Mike Stone

Uncovering the Corona Fraud

A few years ago, a loved one of mine was misdiagnosed and mistreated by our medical system. They were abused with numerous toxic drugs and unnecessary invasive medical procedures that unfortunately cost them their life after years of suffering under horrific conditions.

Upon trying to discover the best ways to help them through this difficult health crisis, I stumbled upon the lies of Germ Theory and the disastrous state of our “health” care system. I found out about the battle between Antoine BeChamp vs. the plagarist Louis Pasteur. I began to study the differences between Germ Theory and Terrain Theory. I became aware of the influence of the Rockefellers on the creation of our medical establishment. I immersed myself in the work of David Crowe, Stefan Lanka, Roberto Giraldo, The Perth Group, Liam Scheff, Celia Farber, and many others.

Flash forward to 2020 and it became obvious that I could no longer sit on the sidelines while accumulating this information for myself. The world became enthralled in a “pandemic” based on numerous false pretenses and deliberate misinformation/propaganda. We found ourselves in a Testing Pandemic bolstered by FEAR. Too many were acting on inaccurate information from Pharmaceutically-controlled mainstream sources without ever being aware of the fact that there is a much more logical side to this debate. One based upon knowledge and not FEAR.

Mike Stone has been a key part in “There is no Virus” contingent for several years now.

He’s contributing in a big way to a significant project to be aired on June 20 covering all aspects of this thing called, “COVID” titled

“The end of COVID”   https://theendofcovid.com/

It is more than the name at face value as their mission is to reach lots of people, prove that all viruses are make believe and when this is known, all “pandemics” with masks, lock downs and vaccines will end forever.

We never get “Sick” as often said, we get detoxed

The story on antibodies in general use is just not true.

Same goes for parasites.  There’s no evidence that parasites are harmful to the human body. They are cleaning up the mess we make.

We talk about MRNA.  What does it mean

Ivermectin and other “cures” are not doing what claimed, because there is no virus

Mike muses on why many, most of the famous folks talking down vaccines are selling the idea of a lab made virus and there’s no evidence this is real.

Malaria and other “pandemics” are not as sold, again, there’s nothing to catch

Microbes and pathogens are also being sold in an inaccurate fashion

There are no viruses spread by mosquitos and ticks.  All made up.

The people behind these memes do everything possible to blame what we cause on something else

Perfect examples if molecules CALLED TB and H-pylori  found in most asymptomatic humans

The tick/Lyme Disease mantra is all made up. No evidence of such connections

'Mike Stone | All “pandemics” – Spanish flu, Polio, AIDS, Bird Flu and COVID are Psychological Operations, Not a Mythical Virus or Bacteria | May 10, 2023' has 1 comment

  1. May 15, 2023 @ 9:13 am Trevor Smith

    Mike Stone is sort of incorrect on mosquitoes not causing malaria. Malaria is actually caused by the Plasmodium parasite the female mosquitoes coincidentally inject when taking a blood meal to nurture their eggs. They only do so within a narrow band of tropical temperature and humidity. This was well-documented by the British Dr Sir Ronald Ross, from research in India, during the 1890s.

    Modern malaria treatment is with artemesinin and there are prophylactic drugs available for travellers. Jim Humble’s MMS (activated chlorine dioxide) is a potent cure for malaria, and its variations, once contracted; not a prophylaxis. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malaria

    Africans evolved sickle-cell trait in their blood tens of thousands of years ago, to combat reproduction of the malaria parasite, and today just live with it, like Caucasians do with colds and flu, which are NOT pathogenic. In doubt, however, are the similar, allegedly-arboviral diseases associated with mosquito bites, such as dengue, chikungunya, Zika and West Nile. Since viruses are unproven by rigorous science, the latter four variants are likely evolved variations of the original malaria parasite.


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