Patrick Timpone

Covid-19: New Variant, Same Scam

The New Variant media blitz is picking up steam and will be another Plandemic in a month or so

They are in fear of losing control

Same fake PCR tests, ventilators and dangerous drugs on tap for all who believe the lie

A belief that something can hurt you will make it true – guaranteed

Why is what we believe such a powerhouse regarding our health?

All of the anti vaxers pro virus crowd are part of the problem

Contagion does not exist – It just doesn’t

Do not support any company or business that runs with this new “virus”

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  1. August 24, 2023 @ 3:34 pm Ron

    Be the first to comment on this post ? Well , Patrick , I will agree with your post / head line . The New Variant media blitz is picking up steam and will be another Plandemic . But , it still concerns Me , that there are “NO COMMENTS” in the comments section , on this & MANY / MANY other shows Patrick has put up . Where is this “JAMES” guy that posted how Patrick has stepped up his game . Great interviews guy ? Out putting up signs , ” Donate to Patrick ” ? lol , LOL . Patrick , I heard tell , The Home Depot , is HIRING . Get a JOB .


    • August 25, 2023 @ 8:32 pm Brian

      I’ve spent over a decade informing the public through a health forum on the embarrassing lack of evidence to support a viral pathogen, and existence of any virus causing any disease.

      I had observed in a clinical setting for years of patients getting rapidly nullified of their illness, (flu, cold symptoms) simply by a cocktail of their pro-oxidants or antioxidants. Many surrogate markers can used to “test for presence of a viral load.” Of course these are all indirect tests, and even tests that allegedly are ‘more direct,’ such as a sample bodily fluid that can go under the following procedures–all of which by the way, prove absolutely nothing!

      Nucleic Acid Extraction: Alleged viru$es contain genetic material in the form of DNA or RNA. To measure viral load, the genetic material of the viru$ needs to be extracted from the collected sample. This is nonsense since the sample is always contaminated with anti-fungals, anti-biotics and animal serums all cultured in usually foreign animal tissue cells.

      Reverse Transcription – Based on the idea if the viru$ contains RNA as its genetic material, a step called reverse transcription converts the ‘viral’ RNA into complementary DNA (cDNA) using an enzyme called reverse transcriptase.
      Essentially there is no real way to differentiate the actual source of the RNA in the first place.

      Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR): Amplifying specific DNA or cDNA sequences. In the context of measuring viral load, quantitative PCR (qPCR) is used. This method amplifies the alleged ‘viral’ genetic material in the sample, and the amount of amplification is directly related to the initial viral load in the sample.

      Fluorescent Probes or DNA Dyes: During quantitative PCR, special fluorescent probes or DNA dyes are used. These molecules emit fluorescence when they bind to the amplified ‘viral’ genetic material. The level of fluorescence is proportional to the amount of ‘viral’ genetic material present in the sample. A whole lot about nothing–no virus has ever been scientifically purified, so this is absolute pseudoscience.

      Standard Curve: To convert the fluorescence readings into actual viral load measurements, a standard curve is used. This curve is generated using known concentrations of the ‘virus’, and it helps correlate the amount of fluorescence to the corresponding viral load.

      Data Analysis: The fluorescence data from the qPCR is analyzed using specialized software. The software calculates the viral load based on the standard curve and fluorescence readings. More high-tech measurements of nothing.

      A common market used in research is Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), which is just an elegant term for free-radicals.

      CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution) or bolus dose Vitamin C will oxidize a redox imbalance, or rather, expedite wellness.


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