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“Galactic Channeling is for anyone who would like to receive high frequency transmissions from other worlds, to open their consciousness to higher energy streams, to bring light and love into your life. This intergalactic transmission will bring energy from higher dimensional planes of light and love into your being. This intergalactic message is so you can communicate directly with us, we want to open our communication channels. This intergalactic transmission is ready to be received by all beings of light in the Universe. This is our mission to be able to come together in each intergalactic moment to bring Galactic insights and cosmic energy healing into your vibrational field. This intergalactic energy is sent from higher planes of existence into your high vibrational higher mind so that you are able to receive this intergalactic message, by tuning into your own higher consciousness. This is how we communicate with you. We thank you for tuning into this intergalactic broadcast. This message is brought to you via the Pleiadians. We thank you for tuning into this transmission”

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Show highlights:

Plant spirit healing; there are plants for every ailment; the consciousness of plants

The difference between the plants between the Amazon and the rest of the world

One of Michael’s teachers is a magical tree

Michael tells us how his healing program works

How dreams help with the healing process

Michael shares his background, upbringing, drug problems, and depression; how he discovered Ayahuasca and how it changed his life

Physical illness is oftentimes a manifestation of psychological trauma

How other than earthly beings showed him his life and how meaningless it was

Michael spends the second half of the show channeling the Pleiadian Collective who share a lot of spiritual insights with us. Patrick asks many questions and we pose questions sent in from our listeners. This is fun.

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Miachel Thornhill with insights into his work with the plant spirits of The Amazon Jungle and channeling galactic friends, June 30, 2020

'Michael Thornhill – Galactic Channeling and Plant Spirit Healing – June 30, 2020' has 1 comment

  1. July 2, 2020 @ 11:14 am Michael Thornhill

    Hey Patrick,

    Thanks so much for having me on the show, very grateful! It was a lot of fun, listened back to the channeling last night and learnt a lot, thanks for your awesome questions

    Sending much love to you all from peru


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