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Show Highlights:

Jeff Bezos’ Amazon buys Whole Foods Market’s 1200 stores for $13.7 billion.   John Mackey is staying on at Whole Foods.  Kroger stock dropped big.  Health food retailers concerned.  Bad day for GMOs?  Whole Foods is rolling out GMO labeling.  Good day for organic food growers.

How to experience that you’re a soul, and not just know?  Ask Patrick for your free copy of “The Call of Soul” book and CD.

You’re as much a soul of God as Jesus or the Buddha.  There is no hierarchy.

Karen comments that once Amazon gets rid of all it’s competitors, prices will skyrocket.  Patrick said those thoughts are not healthy, that we don’t know what will happen.

Yuga – an epoch or era within a 4 age cycle.  The ages are sequential and loop continuously.  The four yugas make up a cycle which lasts 4,320,000 years.  Everything started with the Word and grew from there.  Started with the Golden Yuga, everything was wonderful.  Morphed into the Silver Age, then the Copper Age, with weapon-making.  Then the iron age – the Kali Yuga, which is what we’re in.  Is the darkest yuga, people kill each other.

Through out the ages, we have free choice and are still sparks of God.  We will be moving into a golden age.  We can each create our own golden age now.  Good times are coming.

Silicon supplements are not the same as silicon in food and herbs; silica is silicon dioxide.  Silicon in supplements  are usually ground up quartz and are not soluble.  They’re not a poison, but aren’t beneficial.  Soluble silicon is called silicic acid.  Fiji water is a good source of silicic acid, good for detoxing aluminum.

People’s Chemist says to beware of stevia that has silica, a flow agent, or maltodextrin added to it.

Atom says inorganic silica is safe as long as it breaks down into orthosilicic acid.  Inorganic silica created in a lab at high temperature by the beaker boys isn’t water-soluble and causes gut irritation.

Hour 2

Robert is sad to find out that Dr. Bob Marshall passed away in April.  Talking about Marshall’s work.

It’s what you know that just ain’t so that’s the problem.   Most of what we know in life is based on trust.  You can’t see until you can see, you can’t hear until you can hear.

Dr. Exley was first on ORN  talking about Fiji water and aluminum on 6/13/17 and 11/5/13 .  Dr. Charles Gant also suggested Fiji Water.

Tight belly button from the umbilical cord being pulled too tight at birth.

Robert wondered why Bob Marshall couldn’t beat the prostate cancer that he died from at 78.   For some of us, just to be alive and walking is a miracle.  Marshall had been massively poisoned from tryptophan poisoning years earlier.

Fecal transplants – a baby has different metabolism, not the best fecal donor for an adult.

Older people taking daily aspirin are 10x more likely than younger patients to suffer daily bleeds.

Watch Oliver Stone interviewing Putin on a 4-part Showtime show.  The only proof of Russian hacking is someone hacked into a site and left an IP address from Russia.  Would Russian agents leave their IP address if they hacked?  Hackers can change IP addresses all the time.  The “boys” love open borders, keeps salaries down and free trade alive, minimizes their taxes.  Trump wants to bust the pharma cartel, allow cheaper pharma in from Canada, is against free trade and open borders.  The “boys” want Trump out, and the left is buying into their story.

Afghanistan is all about keeping the poppy supply open for opium derivative drugs.

Atom says silicon dioxide in supplements is usually a nano product, same as titanium dioxide.  Don’t take it.  Sand is silicon dioxide but all silicon dioxide is not sand.

Kevin is sad to see Sharon ago;  he made some bad assumptions about why she left.

The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz.  Don’t assume.

Atom says messing with your belly button is messing with astral projection.  The belly button is the socket for the silver cord.  Patrick says if you soul travel, there is no silver cord.

Dr. David Jubb – didn’t like eating grains because of their strange and undigestible proteins.  He recommended being a frugivore, eating foods that began with a flower.  Buckwheat began with a flower.  Lectins are carbohydrate-binding proteins.  Cooking with an Instant Pot electric pressure cooker removes the lectins.  Charles loves his Instant Pot because of the stainless steel inner pot and having foods cooked in 10 minutes.

Hour 3

Dr. Cowan’s Garden vegetable powders.  Amazing amount of nutrients in them.  Easy way to get a variety of vegetables and foods you normally don’t eat, like burdock root. Sprinkle them on just about everything.

Atom says eating various natural sugars easily OVERRIDE lectin proteins.  Lectins are sugar-specific.  That’s the basis for their supposed cancer-fighting benefits.  That’s why Atom eats fruit on a chronobiotic basis.

Patrick’s Ayurvedic practitioner is Mission Ayurveda in Sedona, AZ.

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen thought cell salts were good.  Friedrich Depke recommended the cell salts in Hyland’s #2,#5,#7, and#8 at a dosing of 2.5 grams per day divided into 3 doses.  That’s 12 pellets of each of those Hyland cell salts, 3 times a day.

Janet in Indiana called about last Friday’s topic of being in tune with our pets.  She went to a seminar last year by Dr. Eric Pearl, Reconnective Energy Healing,  They learned to reconnect with humans and animals and practiced on pets.   A dog was being unruly, despite working with it.  After working on the owner, then the dog calmed down.

Eileen says the movie “A Dog’s Purpose” with Dennis Quaid shows a dog as he reincarnates through several lifetimes, good or bad, and the most meaning coming from lives where he connects with people and finally enters a lifetime where he rejoins with a former much beloved owner and greatly improves that owner’s life.  Don’t confuse this movie with “A Dog’s Life”.

Putting lectins in vaccines.

How do you know who “the boys” are?  Look at who are the globalists, who owns the 6 media corporations, the pipelines, board members with interlocking directorships.   When you hear about Russians meddling in US elections, all you can do is grin, because we are hypocrites.  Look up Asst. Secretary of State Victoria Nuland talking about who they will install in the Ukraine, and all the attempts on Fidel Castro’s life.

Damon Albarn, singer of “Everyday Robots”.

John asks what anti-inflammatory foods or spices recommended by your Ayurvedic doctor?  Turmeric is #1.  Ayurvedic doesn’t like a lot of hot stuff.  Coriander, cilantro – are cooling.

Linda loved meteorologist John Coleman’s youtube, How The Global Warming Scare Started.   Suggest listening also to Dr. David Evans shows on ORN on 2/9/17 and 8/23/16.

Avoid eating a lot of capsules by putting the capsule content on a teaspoon and swallowing it down.

Does Gary Hanna of Nature’s Pure Organics do monoatomic magnesium or selenium?

Fear of pit bulls as an example of our programming.  Patrick and Doodle were at the Farmer’s Market and Doodle went to play with a pit bull.  Patrick had a negative feeling come in about pit bulls, about them biting, and then he let the thought go and petted the dog.   Someone commented that I’m glad you’re not afraid of pit bulls.  We need to be aware of what we have been programmed to think.

If you would like to contact Patrick’s Ayurveda doctor. You can call Nuva Yeetah at 800.968.7964. He will be glad to talk to you about your health and healing. He does not charge a fee for consultations or sell herbs. Nuva operates on donations only.

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