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When Anything Goes…
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Patrick and Sharon talk with listeners, and ponders emailed questions from the audience, taking a look at the latest news, and having a lot of fun. You’re invited to participate; we’d love to hear from you!


Open Phone Spring Garden

Spring Garden


Show Highlights:

-New in the ORN store – dog treats from the Real Meat Company. Duck or Turkey Neckers.

-Sarah from Denver shares how she healed her teeth after Patrick inspired her. The dental downside of too much sugar from fruit and grains. Fasting blood sugar > 90 portends dental vulnerability. MI Paste to recalcify teeth. Sarah was a new caller and gets a ORN tie-dyed T-shirt.

-Patrick is nebulizing with colloidal silver to get rid of his throat/lung cough. He will be trying Breathe Deeply Inhalant from Iodine Source.

-Lie catty corner on bed in a spread eagle, put heels over the bed, relax, get quieter, and just watch your mind. Your body will start to stretch. Yawning and pandiculation releases traumas. The longer you yawn the better.

-Listener recommends mullen/horsehound tea for lung cleansing.

-If you believe it exists, it exists.

-Eckankar is a study of the light and sound of God and what is. All religions are a spin off of the light and sound of God. Dali Lami is a state of consciousness that will come back into another Dali Lami. Divine spirit is within you, but it takes you to recognize it. The Call Of Soul book explains Eckankar.

-Atom says lungs depends on the liver. Red light in the morning regenerates mitochondria, expose the bare chest and torso. Beat on the chest like a gorilla.

-Worrying and fretting is what ages people.

-Denise from Dallas reports she was in the hospital with kidney stones. Wonders why she is a kidney stone factory. Chanca piedra is a stone breaker.

-Magnesium and B6 can dissolve kidney stones and are sold in Europe for that purpose.

-The only people that like changes are babies. Generally spirit is telling you to change, but you won’t unless you’re forced into it.

-Julie asks what type of shilajit Patrick takes and if he takes it on a regular basis. He likes Herbs Forever in capsules. Julie likes Dr. Cowan’s vegetable powders. Being an emotional eater. Why do we weigh too much – wanting to be seen vs. wanting to not be noticed vs. weight for protection? Sharon explains how to suck eggs.

-If there are hidden anti-aging secrets, why are the “boys” like George Soros and David Rockefeller and Hillary Clinton aging?

-Per Atom, vitamin E and orange juice prevents kidney stones. Pure water raises estrogen and ammonia and causes kidney stones. But Patrick and Sharon drink pure water and don’t have kidney stones. 3 ways to help your kidneys: 1) massage your ears. Ears and kidneys are both shells. 2) Lightly tap on front teeth. 3) Lightly slap back with open palms. Taoists say to chant chang.

-Cynthia wants to know why she has baggy eyes.

-Laurie wants to know if turpentine targets certain bacteria, including cat scratch fever bartonella. How do we get cat scratch fever?

-When Sharon was 16, 36 years ago, there were 1 trillion dollars in the world. Now there’s $25 trillion.

-The importance of letting anger out. Seething can lead to illness, raging lets out the feelings.

-Nancy in Nebraska asks what someone can do to restore damage from heavy antibiotic use in childhood. It’s all about the gut. Get off grains and antibiotics and take: bone broth, fresh raw vegetables, leeks, probiotics (Nexabiotic in ORN store), Restore gut health mineral supplement in ORN store, apple cider vinegar in water, fermented foods, Greek yogurt, chaga and reishi mushroom tonics from Surthrival, vitamin C.

-Getting innoculated from normal worldly germs and not sanitizing so the body knows how to fight germs.

-Wisdom from Atom: When you have animals, if you allow them to lick you, they’ll know where to lick you and give you the probiotics you need. Crying for grief, crying for joy, crying for reverence. A gorilla slaps his chest with open palms and then pounds the ground. Thyroid counteracts gravity. Low thyroid causes droppy, sagging jowls, turkey neck. Digital Nature Group has created interactive holograms you can touch. Feces on ground are immune to bacterial attack. Karen Carpenter drank 8 glasses of water a day and ate no fat.

-“Autopsy: The Last 24 Hours of …” on REELZ TV says Karen Carpenter took thyroid to keep her weight down and she actually died of heart issues from hyperthyroidism, not from her bulemia.

Open Phones with Sharon, Patrick and You, two parts, three hours total

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