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Everything in my external life seemed to be routine and normal for an American growing up in the ‘70s and ‘80s — except that no matter where I turned, science and educational systems just didn’t seem to make sense to me. I set out to find both answers and questions that did make sense, that fit the observations I was experiencing right before my eyes. This seeking became a lifelong quest. I just kept following my ideas, and eventually I learned to follow my heart.

Following my heart led me to a conception of science, medicine and the world at large that was radically different from anything I was taught in school. My ideas, such as the heart is not a pump, blocked arteries are not the main cause of heart attacks, vaccines are ineffective and unsafe, cancer is not a genetic disease, and the “war on cancer” has been an utter failure, have been the subjects of three of my books.Recently, because of current events, I turned my questioning gaze on the widely accepted theory —so accepted that it now lives in our culture as truth — that germs (bacteria and viruses) cause disease.

Through my research, I have come to understand a New Biology that applies to all living things.For example, I have discovered that the electron microscope images of ribosomes are actually gas bubbles, stained with dye, from dead or dying tissue. Human health, and that of all living things, is dictated by the quality of our water and our ability to receive and properly utilize this water. Intent (understanding the role of consciousness) is also important to healing.

I encourage all of us to explore the concepts and ideas that govern our thoughts and even our lives. Subject them to rigorous questioning, keep exploring whether they ring true. My wish is that my work and this website can help guide you in this search.

It is my sincerest wish and expectation that we all will forge a new world together — a world that is clean, safe and governed by joy instead of fear, one that meets the true needs of all living beings. This is the world I want for myself, my children, my grandchildren, all people, animals, plants and microbes. Join me in remembering the way the world can be if we only learn to see clearly. – Tom Cowan

What responses has Dr. Cowan received regarding his stance on viruses?

What is needed to prove something exists?

They say  there’s not enough virus in a person to measure, even in someone who is said to have died from it.

Supposed isolation of a virus by giving antibiotics and starving the cell sample.

Separating the snot from the person and putting it in a culture.  Culture cells die, supposedly proving the virus exists.

List of structures or functions said to exist in human biology that haven’t been proven to exist or proven to not exist.  They are actually artifacts of the way we find thing in cells.

Ribosome supposedly makes protein and means the rib of the body.  They are mocking you.

DNA in nucleus makes RNA, which supposedly goes to ribosome and makes protein.  How can RNA escape from the nucleus yet nothing can get into the nucleus?

Mitochondria supposedly located in endoplasmic reticulum.  But the cristae lines look like cracks formed from freezing.

Can’t be receptors in membranes.

How does water make structure out of impulse?

Wedding ring image created in water in petri dish laid on top of a wedding invitation.

What is falling down?  Water creates a London Bridge image.

Antenna on top of Taj Mahal dome structure, and other historical buildings, conveying information to water.

Thoughts or conceptions become actions which have consequences.

What was the cause of death of a HIV scientist dying after 4 COVID jabs?  His belief that the jabs would help him.

Can’t treat anyone for an illness as long as their brain work is delusional.

Dr. Cowan doesn’t want to change the system.  Instead, commit to finding reality.  The world will give you clues and help you.

Trust senses, verify reality with others, then do science and validate every step.  Keep looking to see if evidence is congruent with belief.

Guides or angels will help you in your quest for discovering reality.

How come all these smart people think something else?  How smart are they really?  Are they committed to not looking at the evidence?

No such thing as right or wrong.  No objective reality – it’s only what I say that determines right or wrong.  That is the path of nothing is real, of nihilism.

There is an ultimate reality.  We don’t create reality, it is given in the world.  We do create beliefs though.

Creating reality is where we went wrong.

Real food comes from nature.  Eating fake or human engineered food is what makes people sick. 

Is more meat and less carbs a species appropriate diet?  There are no successful human cultures that only ate animal foods.  They ate what was growing In abundance in their area.

You can’t live without killing things.  Overly sentimental to think otherwise.

Parasites come in and eat the impurities in us.  Stop poisoning yourself and the parasites go away.  They recycle your dead and dying tissue.  Parasites eat poisons.

What to do for someone that’s had the jab?  Use it as a lesson in you’ve got to see the world differently.  It’s a spiritual awakening.


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  1. November 7, 2022 @ 9:33 pm Guyfranke

    How can all the various cell organelles he mentioned not exist ? Then what have all the professional microscopists of the world been looking at then for decades of human biological research at university and otherwise … only artifacts due to staining and prepping and slide fixation techniques ?? Only now we (Dr. Cowan, et al ) are thinking that it is all a fraud then ? So what do the experts do and get paid for ? Fraud ? Fantasy ? and all for cash seeking motives only ? Why ?


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