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Patrick and Sharon talk with listeners, and each other, pondering emailed questions from the audience, taking a look at the latest news, and having a lot of fun. You’re invited to participate; we’d love to hear from you!

Show Highlights:

-Squirrel stories and dog food.

-Is Trump one of the boys or not?

-Popularity of bitcoin. The only reason bitcoin is going up is because it’s going up. Bitcoin facilitates moving money around privately and across borders. But the boys want to keep tabs on your money. If they can see it, they can seize it. Andy predicts future government programs will be means tested, so they think they need to know what money you have and don’t like bitcoin.

-George’s Mexican gardener, a very healthy middle-aged guy, drinks a strained blend of onion, grapefruit, and garlic, which was suggested by Tony Pantallaresco.

Hour 2

-George shares his recipe for homemade buffered Vitamin C, which cleared up his sinus infection when nothing else did. Empirical Labs liposomal Vitamin C in ORN store now. It’s not made from soy and uses natural non-hydrogenated phosphatidylcholine.

-Tony P. says all diatemaceous earth is toxic. Gary Hanna says there are only 5 sources of DE that are human grade.

-Has Patrick done Recall Healing with Dr. Massey? Just a bit. He highly endorses Recall Healing.

-Meme going around that taking out the mandatory provision of Obamacare will leave 23 million more uninsured. Maybe those people don’t want health insurance – what’s the problem?

-Why do people need health insurance? We’re programmed that we go to doctors and have to have all these tests. In prior times, you only went to a doctor when you were sick.

-Sharon plugs The Cole Center For Healing in Cincinnati for an integrative osteopathic doctor.

-We have fluctuations in health, and if you look enough, you’re going to find something bad. If you go to a doctor, you’ll get a label and treatment for something that would probably disappear on its own. Use your own intuition and listen to yourself, unless you’re really sick.

-Bitcoin price has been inflated because of the ransom demands by the WannaCry cyber attack.

-Dr. Daniels says you can’t be half in and half out of the medical system. If you’re on meds, you have to stay in. The meds do keep a lot of people alive. If you’ve lived an unhealthy life, how much can you rebound with healthy living? What is the worth of the medical system keeping people alive after a serious health incident when there’s no improvement?

-What to do about heartworm? Clean diet, love, and test for heartworms every 2 years.

-Patrick talks about his celebrity dreams.

-Panchakarma sessions recommended for a serious illness. Panchakarma is a mind-body Ayurvedic healing system. Available in TM communities in San Diego, Kansas, but India is the go-to place for serious PK.

Hour 3

-Ruben’s suggestion for someone having a problem listening live to ORN on their Android smartphone.

-Jasmine wonders if uncontrollable thoughts are a nutritional deficiency or a spiritual weakness. It’s the mind, not the brain. Forces in the lower world are trying to keep us down. Anything unconscious controls us to some degree, but we can clean that out. If we try to repress thoughts, they will pop up more. Inner conflict is mind having a conversation with itself. Anything you give attention to will grow.

-“Going to the doctor saves many lives but avoiding the doctor saves more.” Ivan Illich in “Medical Nemesis”.

-It’s not the programs on TV that are necessarily bad, it’s the programming that programs you subconsciously.

-Blue light good during day but not at night; it diminishes melatonin. Download f.lux free to your computer; it removes the blue light at sunset. However Steve says has been shown to be more effective at blue light reduction than f.lux. A free version is available.

-Atom says the red pill trumps the purple pill every time. Don’t take the blue pill. Jumping automatically creates joy. Another reason to use the rebounder.

-The Halo machine, only $19,000 for something divine spirit is trying to do for us every day of our lives. Divine spirit is required to go through us to manifest in physical reality. Attributes of spirit – beauty, balance, abundance, compassion, peace, love, hippie beads, passion – the aspects of God. The more we allow spirit to flow freely through us, the more we experience those attributes.

-Patrick felt a difference after 2 days of Progurt from One World Whey website; he’s very excited about it. Customer makes yogurt with Progurt’s sachet of 500-1,000 human strains of probiotic. Trillion CFUs per sachet. Steven Heuer thinks Progurt is better than Bravo.

Hour 4

-Janet Perry was taking 10 glutathione recycler pills to reduce chemical sensitivity. After sulfur, she only needed 3 pills.

-Disappearance of independent radio stations.

-Need to drink water with sulfur at night? No, just drink extra water through the day.

-Doodle’s itching is greatly reduced with homeopathic sulfur.
On The Microbiome Summit, Dr. Marco Ruggerio said the effect of probiotics is greatly enhanced by taking them with colostrum. Bravo Yogurt has probiotics and colostrum in it.

-How does Recall Healing help your body heal? Is it energy work or something different?

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  1. May 27, 2017 @ 2:01 pm George

    This is the web of Dr Saul

    the 15th item down mentions dr Cathcart from whose videos I learned that ascorbate is a natural antihistamine.
    Thus symptoms I thought was a sinus infection may have been allergy symptoms, since ozone , which didn’t give relief , generally works very well on infections.


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