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Patrick and Sharon talk with listeners, and each other, pondering emailed questions from the audience, taking a look at the latest news, and having a lot of fun. You’re invited to participate; we’d love to hear from you!

Show Highlights:

-Nancy says Patrick’s suggestion to drink more water has helped her afib and cricks and inflammation in her knee. Asks about how to help her hypothalamus and hair loss. Atom says hypothalamus is part of the Triple Heater Meridian. Check thyroid with the Broda Barnes Thyroid Test Take pine pollen. Nancy talks about her farm and the baby calves that are being born this month.

-Listener suggestions: a Rashid Buttar 2 hour video about hypothalamus cycling. Hair loss in women often caused by stress and vitamin and mineral deficiency. Make a cacao fat bomb for chocolate cravings. Atom says hypothalmus is related to seeking, i.e. wanting rather than liking what you have.

-Tonight is a comet, lunar eclipse, and snow moon.

-Lynn recommends reading both the climate and economic articles at Dr. David Evans’ She also shared information on Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus. 10% of dementia patients have NPH, which mimics Alzheimer’s, but can be fixed with a shunt in the brain. NPH classic symptom triad of memory loss, urinary incontinence, and a “duck walk”. An overlooked diagnosis.

-Listener shares success in using borax, says it’s the most effective supplement he’s tried for arthritis.

-Steven calls about getting his root canal tooth #14 evaluated in Maryland.

-Charlotte Iserbyt – Former senior policy adviser in Reagan’s US. Dept of Education. Whistleblower about deliberate dumbing down of American education. Her thinking reinforced Sharon’s decision to homeschool her daughter.

-Tulsi Gabbard – shares insight on Syria. A Democrat who likes Trump.

-Where to buy epsom salts? A variety of sizes available from See ORN store. Sharon uses Greenway Biotech epsom salts and recommends VitaBath – a Vitamin C tablet – to get rid of chlorine in baths.

-Sharon asks why her right eye weeps. Atom Bergstrom says it’s hereditary crying for a female ancestor. Not genetic, but an intrauterine condition which can be passed on for 4 or 5 generations, sometimes longer. Crying cancels out weeping, which is different than crying.

Listener says the ovum of Sharon’s grandmother created Sharon – what was going on with the world then? Patrick finds a headline in that time frame in the New York Times about a woman whose right eye got injured in a car accident. Sharon had a bad car accident at 17.

-Atom says comets are sperm and planets are ovum. Good week for insemination and pregnancies.

-2017 is when food inflation will kick in. Climate will be cooling but we’re geared for warming.

-Carol shared breaking her arm in a car accident but not knowing for 3 weeks other than initial swelling. Had bumped up on colostrum and whey after the accident. Doctors marveled at how good her arm function was for how badly it was broken, and how pretty her tissues were when she had a plate and screws surgically placed 3 weeks after the accident.
Sharon explains to Carol how to suck a yolk out of an egg. Carol is excited

-Carol found great pain relief from a mix of 2 parts baking soda, 1 part good salt, and 1 part potassium salt. Alternatively, vinegar and salt. Mix alleviated the need to take hydrocodone for pain.

-Sharon highly recommends Caleb Treeze Organic Farms Stops Leg & Foot Cramps from Amazon for $11. Amish recipe of apple cider vinegar, ginger plant juice, and garlic juice. Can be taken topically or internally. Stops cramps in 1 minute.

-Trader Scott’s highly gelatinous fish head broth. He recommends finding clean wild caught fish heads to make broth. Check out Trader Scott’s Market Blog

-Robert David Steele predicted anti-Trump Soros-sponsored demonstrations and Move On protests this spring, which could get ugly. Instead of complaining about Trump, Julie says to go out into your community and do something good. “My name is Wes, it ain’t my mess.” “I’m too blessed to be stressed.” The only thing we can control is where we put our attention. Julie likes Ken Rohla, Richard Sachs.

