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When Anything Goes…
And Usually Does!!!

Patrick and Sharon talk with listeners, and each other, pondering emailed questions from the audience, taking a look at the latest news, and having a lot of fun. You’re invited to participate; we’d love to hear from you!

Show Highlights:

-Difference between grass-fed beef and grass-finished beef.

-ORN does not necessarily support the views of its guests. Who to believe – F. William Engdahl and Paul Criag Roberts or the mainstream media? Were the victims in the Syria due to a false flag and about oil and gas?

-The red pill or the blue pill?

-Dr. Bob Marshall, PhD died yesterday. He’d had prostate cancer for 2 years. Was poisoned from bad tryptophan years ago.

-Dealing with Doodle’s fleas. Vinegar rinse, supplemental coconut oil.

-How to help an abscessed tooth? Manuka honey and garlic. Clove oil for pain. Listener suggests food grade hydrogen peroxide mixed with water and thieves oil.

-Atom says all free form amino acids are GMOs.

-Jill used fermented cod liver oil/butter oil blend to help a tooth abscess. Other listeners suggest neem oil (if you can stand the taste), red light, MMS mouth swishes, Vitamin C and salt, multiple daily oil pulling sessions, essential oils.

-Pipsissawa from to help swollen ankle and edema.

-Listener looking for strategies to help with root canals.

-What is a quality Vitamin C? Try sodium ascorbate from ORN store. A good Vitamin E? Want one with the tocopherols, such as the one in the ORN store.

-Jo said her life was changed by listening to Sri Ananda Sarvasri on ORN.

-Is Trump controlled by the boys? “He is one of the boys,” F. William Engdahl. “My name is Wes and it’s not my mess,” Atom Bergstrom.

-Why aren’t the millenials out protesting the missile strikes on Syria?

-Scott recommends Kat Kerr as a guest. Kat has been on tours of heaven for over 10 years, has YouTubes. Patrick recommends the book “The Tiger’s Fang” by Paul Twitchell.

-Are predictions of the future fake news? Can you predict anything? Let’s focus on the now, not the past and future. Act as if we have it now.

-Dreams are all experiences and have a meaning at some point. Be careful of what you accept into your consciousness.

-Let Patrick know if you’d like the book “The Call of Soul”.

-Ignore any email notices sent out a week or two ago that say your ORN order was completed.

-Lexi looking for a good extra virgin olive oil. Bariani Olive Oil is in the ORN store.

-Leroy wants to know about paida lajin, Chinese stretching exercises. YouTube video.

-Carol is looking for a company to purchase Bitcoin from. Listener recommends Coinbase.

-$88 million worth of Tomahawk missiles were launched against Syria. The bankers, missile manufacturers, and Congress people all benefit.

-“Be first” – a marketing imperative.

-Is it necessary to eat meat to raise testosterone? Multitude of ways to increase testosterone. Mae West wouldn’t date vegetarians/vegans because she said she liked sex.

-Far-reaching tentacles of the military-industrial complex. Does Trump know? Launch of MOAB – mother of all bombs. Afghanistan war is really about rare mineral resources and poppies. Know about it, but don’t take it seriously.

-Are facial exercises beneficial? See Face Yoga YouTubes.

-Dennis suspects people feel good from sulfur because it has a laxative effect. If getting diarrhea, are detoxing too much at one time. Take less sulfur – to bowel tolerance.

-ORN tie-dyed T-shirt winners, send in your address and sizes.


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