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with Patrick and Sharon

When Anything Goes…
And Usually Does!!!

Patrick and Sharon talk with listeners, and ponders emailed questions from the audience, taking a look at the latest news, and having a lot of fun. You’re invited to participate; we’d love to hear from you!



Show Highlights:

-Patrick is inspired to do a YouTube interview show called “At Home”. Looking for technical assistance. Content is the future.

-John from Saudia Arabia asks about distilled water and how many supplements does a person really need?

-Listener asks about floaters. Sharon says hers have gone away after switching away from a high carb diet. Patrick says his have gone away after clean eating.

-Buzzards have manners. Birds too.

-Atom says most floaters are a focus problem.

-Listener asks if sulfur and serrapeptase, which both need to be taken on an empty stomach, can be taken together at the same time. Don’t add sulfur to a smoothie.

-How much yogurt to feed a cat? What’s a good cat food? Cornucopia is the best. Downsides of dry food.

-Using the Relax FIR sauna helps Lynn drink more water. She brings in two 16 oz. glass bottles of water and drinks them during her sauna time.

-Atom says buzzards disinfect the environment. Killing the buzzards leads to epidemics.

-Difference between cats born outside vs. inside.

-Suing NOAA for giving false information about the climate?

-Paul in the UK says talking about Trump on ORN hasn’t lost listeners in the UK.

-Don’t add TSP to toothpaste, it will erode enamel. Pay heed to cautions given by interviewees. If something wacky is happening, just stop using the product.

-How to talk a friend with a gallstone out of surgery to remove her gall bladder?

-The worst vice is advice. Telling people what to do is a violation of soul.

-Per Atom, baking soda can’t dissolve enamel, but it can scratch the enamel.

-Patrick uses and highly recommends Chewy”s Tooth Powder from IodineSource.com. Dip toothbrush in 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide and then into the tooth powder.

-Trader Scott has been predicting the stock market will rise even higher. Read his blog on ORN for market information.

-Radio stations control their on-air hosts from getting “too far off the reservation” by firing them.

-Globalists like open borders and free trade. Every media outlet in the world will continue to bash the Trump administration. The bankers are the ones who wrote the trade deals. They want to do banking with the global millions, and they get that access through free trade. It benefits them that median income has been dropping for years.

-What were they thinking when they said in the 50s that you could protect yourself from Russia exploding a nuclear bomb by hiding under a desk or hiding in a ditch with newspaper over you?

-The buzz from the boys doesn’t have to affect us personally. They can’t hurt you if you maintain equanimity and emotional distance.

-Steve says oil pulling with coconut oil and bentonite clay has whitened his teeth.

-Rejuvenating the prostate with Andreas Seed Oils pumpkin seed oil, Standard Process product, and nutrients.

and more!!

open phone friday with sharon and patrick, march 3, 2017, part one

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  1. March 4, 2017 @ 4:59 am cee

    JMO, Just some food for thought for anyone who may have cats or garden where they frequent. Consider a little research into the Rath Pauling protocol with lysine and Vit. C for a couple three weeks. Toxoplasmosis gandii is a yukki, but these two items can essentially wipe that out and with the added bonus of a cleanse and polish on the vascular plumbing system and ticker. I also put the kibosh on a shingles flare, lowers all viral loads big time. Many applications there. Not a doc, so Doug and Mel may have to take a hike for a bit. All applicable disclaimers: “blah, blah, blah. etc.” Best regards to all in health.


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