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Shungite Expert and Author of Cosmic Reality


Nancy Hopkins is a researcher, author, internet radio host, producer and owner of Cosmic Reality Radio. This is a long road from a 15 year old who saw the reality of her childhood evaporate in an instant with the assassination of President John Kennedy in 1963. Since then, Nancy has been unraveling the tapestry of the reality we have come to know of as The Matrix.
Her book COSMIC REALITY summarizes that Matrix reality. Her fiction based on fact book THE 911 CRUSADE introduced her to an entirely new level of the Matrix where exotic weapons can cause a 110 story building to turn to dust.
But the Matix is a perfect reality. It works just as intended. It was intended to control humanity. You cannot change a perfect reality. You can only build a new reality.
A new reality is built by changing the Collective Consciousness of Humanity. The change comes when enough people believe in the new reality. Internet Radio is an opportunity for individuals to come together to talk and think about all versions of all realities. Change the Collective Consciousness and we will change reality…simply because reality is what we think it is.

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Nancy’s life changed in insurmountable ways by the murder of John F. Kennedy

There’s only one Shungite Source in the World, created from an Earth changing event and huge impact in Russia millions of years ago

This area today has many pristine lakes that are that way because of the Shungite

Shungite can be used to purify water and filter water

One can use Shungite magnets on water pipes to energize the water coming into the house

Shungite is the source of C-60

Honey Bees are affected by Wi-Fi and we’ve lost many, many because of EMF Exposure

5G is more than just a faster internet, there’s a control and destruction factor to it 

N. L. Hopkins on Shungite and it’s healing and cleansing affects on living things, January 17, 2019

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  1. January 18, 2019 @ 5:21 am warren mandseth

    I too remember vividly where I was when I got the news of JFK’s death. I was in grade 3 at the time and they sent everyone home for the day up here in Canada. Even at so young an age I felt that something momentous had happened. Ik and shut right down have been listening to Nancy for about a year and a half now and using her S4 shungite products for EMF protection and they work. But only if you have good intent. They simply refuse to work and shut right down for people with bad intentions.The C60 definitely alters your vibrational frequency in a very good way. Nancy seems to have a phobia against lab-made C60 but I have been using it for about a year and a half in first the olive oil infusion and now the bacterial delivery system devised by Wayne Blakely and have had great results. I have been listening to Nancy and using her products for about a year and a half and live in a shungite environment even though I am not electrosensitive (caused by mold according to Wayne) because I believe what she says is truth. I use shungite Powder in my garden with great effect (lots more bees around ) and have purchased a lot of nuggets that will be scattered around this 10 acre property to “increase the shungite weave”. I purchase the powder from . They are at the source in Russia and a great company to deal with. Cheap too. Hmm been drinking shungite water for a long time too. 3 Nuggets in your water structures it in a very good way. You need 3 so you can set up the proper field to send toxins off to another dimension or something. I dunno where my tinfoil hat is but it seems to work for me. I have tested the stuff from Nancy and from Karelianheritage with an electrical meter and it is all genuine.( It is a very good electrical conductor). I have nuggets on my water pipe and my gas pipe as well as stickers on my smart meter and my fridge and my truck and some pyramids and spheres and points etc. Pretty good around here (so far ). Been researching 5G for a couple of years and it is definitely a death sentence. We NEED to stop this. Thank you Patrick for having Nancy on your show. Girl knows her stuff.


  2. January 18, 2019 @ 5:57 pm MrJohn Shore


    Ian R Crane on YouTube has been covering the court case with Mark Steel 5G Gateshead UK issue.

    John Shore in the UK


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