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Listeners have been sending Patrick copies of Dr. Vernon Coleman’s “Is Your Drinking Water Contaminated with Vaccines?”.

Yes, the water companies can’t get everything out of the water supply. “There’s no Dalai Lama of water testing,” according to Patrick.

Patrick recommends an Omica Organics Water Filter & Activation System. It’s in One Radio Network’s store.

Patrick liked the independent film, “Nightcrawler”. Not many good movies are out there anymore; 95% of what Hollywood is putting out is not worthwhile.

Listeners have also been commenting about Patrick’s May 10, 2021, interview with Mischa Popoff, author of “Is It Organic?”. It’s best to buy your produce from an organic farmer you know.

Patrick experimented with growing his own organic food, but the water proved to be too expensive.

No one is dying from any virus. “I don’t know why you have to take anything. Just detox.”

The latest article on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s website is, “Employers May Be Held Liable for ‘Any Adverse Reaction’ if They Mandate Covid Vaccines.” OSHA is making employers think twice about their vaccine requirements.

The media is bumping up the Covid numbers every day. Don’t believe anything you read or hear about it.

“It’s all good. It’s all God,” affirms Patrick. “We’ve created all kinds of maladies because of what we believe to be true. The random thoughts that come into our consciousness are not us. We buy into these thoughts that our body is real and we can get sick.”

“There’s nothing to fix.” “Letting it go” gives more juice to the idea that “it” exists.

“Letting it go” reminds Patrick of The Animals’ song that was popular while he was in boot camp in 1965: “We Gotta Get out of This Place.”

“Instead of letting it go, just don’t go there anymore,” says Patrick.

A listener asks about Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. Patrick gave Ivermectin to Doodle: 1/4 teaspoon for every 70 pounds.

A listener asks about dry eyes. Atom writes in, “The cure for dry eyes = cry for joy, not for sorrow.”

Patrick went to Costco yesterday. The mask restrictions were gone, yet most people continued wearing masks! Doug & Mel got away with this worldwide fake pandemic, and they’re still getting away with it.

Mark in Massachusetts phones in about crying for joy after getting back with his girlfriend after a year of separation. Patrick and Mark discuss applying “there’s nothing to fix” to everyday life situations.

Patrick quotes his father, “When you’re with a woman, give her what she wants. She’s going to get it anyway.”

Carol writes in about remembering her dreams after getting an adjustment from a “chiropractic holy man.”

Patrick’s early-morning stretching of his upper cervicals and the “mouth of God” align his body, and there’s no need for a chiropractor. How did stretching cure his heartburn?

How does tinnitus take Yoga to another level?

What’s going on with Fedcoin? Is it going to be the new dollar?

Does China’s crackdown on Bitcoin miners have anything to do with Bitcoin’s plunge or is it fake news? “When you control the media, you can make lots of money.”

Brandon Amalani writes in about pine needle tea protecting against the mRNA vaccination.

A listener writes in, “I didn’t realize you had so many shows on your website.”

Patrick talks about taking cold showers. Atom writes in, “Cold showers extend life as long as you don’t stay in too long.”

“God and spirit are not separate,” says Patrick. “Physical reality must manifest through us. When you make it a thing, it’s a big thing. When healing, the less you get involved, the better.”

Patrick is entertaining the idea of going on an orange juice and milk fast.

A listener writes in about Friedhelm Kirchfeld’s rare book collection, including the iridology textbooks of Dr. Josef Deck that Atom recommends.

It’s time for Patrick’s smoothie. “May the Blessings Be.”

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  1. May 24, 2021 @ 9:05 pm Sarah

    I had a similar experience in the grocery store today, being one of the few people there out of a hundred who wasn’t wearing a mask. I did get a chance to smile at a few other non-maskers which was nice…we all have to strive to bring back human connection. I heard there’s a propaganda campaign on TV right now called “this is our shot to heal the world” which is trying to convince everyone to get the Frankenjab…It’s a good pun but here is a better one: this whole thing is a shot in the face to humanity’s common sense! I try to be compassionate with people but it’s hard when they are so ignorant and unwilling to think for themselves. It’s all very sad.


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