October 13, 2017

You and Patrick Timpone

When Anything Goes…
And Usually Does!!!


Light at end of the tunnel. Hope metaphor.


Patrick gives his experiences, insights on the workings of dreams, the who why and where of what we call “Dreams” in hour one and two.


Show highlights:

-Dan, homeless in North Dakota, calls in about burning through his karma and wanting to get his life together again.

-Patrick plays Mama Cass Elliot’s song, “The Good Times Are Coming”, for Dan.

-George calls in to talk about his personal experience with the shortcomings of the TSH test.  Free T3 was the key test to diagnose him hypothyroid.  Kefir normalized his 25 y.o. daughter’s colitis after a doctor suggested pre-emptive colon surgery.   Cookie-cutter standardized medicine left him with “cadaver hands”.   Absence of  cardiovascular disease when thyroid is normalized.

-Trump’s executive order allowing health insurance competition across state lines won kudos from Rand Paul.  Could revolutionize the market.

-Atom says, before World War II, the Basal Metabolic Rate test showed 35% of the population had a low thyroid.  After World War II, it was dropped for the PBI (protein-bound iodine) blood test.  It shows 5% has low thyroid.  It  misses 30% of the population.  You can live without a pituitary gland, but not without a thyroid.  Which gland is the Master Gland, and which is the Servant Gland?

Hour 2

-A fact is something to face, but not for long.

-Dream work is getting things back in balance.  Divine spirit is what runs the show.  The more you can trust it, the more it trusts you, and then the trust continues to deepen.

-Atom says pre-World War II docs cured arthritis with Armour Thyroid.  There’s no arthritis when you have a snappy thyroid and a happy liver (the distributor of T1, T2, T3, and T4).  The thyroid is the manufacturing plant, and the liver is the trucking company.

-Rubbing the thumb and forefinger together, doing paida lajing, and slapping the thyroid for thyroid health.

-“Be like a flower and turn your face to the sun.”  Kahil Gibran

-New products from Living Libations: St. John’s Wort essential oil, Rocky Mountain Juniper essential oil, Ponderosa Pine Cone essential oil.

-Nebraska Nancy asks about taking bioidentical hormones.  Her doctor recommended Dr. Jonathan Wright’s book.  Atom recommends eating blended oranges just before bedtime and at 9-11 am solar time for thyroid health.  Ease tensions with a spouse by loving and agreeing with them 100% of the time, in both the inner and outer world.

-Attitude and gratefulness about food are the most important thing.  Get the best you can afford and let it go at that.

-Nessa suggested Nancy talk to Meridian Grace about bioidentical hormones.  Recommends Hormone Balance by Dr. John Lee.

Hour 3

-Jeff wants to wear a ORN t-shirt to the farmer’s market.   Gets two free ORN t-shirts as a first time caller.  Talked about lies of the drug war.

-D says Nancy could ask Jennifer Daniels.  Cholesterol is needed as a precursor for hormones.  Sweet potato juice for progesterone, plus eating them.

-Atom says Vibrant Gal bakes our organic potatoes without skins, but there’s nothing “wrong” with organic potato skins.  He’s still eating the potato protein minus its carbs — for the last month or so.  “We’re Potato Monsters too.”

-Sydell has questions about The Plant Paradox diet.  Try asking at the Facebook Plant Paradox group.

-John thought Paul Gautchi was amazing.  Everything set up to grow naturally, with minimal work.  Challenges and successes of growing in rocky soil.  Working on his psoriasis – thinks it a combination of  dietary, topical elements, and attitude.  Likes Dr. John Pagono’s work on psoriasis.  Channeling mechanical energy downward to heal heartburn, also slapping.  Looking for advice on Lyme Disease, but what is Lyme Disease really?

-Patrick recommends this Harrisburg video seminar to learn about paida lajing Chinese stretching and slapping exercises.

-Atom says medical nemesis was created to make us question our Inner Vision.  The World Sausage Factor needs technicians and consumers, not Free Men and Women.  “God don’t work for nobody, and neither should you,” according to Adano Ley.

-More Atom wisdom: Heartburn is like a “wild well” – an oil gusher.  Reservoir pressure causes the “blowout”.

-All mainstream media are controlled by the globalists.  They love free trade, open borders, insurance, Monsanto, Big Pharma.  6 corporations control 90% of the media.  They want President Trump out; he’s a thorn in their side.  Patrick has concern about Trump’s flaming the war stuff though.

-But, what people think of me is none of my business.

-Media said President Trump wants to increase US nuclear arms by tenfold.  One day later it comes out the story is fake news.  He didn’t say we need more nukes; he said we need to make sure they’re in good order.


Open Phone Friday with You and Patrick, October 13, 2017, HOUR ONE

Open Phone Friday with You and Patrick, October 13, 2017, HOUR TWO

Open Phone Friday with You and Patrick, October 13, 2017, HOUR THREE

'Open Phone Friday – A Fact Is Something to Be Faced, But Not for Long – October 13, 2017' have 3 comments

  1. October 13, 2017 @ 5:18 pm RadioGuGu

    ”Sweet potatoes are subtly anabolic. So, we know that the pathway is there – we have never elucidated it in a peer reviewed study, – the pathway is there from the raw materials of sweet potato to testosterone, from the raw materials of sweet potato to, in women, progesterone.” –
    – As heard just after this show, in an interview with DW from a short series of interviews released over the last 4-5 days on fmtv.com. (Food Matters TV)
    Btw, DW has indeed mentioned sweet potato and progesterone in at least one LongevityNow Conference and juicing one potato a week ‘’for maintenance’’.
    /Which, we have tried and, is very deeelicious in an evening juice with some carrot, beet, ginger, lime (or lemon.) One can try/start with a half of a potato, of course.


  2. October 15, 2017 @ 2:47 pm jean

    Please enable download for part 3 :)
    No need to email me, I’ll notice.


  3. October 15, 2017 @ 4:14 pm RadioGuGu

    Sweet potatoes are also very good for testosterone in men! (as for progesterone in women mentioned in the show and notes above.)


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