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Open Phone Spring Garden

Spring Garden

Show Highlights:

-ORN has been hacked and downloading is temporarily suspended.

-Why is it usually males that are computer hackers?

-John asks about LED red light therapy for the face. John talks about being blind. Atom says red incandescent lights affect the mitochondria better than LED or laser lights. Patrick gifts him “The Flute of God” CDs.

-Lance talked about directing his brother how to cure his cancer with a holistic lifestyle and diet. It got cured, the doctors said it was a misdiagnosis, the brother reverted back his old routines, the cancer returned, and he died.

-Reactions to the ORN interview with oncologist Dr. Kevin Ryan.

-Lynn thought the interview with Dr. Kevin Ryan illustrated the thought process conventional doctors use to dismiss good results with non-allopathic treatments.

-What to think of Michael Fitzhugh Bell’s reported experiences as a targeted individual?

-What is really happening in Ukraine? Is it the U.S. or Putin that’s stirring up stuff up there?

-Patrick really enjoyed his healing session yesterday with an alien named Arjuna.

-When is it appropriate to encourage someone to take meds?

-Jules asks about putting ozone up the rectum.

-Sean talks more about Dr. Ryan and how he is entrenched in the allopathic model. It’s not up to us to convince someone else. It is up to us to express our opinions and let the other person accept or not.

-Sean’s lab dog was hit by a car but didn’t have any broken bones. Attributes that to a good BARF organic diet and brewer’s yeast. Coconut oil for Doodle stopped her itching.

-Recommendation by listeners: books by Sally Pacholek “Could it be B12?” and Suzy Cohen “Drug Muggers”. Also for the movie “The Big Short”.

-A women with a long-term lung issue has success with nebulizing colloidal silver and hydrogen peroxide.

-Robert is concerned about his heart calcium CT score and high lipoprotein (a).

-Atom said one good cry flushed out a friend’s arteries totally.

-Divine spirit is healing my body to keep it in perfect balance.

and more!!

open phone friday with you sharon and patrick, march 10, 2017 hour one

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  1. March 11, 2017 @ 12:27 am Matt Grantham

    The SCIO Indigo machine that Ken Rohla talks about uses a wide array of LED lights that one of your caller was talking about


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