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Dr. Ellie says Zellie’s is offering a 15% discount off Zellie’s xylitol products and your Complete Mouth Care System Kit.  Use coupon code ONERADIONETWORK15.  Visit here.  The direct link to the Complete Mouth Care System Kit is here.  Valid through September 30, 2017.


Show highlights:

  -Bill asks how to kill the bad bacteria and not the good bacteria.

-Lance says same amount of fluoride in iced tea or other drinks as in ACT.  He follows it with fulvic acid.  Want to balance the ecoterrain.  Used magnets to heal his son’s abscess.

-Patrick mystified that he still had bad actors in his mouth after using his protocol of brushing with baking soda and salt, dipping tooth brush in hydrogen peroxide, rubbing with Chewy’s tooth and gum balm.

-Patrick wants to balance his bad actors, not kill them.  Some are anaerobic which are killed by oxygen.  A challenge of timing to drink enough water without diluting the saliva, which remineralizes teeth.

-Atom explains why hydrogen peroxide didn’t kill the anerobic bacteria.  It killed the good guys too, and then the bad guys took over.  The bad guys will never go away;  need to balance them and build immunity instead.

-Aging is a state of mind.  The Turban Tornado ran races at 103 – never took a pill.  Singularity University people think we’re just computers.

Hour 2

-D says Stephen Buehner lists reishi as his favorite “antibiotic”.  Atom says mushrooms have evolved to defend themselves on the forest floor.  Are good if cooked, but raw fungus can cause something like candida.  Better to give candida a little bit of sugar.  If starved, it will form tendrils and be nasty.

-Is the spit test for candida legitimate?

-Are the phone line problems due to Mercury in retrograde?  It started August 12 and continues until September 5.

-Dr. Ellie suggests drinking a lot of water in the morning when you’re most acidic, also around meals.

-Can we trust the results of lab tests done on lab mice fed GMO food?

-Dr. Ellie’s protocol: First, 1 minute of Closys, which contains stabilized chlorine dioxide, then a quick swish of Cool Mint Listerine.   Then brush gums and teeth with  Crest Cavity Protection toothpaste.  Finish with a quick swish of ACT.

-Gwen asks about a xylitol mint after drinking or eating.

-Nessa warns about dogs looking at the sun during the eclipse and going blind.

-Carmen says she’s learned most scientific research projects are flawed.  Bad vibrational energy from GMOs, artificial lighting, EMFs, animal handlers’ testosterone.

-Who was really behind the Charlottesville protests?  Hillary’s campaign organization released $800 K from her campaign funds to fund a new resistance group.  Ads by Crowds on Demand for enthusiastic actors, photographers, and protesters in the Charlotte, NC area 5 days before the Charlottesville protests.

-Matt reminds us that Carolyn Myss said that anything you fight grows.  The Media, globalists, reptilians, all feed on the hate and fear.

-Media disrespectfully calls him Mr. Trump or Trump, not President Trump.

-Dr. Ellie says we can use Original or Cool Mint Listerine.  Original doesn’t have blue coloring, only “caramel” but has a bit more alcohol.  Don’t use Listerine Naturals.

Hour 3

-John appreciates the help with his skin last week.  Doctors think it’s an allergic reaction.  Skin is pathway for detox when other avenues are plugged up.  Chiropractor Dr. Pagano’s book and YouTube video say skin issues are toxicity coming out.  Clean out the internal system, including the gut.  No fried foods, refined sugars, alcohols, red meat, processed meats.  Incorporate Edgar Cayce’s work.  Use teas to clean out system – slippery elm and American saffron teas are available from Iodine Source.  Tony Pantalleresco also has videos on topical remedies for skin conditions.  Raw ground-oats paste is helpful.  Steroid cream has a rebound effect – you get addicted to it, you need more and more of it, and skin becomes worse than the original condition.

-Underground demand for opiods is boosting Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.  Technology companies are benefiting from demand for Bitcoin because of the requirement for high speed computing resources to verify transactions.  How much computing resource can be devoted to Bitcoin?  Will a finite limit of computing resources be the Achille’s heel of Bitcoin?  What is to keep Bitcoin from going beyond the supposed limit of 12,000 Bitcoins?   Is getting more difficult to mine new bitcoins.

-Scott suggests John use mudpacks for his skin.  Get clay from Gary Hanna.

-Dr. Ellie says Zellie’s is offering a 15% discount off Zellie’s xylitol products and your Complete Mouth Care System Kit.  Use coupon code ONERADIONETWORK15.  Visit  The direct link to the Complete Mouth Care System Kit is:  Valid through September 30, 2017.

-Bridgette still has oozing tooth on lower right.  Oozing tooth feels strong, but tooth on upper left feels weak.  Used Gary Hanna’s colloidal silver and clay packs on oozing tooth.

-Carmen suggests Bridgette use Tony P’s garlic vodka extraction:  extract garlic with vodka, blend 10 min 2x more vodka than garlic, strain, use 1/2 tsp of liquid every 2 hours.  It may turn green but that’s okay.  Eat no grains, soy, canola.

Other suggestions: make sure tooth nerve isn’t dead.  Oil pulling, although Dr. Ellie doesn’t recommend it.  Dentist in a Bottle BC18 – combo of 3 cell salts.  Fresh or fresh frozen aloe.

-Bridgette recommends social media platform.

Open phones with you and patrick, a fun filled lively morning of chat about this an that, August 18, 2017 ONE

Open phones with you and patrick, a fun filled lively morning of chat about this an that, August 18, 2017 TWO

Open phones with you and patrick, a fun filled lively morning of chat about this an that, August 18, 2017 THREE

'Open Phone Friday – If you make it a Thing it’s a Thing and if you make it a Big Thing It’s a Big Thing – August 18, 2017' have 2 comments

  1. August 18, 2017 @ 5:19 pm Eric

    In your show notes, the order for Dr. Ellie’s method is incorrect. It should be clorsys for 1 minute, brush with old style crest for 1-2 min, rinse with Listerine, then rinse with ACT. She mentioned for the last 2 steps you can rinse 15secs up to a minute. She also emphasized that you must rinse with clorsys for 1 minute, no shorter.


  2. August 18, 2017 @ 7:37 pm Nancy

    In the Hour 2 transcript, Dr. Ellie’s protocol (about 6th paragraph down) has the Listerine and the Crest toothpaste transposed. Her protocol is:
    Xylitol after meals and drinks
    1–Rinse with CLOSYS for 1 minute.
    2–Using soft brush, brush gums and teeth with Crest Regular Cavity Prevention toothpaste for 1-2 minutes.
    3–Rinse with Listerine 30-60 seconds. Use Original or Cool Mint.
    4–Rinse with ACT Anticavity Fluoride Rinse. Use Mint, Cinnamon, or Bubblegum.
    Do NOT rinse with water after any of these steps.
    Avoid eating or drinking for 30 minutes after finishing her protocol.


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