Murray Raisin

Holiday Blast with Mr. Raisin

Enjoy Murray’s banter with Patrick as Murray comments on the history he’s seen through the years.  Learn Murray’s secret for a long life and take heed of the advice he shares. 

'Murray Raisin – The 400 Year Old Man Shares Historical Insights – November 24, 2021' have 17 comments

  1. November 25, 2021 @ 10:16 pm Kildare

    I think I just fell off the edge of the internet!


  2. November 25, 2021 @ 10:31 pm patricia ellison

    Short of guests.?


    • November 26, 2021 @ 9:32 am patrick

      No, are you short on a sense of humor?


      • November 27, 2021 @ 2:50 pm Dianthus

        No Patrick you are done!!!! People are laughing at you what is become of you. You cannot think anymore so good luck bc you will need it!


  3. November 26, 2021 @ 2:32 am Miguel

    “Murray Raisin is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest almost living human today.”

    Not trying to be disrespectful but please show us where this can be verified, thanks.


    • November 26, 2021 @ 9:26 am patrick

      Come on brother. This is a gag…


      • November 26, 2021 @ 12:09 pm Michael

        I think the flat earth one was funnier. :)


        • November 26, 2021 @ 2:16 pm patrick

          Michael, what’s really going to be funny for you when you someday realize earth is not a spinning ball circling the sun.


          • November 26, 2021 @ 2:36 pm Michael

            I’ve looked at the issue in-depth. So far I have not seen definitive evidence to prove either side, but the evidence I’ve seen so far leans towards the globe. I heard you read an email where a listener sent you a video that disproves flat earth, but you wouldn’t even look at it. That’s the same behavior of someone afraid to question their believes, like a cult member, or a church-goer. You should ALWAYS desire to look at evidence either way. I’ve watched dozens of flat earth videos and many use arguments that are easily disproven or outright illogical. At the same time, I have seen some pro-globe videos that are also ridiculous and prove nothing with their evidence. I would love to see someone prove either side once and for all. I also keep an open mind and realize that there my be another explanation or earth model that we have not even considered.

          • November 26, 2021 @ 2:51 pm patrick

            It’s a state of conscious thing Michael. There’s actually no evidence it’s round. All the pics are computer generated Images. Every one.
            There’s mountains of evidence to the contrary, but some, just don’t want to go there.

            I understand this because Souls just don’t want to give up some idea they have always believed was true. It’s a religion not science.

          • November 27, 2021 @ 4:25 am Miguel

            Patrick, Michael – different people will see things differently but we don’t need to get hung up on details. Patrick, your’re doing the world a service with this show and Michael I’m sure you have your own gifts. Why don’t we focus on how we can all help make this world better for everyone instead of wearing ourselves out with avoidable friction, eh? It’s a heck of a lot more fun, too.

  4. November 26, 2021 @ 5:32 pm Anne

    Quite enjoyed this show! Laughter and good old fashioned humour is in short supply these days. More of Mr. Murray Raisin please!


  5. November 27, 2021 @ 2:57 pm Dianthus

    No Patrick! There are proves and not from NASA but from Japan and not a view pics but thousands. Looked at it? No bc you have no clue what you are talking about and everyone can see the moon is round, so how is that working on a flat disk. You cannot substantiate any of this. Get him on your show and lets talk then…

    Here is the proof of 100% we are living on a sphere. You cannot fake this!

    proof of sphere earth from 11.00min

    Ask Jim Lee and get back into sphere bc you are making a fool of yourself and you are against God now to bc Sphere is very important for this Universe to work and a lot of laws will not work. Sphere is the way it is and always will be and even seen an other flat pancake in the Universe? No bc you cannot prove it is flat but we can prove it is round and a lot of people are at the side of Michael and you will lose them all if you do not research and get other people here that can prove it is a sphere. Good day.


    • November 27, 2021 @ 4:47 pm Bubba J

      I personally totally believe the Earth is a sphere, but I still hugely respect Patrick because at least he has an open mind, he’s honest, and he respects others too.


    • November 27, 2021 @ 7:04 pm Taylor

      Hello Dianthus,

      As an individual who does not have a dog in this fight outside of desiring to know absolute truth, I can only assume when raising the point about Jim Lee and Japan / JAXA, that you are referring to the Himawari 8 Satellite. The following link is a concise breakdown of the Himawari 8 in under four minutes. The full video is private and I have not gained access or I would post that link too.

      The primary component individuals repeatedly miss who are experiencing such visceral reactions to Patrick’s newly found perspective towards cosmology is that he too, at one time not so long ago, subscribed to heliocentrism. I recall a specific reference he made to “flat-earth science” during an interview with Drs. Cowan and Kaufman from an interview in the spring of 2021; Patrick’s comment could have been interpreted as derogatory in tone. I personally think it takes something not many people possess to publicly pronounce a 180 degree shift on controversial topics such as geocentrism versus heliocentrism.

      In a worst case scenario, why not simply glean from One Radio Network’s host that which benefits your journey and leave the rest behind? After all, Patrick offers substantially more than just his point of view regarding cosmology, which is why I assume you ever listened to his show in the first place. I am simply offering my sentiments as food for thought and am certainly not looking to incite pointless drama.

      Take Care,


  6. December 13, 2021 @ 10:52 am Peter Lorince

    We need good humor from time to time. Thanks Patrick


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