-Separate the thought of something happening to you from the feeling. If you say you don’t want that thought, it will come back again – the mind acting on the mind. Instead, be thankful for the lesson; we are not it. Give it over to God, or hand it over to your spiritual master. All is good.

-Last day of 15% off sale for One World Whey pre-orders.

and more!!


open phone friday with sharon and patrick, february 10, 2017, hour one

'Open Phone Friday – The Only Thing We Can Control Is Where We Choose To Put Our Attention – February 10, 2017' have 3 comments

  1. February 11, 2017 @ 11:58 am Steve

    While chatting with Nancy at about 17:30 regarding thyroid and hair loss, biotin and BioSil were mentioned; they are two different things. BioSil is choline-stabilized silicic acid product, which is a bioavailable source of silica, great for collagen, hair, skin, nails, and bones. It is also a great way to slowly detox from heavy metals. Here is a clip of Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist Wendy Myers who recommends a few drops of BioSil daily to mobilize heavy metals, and then consumption of a teaspoon or two of modified citrus pectin to bind and flush the metals:
    Tony Pantalleresco ( has also mentioned the value of BioSil on the show.

    Biotin is vitamin B7; it’s necessary for cell growth, production of fatty acids, and metabolism of fats and amino acids.

    Certified health coach Magdalena shares 11 things she wish she knew about thyroid health:
    She has another site at

    To get a really clear understanding of the various glands and hormones involved in thyroid function, watch Sean Croxton’s interview preview with Reed Davis:

    Reed uses a whiteboard to diagram as he explains how the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, and liver work together. It’s a great short presentation that’s easy to follow.

    Don’t forget about the importance of adequate iodine for the thyroid; the Edgar Cayce detoxified iodine made by Phil Thomas is available through oneradionetwork. Here is some detail about how to use:

    Phil Thomas said that sulfur salts recommended by Edgar Cayce will clear out iodine receptors on the thyroid. Listen at about 52 minutes into this interview:

    He takes about a teaspoon in tea daily, and feels it has flushed out heavy metals from tissues of the body, including the thyroid. The formula contains sulfur in a salt form, cream of tartar, and Rochelle salts used for winemaking in Spain.

    Listen to the second hour at 48:05 for another mention about cream of tartar, and at 1:08:35 for using sulfur salts to clear receptor sites:

    Nutritional balancing expert Dr. Wilson very highly recommends kelp for iodine to avoid the slight potential for toxicity from iodine supplementation over time:


  2. February 18, 2017 @ 1:19 pm Steve

    Starting March 1, 2017 top health experts featured in The Thyroid Secret 9 part docuseries will reveal info to support this very key gland. A majority of people don’t even realize their thyroid is struggling, which can lead to weight gain, hair loss, low energy, and lots of other issues.

    On the 10-17-2016 ORN show Stephen Heuer referred to medical medium Anthony William. Here is a recent article from Mr. William about the importance of iodine for thyroid health ( One interesting point he made was that zinc is necessary to use iodine (“zinc brings iodine to life”):
    Are there other common mineral imbalances we should be aware of?
    Yes—zinc deficiency is rampant. It’s the missing mineral deficiency that deserves far more attention. For one, zinc brings iodine to life. Zinc synergistically ignites the mineral, turning iodine “on” and making it more bioactive and bioavailable so that your body can use it. Without zinc—when you’re zinc-deficient—you can’t hold onto iodine, and it leaves your body very quickly, so you lose out on iodine’s healing benefits even when you’re getting plenty of it. When you’re getting enough zinc, though, it allows the body to take in that iodine, hold onto it, and get it to work for you.
    Further, zinc itself plays an even more important role than iodine in supporting the thyroid, the rest of the endocrine system, and the immune system. It’s critical for protecting us against cancer, other disease, and pathogens such as viruses and bacteria.
    Look for a high-quality, preservative-free, liquid zinc sulfate, and add in some zinc-rich foods, too. Berries, cherries, asparagus, cruciferous vegetables (particularly radishes and collard greens), artichokes, nettle leaf, onions, sprouts, microgreens, parsley, and raw honey are all great sources of zinc.


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