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When anything goes…

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Our Summer Solstice show had some strange geeky things transpire so we were not able to stream live but we “acted as if” it was live and have some good information and insights for you

H pylori update with muscle testing and getting a better idea of what is going on

There are easy access places online in Canada and Mexico where one can get “prescription” meds easily, no script or red tape

Micro watts per meter squared is a good measurement to use with an RF Meter for Wi-Fi and Cell phone tower penetration.  The Russian marker is 10 or below is safe for long term exposure on this setting

We want to keep in mind our own specific karma and lessons needed to be learned as we work with getting these bodies in balance.

In the spirit of true humility we offer that our experiences with how diseases form and can be healed are the cream of the crop in accuracy and simplification of the process so as to offer lots  of Souls to understand what is happening here.

Pay attention to who you are paying attention to

Remember, it is not what we “think” that affects as much as what we accept as true and correct

The Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth is a worthy goal to have in every thing we think, say and act on

How to drive spiritual concepts that benefit us deep into our subconsciousness

Some emails:

As a lyme suffer who has to look at all options to overcome this illness, and as I want to fully regain my health AND be able to fully eat everything (as I don’t believe in all these restrictions, they limit your pleasure in life), how to reconcile these 2 views?

 I appreciate your input on the EMF issue.. I live in a less than great apartment complex for 6 years now in St. Louis, and actually a cell tower is less than 300 feet away by the street. Is there any way I can rebuff/counter this overt form of EMF/radiation?

I saw something on-line the other day that alarmed me, have you seen this?  “Parasitic Worms Found to Improve Autism” this was on the Dec 12th edition of:

Patrick, I just want to tell you that I have been listening to One Radio Network for a few years, and I stuck with you because, in all this time, you haven’t betrayed people’s trust. In comparison to 98% of the nationally known show hosts, your honesty makes you a standout FYI: I just purchased the sulfur and don’t mind paying a little more since I know it will help support one of my favorite stations/people.

Is it dangerous to have a cell phone tower in your home? I cannot get cell phone coverage without the tower.

I’m Austrian, live in the US for 13 years now.  A good friend of mine gave me the link to your radio show recently and I listened to your interview with David Stetzer a month ago. I use David’s filters myself and for my clients and enjoyed the Q&A you did with him about Earthing and the need for a ground rod (or not).

I have a theory about minimizing small intestine bacterial overgrowth, since beet roots an evening food are so powerfully anti-fungal, anti bacterial, and anti parasitic, consuming beets and their juice towards the evening effectively knocks down any overgrowth in the small intestine as one sleeps, kinda like cleaning house at the end of the day.

I wanted to take a moment to tell not to give up on your tummy. Nice to hear that you are open to everything, even the medical way a little. Your a trouper! I admire your perseverance.
Listening for so long I am still confused about the Living Streams probiotics. I finally decided on the multi blend. I don’t have one particular problem so hopefully this is good coverage.
It does not work out for me to listen live but I do enjoy the ITunes recordings.

What a FANTASTIC show with George Wiseman! There was a good reason he was given the entire show time. No coincidences!

Since “auto-immune diseases,” which is is a big misnomer – are actually viral based, if George’s machine can eradicate viruses with
his hydrogen technology, there’s no reason these diseases couldn’t reverse. Cancer, lupus, thyroid and essentially all endocrine disorders
are viral based as the underlying cause. What a blessing to know this technology is available. And honestly, if it actually works, isn’t $2500 a pretty affordable price to pay to truly restore one’s health?… besides all the other things George claims it can do – with warranty???

I want to reverse cataracts of the eyes? Do you know of anything have you done a show on this? Thank you Kenneth.






Open Phone and email Friday with You, Patrick and Doodle, June 21, 2019 ONE

Open Phone and email Friday with You, Patrick and Doodle, June 21, 2019 TWO

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  1. June 21, 2019 @ 3:02 pm rich

    Kenneth, look into ( Dr. Jerry TENNANT ) regarding the eyes…chances are possible undiagnosed jaw infection…


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