Mike Singer & Brian Root

The Big Virus Hoax

We know – and many scientists and doctors in multiple fields of medicine know – that “viruses” and “viral contagion” do not exist. At least not in the sense of “invisible phantom enemies” or green and red spiked “monster blobs” such as those depicted in artistic 3D illustrations and animations. That is just propaganda to keep a multi-billion-dollar-per-year SCAM going. It is an education-based and media-driven SCAM that not only keeps people ignorant and in fear – it funnels billions of government tax-payer dollars into the education, medical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. This is obvious and plain to see for those who look at it. It is also obvious and plain to see what the real reasons are why people get sick. If not from some natural genetic flaw that a person may be born with or invasion of the body by living organisms such as bacteria, mold, fungus and parasites – all of which can be easily identified and inexpensively and naturally remedied – people get sick and diseased because of the buildup of toxins (poisons) that adversely impact and affect the body.  Call it coincidence or irony, but the Latin origin of the word “virus” means “poison.” Poisons are the true “viruses.”

Many people are destroying their immune system with the things they consume, which causes sickness, illnesses, diseases and premature death. 

As the founders of the Big Virus Hoax website, Mike Singer and Brian Root have more than 50 years between them studying health, fitness and spiritual awakening. They invite you to join them in spreading the truth about health and diseases, as well as exposing the corruption, deceptions and lies that only serve to make people ill and dependent upon big corporations and the government.


Truth Warriors Mike Singer and Brian Root are activists from the “great state of Florida.”

Mike is wearing a “Hug Me! I’m Virus Free” T-shirt for this interview.

Mike and Brian’s website is “The Big Virus Hoax.” They aim to show people that “viruses” and “viral contagion” do not exist. And that’s just the beginning.

These green and red spiked “monster blobs” are propaganda to scare people into submission. Mike and Brian are “not going to take it anymore,” and are doing something about it.

Above all, these guys are activists. They put their bodies where their mouths are.

They explain to Patrick how they’re actually introducing Florida policemen to the law, and have videos to prove it.

Do companies have the right to ban people without “face diapers” from their stores? Wouldn’t that make suspending Florida’s mask mandate meaningless?

Gov. Ron DeSantis needs to be forthcoming on this issue, explains Mike. Why? Because 98% of Floridians are still wearing masks, mostly because businesses are requiring them.

The law is clearly on the customers’ side. What are the five criteria where it is illegal to discriminate? How does it apply to face masks?

What Executive Order do Mike and Brian want Gov. DeSantis to sign, and how are they trying to reach him?

Mike and Brian mention Peggy Hall, a California activist against face masks. She also has a website, and is just as aggressive in fighting for our God-given unalienable rights.

“Stand up for your God-given rights. Government mandates only apply to government, not people, and the government is turning Communist,” proclaims Mike. “I’m standing up for everybody’s rights.”

Mike’s father believed in viruses till he saw the Stefan Lanka video Patrick kept playing on One Radio Network’s show page.

“That’s the video that brought my Dad to home base,” says Mike.

They say it takes two weeks to break a habit. Imagine what it’s like after wearing face masks for a year and a half!

Organic face masks are available on the internet. Face masks have become stylish.

“If there’s a Devil, it’s the One-Eyed Monster. it’s the television set and the people behind it,” says Mike.

What does Mike expect from the government? What did he see happen to the Florida Everglades?

Mike and Brian recommend “Europa: The Last Battle” (2019), an extended documentary. “It will flip your world upside down,” assures Mike.

How entrenched is Zionism? What part have Zionists played in recent history?


Mike displays a copy of his book, “Left Versus White: The War Against Racial Integrity & Morality.”

Mike explains in detail why he’s anything but a racist. He wrote his book for a very different reason.

What did Trump know or not know? What was his part in the current situation?

The Powers That Be, which control the Big Industries, literally make trillions of dollars just out of the concept of a “virus” that they have “created.”

Mike urges true Patriots, Conservatives, and Christians to organize, communicate, and take action.

“The corruption needs to be ended.”

'Mike Singer & Brian Root – The Big Virus Hoax – June 8, 2021' have 5 comments

  1. June 9, 2021 @ 7:44 am SeeBee

    Thank you, Patrick. You are a champion! Some people can ruffle feathers and in this day and age, that is taboo. I say….Let the Feathers FLY!


  2. June 9, 2021 @ 9:59 am Michelle Fowler

    Great job, I’m fighting in northwest Florida! Against the face diapers STILL mandated by employers! EVEN AFTER WALMART WENT VOLUNTARY!!


  3. June 9, 2021 @ 12:07 pm Michael Pinkston

    The question isn’t about whether viruses are real or not this late in the scam.
    Enough people now know the truth.
    The question is what are we going to do about it?


  4. June 9, 2021 @ 11:26 pm JEFF

    This will be a classic, awesome! PATRICK


  5. June 14, 2021 @ 10:10 am Rose

    So many people are like sheep being led to the slaughter. There’s a reason God said we were sheep.


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