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Structured Water: What is it and why it matters

What is Structured Water?

Why is structured water so important and what can science tell us about the difference structure vs chaos has? Well let’s find out.
Science shows us the link between the loss of Hexagonal Water (loss of structure) and aging.
Recent science is showing a correlation between the age-related loss of water and a corresponding loss of Hexagonal Water within the body.
NuclearMagnetic Resonance, ”NMR” technology has documented this age-related reduction in hexagonally-structured water, showing that newborn babies have almost 100% Hexagonal Water in their bodies. By age 36, the average drops to only 56% and by the age of 58, Hexagonal Water in the body can be as low as 23%.
So, if as we age we could keep an increased percentage of hexagonal water in our body we should be able to help reduce the effect of aging on our body. This can lead to living a healthier, happier and overall longer life. Just by changing the water you drink.

Water is more than merely H2O, more than the sum of chemical properties. It possesses special characteristics primarily from its special inner structure.
Thus, it resembles strong elements such as carbon which can appear both as hard diamond and as soft graphite. The same element exhibits different densities because of the various structures.

For water, these inner structures determine which microbiological properties the water possesses and how stable it is. Straight out of its source, water is the unadulterated elixir of life. Natural and pure, full of energy and freshness. On its long way to us, however, it loses much of its vitality. It is pressed through long pipe lines and is exposed to perpetual stress, pressure and environmental influences.
The consequence of this is that the natural structure of water changes. Water prefers to spin freely like a child at play rather than being constrained by long straight pipes.

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Show Highlights:

-Financial and environmental ramifications from plastic water bottles.

-Dr. Emoto demonstrated water is alive.

-Structuring water creates negative ions. Feelings of love from Niagara Falls – nature’s largest negative ion creator.

-Reverse Osmosis splits water into two streams and pushes one through a membrane. From perspective of toxins and chemistry, RO water is better. But is dead, sterile water with minerals removed. No conductivity, minimal negative ions. RO water with added minerals is like strip mining and rehabbing.

-Structured water is coherent. Infinite number of ways to structure water.

-Structured water devices that transform water at the molecular levels. A physical, not a chemical approach.

-Difference between structured water and RO or filtered water is comparable to diamonds and coal – made of same components, but bonds are different.

How to tell if your water technology is working? Trials of with and without. Feel if water feels softer or wetter. How do you feel with or without it? Repeat for a few cycles of 3 days.

-Distilled water doesn’t do anything about the energy of toxins. Great for a cleanse.

-Want water pH to be neutral. Alkaline water-toxins stayed stuck in cells. Structured water–the flush removed the acid toxins. Subtraction by addition.

and more!

structured water with patrick durkin, february 2, 2017

'Patrick Durkin – Structured Water: What is it and why it matters – February 2, 2017' have 3 comments

  1. February 4, 2017 @ 11:46 am MihaiS

    always the same story, yes structuring is crittically important, but the water has to be cleaned of chemicals, pesticides, hormones, scales…. the so called toxic pharma water aka tap water. all this people only have half of the equation. they all say well you structure it and all is good. BS, why? well let’t take for example cyanide (Lethal Dose for 50%) LD50 = 200 mg enough to kill a person. i am gladly doing this test, this ppl take 200mg of cyanide put it through their structuring devices and drink it, = weather they believe it or not it will resut in they diying with all their structuring magic. and i take this 200 mg and filter it through my RO system and i will drink it and nothing will happen. and yes i do structure my water, of course after it is important, i am not denying this part of the equation, but structuring alone ain’t gonna cut it, unless you live in a mountain area where your tap water is pristine and minimally fiddled with, no floride no nothing inside with a low ppm value 10-50 ppm, probably 0,01% or less of the population has access to this…. so… something to consider


  2. February 6, 2017 @ 4:00 pm Gyan

    No doubt this is wonderful technology and so needed for health and vitality. The common man or woman struggling to make ends meet can not afford the price, too high for most people on planet earth unless you are up there with the 1%. Bring the price down and make it available to the masses….you’ll make millions!


  3. February 9, 2017 @ 4:03 pm MihaiS

    to structure water you only need some quarz crystals they will also charge the water due to the piezo electricity effect, they will also lower the surface tension of the water, further structureing to remove the water memory erase the energetic imprint of the chemicals and materials it came in contact with you need a few ring magnets you put on a preferably glas(borosilicate-quarz) a plastic funnel wil do also, you mount the magnets on the pipe ending with a nothpole on the water exit, so the last field the water comes in contact with before you drink it or fill it in a water yar is the North Pole Field. IN –> S | N | S | N | S | N –> OUT
    cost under 10$ depending on where you buy the stuff, maybe 0$ and this will be equal or probably most likely better than what the advertised water structuring devices, i’ve seen waht’s insider the natural action filters… so… don’t get hang up on costs, it can be made cheap also and very effective


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