Show highlights:

Patrick discusses the upcoming election.

He recommends watching the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. video posted on the front page of One Radio Network. It’s a Message of Hope.

He discusses Ron Paul’s article in Zero Hedge, point by point of this false flag.

Europe is being totally locked down. It’s coming to the U.S. soon, but maybe not if Trump is reelected, but certainly with Biden.

Patrick’s plan is not to pay attention if Sleepy Joe wins.

Patrick talks about Governor Newson’s new Thanksgiving “rules” for Californians.

“There’s too much weed smoking going on in California!”

These rules are beyond ridiculous. Patrick lists many of them.

Patrick plays a parody about Newson’s Turkey Day rules.

Patrick continues reading the rules.

For example, singing and chanting aren’t allowed during worship services.

Scott asks about isolating the Corona virus.

Patrick responds that there is no virus to isolate.

A listener asks about pig ears.

Patrick discusses globalism in detail.

The globalists have been engineering a coup d’é·tat for the last four years to take Donald Trump out of office.

Brian phones in from upstate New York.

Brian elaborates on The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine.

Brian and Patrick discuss radio frequency energy and its relationship to disease, including cancer.

Living with the rhythms of life is better than fighting germs and disease.

Mistaking fire trucks as a cause of a fire is common in our times.

Join the mailing list, and you may win a prize from Sharon.

The Fed is slashing rates due to COVID.

“That’s how badly they want to get money out there,” says Patrick.

He discusses BitCoin, gold, and silver, and their roles in the present economy.

Liam phones in from Maine. He’s a 24-year-old personal trainer, and he inquires about Patrick’s generation.

Patrick discusses how he parted ways with many of the ideas of his generation. He “fell off the wagon” of the whole hippie beads peer group.

Personal responsibility is important to Patrick.

Liam and Patrick discuss conspiracy theorists, Ray Peat, CO2, climate change, health nuts, PUFAs, the best way to build muscles, and other subjects.

They compare fish oil to cod liver oil.

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