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I just finished your recent interview with Morley Robbins – it was great! I’ve listened to at least a half a dozen interviews of Morley from various internet radio programs over the last few years and this one of yours (Aug 11, 2020) is THE BEST! – thanks and I’m looking forward to your follow up interview with him. – John

Morley Robbins is the creator of The Root Cause Protocol.

Morley (aka. “Magnesium Man”) is one of the foremost experts on Magnesium’s role in the body, and the delicate dance Magnesium plays with Iron, Copper, and Calcium.

In 2012, Morley founded the Magnesium Advocacy Group (

And he remains the de facto leader of the Magnesium Advocacy Group on Facebook, with over 175,000+ members (and growing daily).

As a certified health coach with an expertise in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), Morley has performed over 4,500 one-on-one consultations with clients from around the world.

Show highlights:

When magnesium, copper and iron don’t work well together, it’s called ‘oxidative stress’ which is actually ‘rust’

Oxygen is the second most reactive element

The Great Oxygen Event; there was a time oxygen was NOT on this planet; Morley gives us the evolutionary timeline of oxygen

Cholesterol is not a poison, it’s something to protect us from oxygen

Modern medicine is riddled with missing information

How did humans get their copper, iron, and magnesium out of balance?

The FDA had a plan to put an extra 300% of iron into the food system which would have killed us; they were talked out of it and only added 50%

When an animal doesn’t have enough copper in it’s diet, iron will accumulate in the liver

The cause of gray hair

Morley tells us why he likes cod liver oil

Why blood donors live longer than none donors

We’re meant to get our copper through our foods; Morley shares a high copper food list

All the past high copper foods are now the GMO foods like potatoes, pumpkin, corn, etc

Is it safe to take magnesium every day even though we don’t test for it?

Morley Robbins explains some quite startling information on the over abundance of iron in many, that causes aging and more, August 11, 2020

'Morley Robbins – Magnesium, Copper and Iron Synergy – August 11, 2020' have 7 comments

  1. August 12, 2020 @ 1:37 pm Gil

    Curious about what Australian minerals he was discussing
    Can you elaborate?


  2. August 13, 2020 @ 10:29 am Harry

    Morley Robbins is an amazing guest to have on the show so i thank you for bringing him on. Morley’s root cause protocol also seems promising.

    But Patrick, please stop interrupting your guests when they are speaking. It takes away from the flow of the conversation. Sometimes Patrick, you would interrupt to paraphase the guest’s point, and you would paraphrase incorrectly. The show is being recorded, people can just rewind certain points is they need to rehear. There is no need to parapharase, especially when doing so incorrectly.


    • August 17, 2020 @ 11:23 pm JD

      Patrick violated one rule of being a good interviewer, that is being a good listener. Everyone has an off day. Keep up the good work Patrick.


      • August 18, 2020 @ 7:14 am patrick

        Thanks. Actually I am a very good listener JD and do not have alternative thoughts in my head when someone is speaking.
        I just listen And because of that, I felt it best for you, the listener for me to break in with Morley and have him explain or slow down
        so you all can follow the detailed, yet excellent information he was dispensing.

        Morley is extremely intelligent and well researched. More than most. And because of this would probably just go on and on with his passion going from
        a nutrient loss etc. and follow the cycle taking dips and curves, turns etc. It is quite challenging for most, all of us really, to really get the important details of these processes without stopping sometimes, backtracking explaining some words, giving you an image so you have something to really use.

        I don’t do these shows for me, I do them for you.


    • August 18, 2020 @ 7:16 am patrick

      Harry, please see my reply to JD above. Thanks.


  3. August 19, 2020 @ 1:03 pm John

    Patrick –
    I just finished listening to this – it was great! I’ve listed to at least a half a dozen interviews of Morley from various internet radio programs over the last few years and this one of yours (Aug 11, 2020) is THE BEST! – thanks and I’m looking forward to your follow up interview with him.



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