Mike Singer & Brian Root

The Absurdity of the Concept of Viruses and COVID-19

We know – and many scientists and doctors in multiple fields of medicine know – that “viruses” and “viral contagion” do not exist. At least not in the sense of “invisible phantom enemies” or green and red spiked “monster blobs” such as those depicted in artistic 3D illustrations and animations. That is just propaganda to keep a multi-billion-dollar-per-year SCAM going. It is an education-based and media-driven SCAM that not only keeps people ignorant and in fear – it funnels billions of government tax-payer dollars into the education, medical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. This is obvious and plain to see for those who look at it. It is also obvious and plain to see what the real reasons are why people get sick. If not from some natural genetic flaw that a person may be born with or invasion of the body by living organisms such as bacteria, mold, fungus and parasites – all of which can be easily identified and inexpensively and naturally remedied – people get sick and diseased because of the buildup of toxins (poisons) that adversely impact and affect the body.  Call it coincidence or irony, but the Latin origin of the word “virus” means “poison.” Poisons are the true “viruses.”

Many people are destroying their immune system with the things they consume, which causes sickness, illnesses, diseases and premature death. 

As the founders of the Big Virus Hoax website, Mike Singer and Brian Root have more than 50 years between them studying health, fitness and spiritual awakening. They invite you to join them in spreading the truth about health and diseases, as well as exposing the corruption, deceptions and lies that only serve to make people ill and dependent upon big corporations and the government.


Mike and Brian are political activists and patriots that espouse free markets, and our God given rights.

We talk about the graphene oxide in the tests the injections and the 5 G connection

Mike encourages us to organize in our communities and get to know and involved with our County Sheriff

The Country Sheriff is the most powerful authority over EVERYONE who comes into the County.

Mike promoted Sheriff Mack’s organization, The Constitutional Sheriff’s and Peace Officers Association

Mike suggests that the gay community created all the push back they are getting by “coming out” and taking being gay political

We talk about the censorship going on and the those controlling the media.

They shut down his Go Fund Me page… as he wants to get out on the road and get people fired up

Mike and Patrick disagree on the sustainability of Bit Coin and other digital currencies


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  1. July 10, 2021 @ 1:26 pm Gary

    Patrick asked the question ~”How do we stop ‘they’ from doing all the bad things they do to us?” I have the answer for you. America is already supposed to be a constitutional republic, and that’s good. But the problem is that it’s also a dictatorship. The solution is to change our society to a fair-majority-rule society, which is the opposite of a dictatorship. “Fair-majority-rule” means that the people vote on EVERYTHING, except for day-to-day operations of public services which obviously manage themselves. A “fair majority” is a minimum election win percent of 75%, but higher percents could be used for some types of elections if the people wanted, for example 90% for laws. There are no legislators or anyone other positions that have the power to make any decisions for the people. The fair majority prevents all problems and is the perfect moral solution to all decisions. Most/all people usually want the same things, but even if there was a division of the people, the fair majority solves this too — it causes people to coalesce/collate to live around others that vote for the same things, so for example, if alot of people in one state wanted to ban alcohol, then the people that don’t want to ban alcohol will simply move to another state where people don’t want that ban, and all the people that wanted to ban alcohol would move to that state — over time people will all move & live near others that have the same values/morals and want the same laws. If people are deciding where they want to move to, they can lookup how people voted in each area of the country (public voting records), to see if they like how people vote there.

    Also, all elections must be 100% honest, which is fortunately extremely simple & easy. The only reason elections are currently not honest is because they’re intentionally doing everything the wrong way in order to fraud the people.

    IMO, America as it is now is toast. I don’t think our Sheriffs are going to do anything — they’ve already been replaced with enemy agents (for the most part). The people need to start organizing a new society (and new protection forces too), that’s the only solution. But you guys both are still thinking ‘inside the box’, hoping that the Sheriffs (or some other govt people) are going to save you from the dictators. Even if 100% of all the people in America are aware of all the problems going on, that still doesn’t change anything for the better, the only way to change things for the better is for the people to MAKE things better, we have to do it ourselves, grassroots, from the ground up (‘bottoms up’). We’ve all been brainwashed to think like mice, always thinking we are weak and running away from problems, and always working alone as individuals, but we have to learn how to work together as real communities/societies, which is done by simple organizing. That’s the only way, otherwise we’re turning into a horrible poophole like every other country with our everyday lives ruined by evil dictarors.

    Educating is good. But at some point we need to actually do something, we can’t expect the current regime to do things for us. It obviously doesn’t work, it failed, that’s why we’re where we are today. So why are we still hoping the current regime will save us from itself? We need some leadership to organize the people so we can start doing things the right way — fair majority rule.


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