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Patrick talks with listeners and ponders emailed questions from the audience, taking a look at the latest news, and having a lot of fun. You’re invited to participate; we’d love to hear from you!

I can’t believe I ate the whole thing. Maybe it is dosage of food as well as what kind

Herbs, Super foods, elixirs and exercises for sexual strength exist more for total body health and Chi and intimacy is just a by product

Remembering something that is not in ones consciousness comes more easily when we don’t try to dig through a bunch of files in the mind and relax into the now.

We invite Atom on, since Patrick didn’t sleep much last night and as usual he comes up with some real fun ideas that we talked about…including:  Storing food in glass jars with lids and also sucking the oxygen/vacuum out as well.

Rancid olive oil is yucky for the body, but real extra virgin olive oil in dark bottles, kept cool and not heated is loaded with Oleic  Acid, a quite prevalent molecule in our body

The pros and cons of drinking water with meals.  Ayurveda medicine has advocated for tummy to be 1/3 food, 1/3 air and 1/3 water for thousands of years.

Listener asks Atom to explain the right/left dynamic and the female/ male dynamic  

Shining a red light on us while eating aids digestion

Orange Juice between 9 – 11 AM solar time is quite nutritious and actually has an alkaline effect not acid as imagined and is a great source of calcium.

Atom talks about the dynamics of the adrenal glands

Testing for mold at home and a pathway to rid the home of mold with a Living Streams Product called mold relief

Listener asks how can Patrick still have irritated tummy lining with all the Aloe he has been consuming.  Inquiring minds want to know.

Atom talks about the necessity of sulfur for glutathione production in the liver

Hi Patrick;
Would you happen to have Atoms B’s phone number? Need to schedule a consultation. Hope all is well.

Open Phone Friday with you and Patrick, May 18, 2018. One

Open Phone Friday with you and Patrick, May 18, 2018. Two

'Open Phone Friday – Think and Say the Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth – May 18, 2018' has 1 comment

  1. May 19, 2018 @ 1:51 am Atom

    1920s General Electric scientists (M. Luckiesh & A.J. Pacini) knew that sunlight put the LIFE FORCE into CHOLESTEROL via the ADRENAL CELLS in the SKIN …

    “Cholesterol obtained from an experimental animal’s blood unexposed to ultraviolet radiation and kept in the dark for about a week is incapable of supplying growth-producing reaction when fed to a mouse on a vitamine-free diet, but if the animal is irradiated under ultraviolet radiation for a total exposure equivalent to one minute per gram weight of animal at 75 volts and 40 inches from the uviarc source, the cholesterol obtained from the blood is then capable of sustaining life.”

    They also knew which food additives blocked the action of IRRADIATED CHOLESTEROL …

    “Curiously enough certain preservatives such as benzoate derivatives apparently destroy the ‘active’ qualities of irradiated fats like cholesterol and if this action is found to hold good at all times, the preservation of foodstuffs by means of substances such as benzoic acid, sodium benzoate, salicylic acid and salicylates would probably require new study and revision so as to preclude any interference with the natural properties that vegetables grown in sunlight should normally possess.”

    Ever New Joy,


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