:

“Art exists in the state of my being, not separate from myself.  It deals with the tension of light and energy and their relationship to time and space; a synthesis of science, history, and artistic expression. Unknown information is revolutionary, confrontational, sometimes terrifying, always illuminating, and a transcendent experience…” “An elegant state of being.”

We love talking about the who, what and why we are and Mr. Evans appears to be a cool person to spend an hour with.

Show Highlights:

-Michael had a life-changing moment when he found the space between things.

-Particle physics was invented because they said we could never see the space between things because it was so small, so let’s call it a particle.

-The particle is the space between everything.  He calls it the Trion-Re’.

-Mathematics says there are 5 regular solid Platonic shapes and there can’t be any more.  Michael discovered the 6th form of a solid, the Trion-Re’, which is composed of 2 vertices, 3 flexible edges, 3 equal faces, an inside and an outside, spin ability, and forms a vessel. See images here.

-When one Trion-Re’ is connected to others, it makes all the other solid forms and makes the fabric of space itself, which is light.  Particles are made of light.  It is a wave and a solid all at the same time and it’s everywhere.

-We are the children of light.  There is no gap or leap of faith required.  Michael can see it physically right in front of him.

-He experienced a transcendence.  It’s like a child knowing how to build with blocks without being told how.

-The flow creates the form.   Everything is in curves.

-The light is the gap between.

-Michael says: I am everything that ever was and everything that will ever be.  He can physically see the geometry of how that exists.

-When cutting his sons’ umbilical cords, he saw his sons’ physical connection to everything that ever was, which gave  them (and all humans) an understanding of everything preceding their births.

-See images of curved solids at his website.  Google geometry of light

-Our very first thought is pattern recognition.  The pattern is contained in the vessel of each individual ray of light.  As it moves through the universe and connects to other vessels, consciousness becomes more complex and self aware.

-The Trion-Re’ is the God particle.  Just like the definition of light – it’s everywhere.

-When you realize you’re the universe, it’s like get out of the way and let the stream take you to wherever it goes.

-His journey into curved space and the space between things was experiential.  Be willing to go all the way, to move into a different dimension. Go really, really small and really, really slow, and go in all the way.  Be willing to surrender everything you know.  Remove all understanding of yourself, and be willing to be in a place where the rules are totally different.

-Light is continuous.  Michael has been forever, and we have all been forever.  Get in the path of least resistance and get in the flow.

-His health advice: Surrender to the reality that you have to take responsibility.  Accomplish the mission, no excuses.  Avoid imperial entanglements.  Stop smoking, lose weight, get in shape, assume responsibility for your own life, do what you have to do to be healthy.

-How to deal with physical pain?  His military experience ruined his knees.  He can’t exercise, so he goes swimming.

-He’s kind of a hermit and likens it to being a fisherman, who throws bait in the water, waits for a bite, and attracts and draws in the fish.  People contact him, he doesn’t proselytize, but he’s available to respond to those that find his work.  Real spiritual information will always be free.

-The Bucky Ball describes the exterior of a sphere, but Buckminster Fuller didn’t describe the geometry within the sphere and the sphere was weak.   Michael built a model that described the interior geometry all the way to the core.  It had a Bucky Ball exterior and  Micky Ball interior (see Figure 10 and Figure 9  here).

-Michael has built multi-dimensional lenses.  Things would occur when the light went through a lens he built that wouldn’t occur with any other lenses.

-John asks if Michael has investigated the relationship between his geometries and the Golden Rule rule (1.618), which underlie all of the Platonic solids and is the basis for the fracticality of the universe.  Michael says the universe is dynamic, pulsing, spinning, contracting, and expanding.

-Scott suggests that Michael look into pharma grade DMSO and Great Lakes gelatin for pain relief to his knees.

How about the energetic of potential healing using pyramids?  He told Art Bell there is more than 1 shape in the universe.  Don’t get fixated on just one shape.  You have to get out of straight-line thinking.  The flow that creates the things is where you want to be.

-To investigate the space between, you have to work with curves.

-Richard wants to know how the all-seeing eye on the pyramid is the same shape as the Trion-Re’.  It’s one face of a Trion-Re’, a cusp.  It’s the inward look of knowing yourself.

-D says sculptures was what first attracted here to Michael’s site.  They’re really beautiful.  Have any of them been built?  That would the next step, if Michael had a goal, to build the sculptures in a public place.  What does the military think?

-Information changes technology.  Can make things stronger.  Can be used to power things.  Is like a connector for optic fibers, which transfer light.  Look for the universal intersection where they can connect to multiple other lines simultaneously.  Once you find that, you can make anything from there.

-John asks if Michael’s discoveries of geometry involve rotation, vortexes, and peristalsis (pulsing, moving in and out, like the in and out breath).  Yes, exactly.  God and everything breathes.  It’s a dynamic universe, not static.  Straight lines are static, curves aren’t.

-What does Michael think about eating light through/in animal flesh or animal products?  We could learn to live off light rather than food.


                                 Visit Michael’s Website


Michael R. Evans and The Geometry of Light, September 19, 2017

'Michael R. Evans and The Geometry of Light – September 19, 2017' have 2 comments

  1. September 19, 2017 @ 10:11 pm Barbra

    This is fantastic! So interesting and fresh! And great vocabulary!


    • September 26, 2017 @ 1:12 pm FITZ Maurice

      I have read this article several times to better digest all the new information and insight ! Michael Evans is the Wizard of Light ! His journey into curved space and the space and light between things is thrilling. Now I look for that space between and see the light that connects us to all. FITZ Maurice


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