Patrick Timpone

Don’t Give Up On Your Life or Dreams, With God All Things Are Possible

What causes disease?  Number one thing is stinkin’ thinkin’.  “They” try to convince us there are things out there that are going to get us.

Ask: How did I create this?

Why do they want to hide the idea of a flat earth?

How would Drs. Cowan and Kaufman respond to Dr. Peat’s contention that viruses exist even if they can’t be isolated?

Are scarcity, terrorism, and overpopulation all made up?

How does the immune system play a role in sexual attraction?

Why is there no evidence for a curved earth other than painted “photos” from NASA?

Where did life originate?

Patrick explains the elevation he felt after understanding that the spinning globe earth theory is fake.

Emailer recommends the book Dr. Mary’s Monkey by Edward Haslam.  Patrick concurs.

Emailers share kudos for One Radio Network shows.

Ann asks for Patrick’s opinion on the Bible and spiritual issues.

Patrick responds to emailer’s questions about yoga.

Patrick shares why he was suspicious about the moon landing from the get-go.

Emailer responds to Dr. Peat’s prior comment about dogs, says the ability of dogs to understand language is clearly demonstrated

when a different language is spoken to them.

Did Patrick have snake karma?  He tells his story.

Tess asks about karma and having a soul.  Patrick says we are soul and we channel spirit.

Surthrival Chaga and Reishi
Surthrival Chaga and Reishi

The Friday Show part two

'Patrick Timpone – Don’t Give Up On Your Life or Dreams, With God All Things Are Possible – September 24, 2021' have 2 comments

  1. September 26, 2021 @ 1:16 pm Peter

    Dreams? That’s what’s wrong with the world. Too many ‘dreams’. How about just living in the present, and enjoy the reality of now, and just do what you do, and let God take care of it all. 7 billion people all dreaming about what they want, want to do, want to be….what a mess that creates in the world. If you left it to God you wouldn’t rely on or need dreams would you?
    The word ‘dreams’ should be removed from the English language. Just look around you and see the results of all the ‘Dreams’ have created. And children should not be taught to dream about this and that and what they want to be and do…The stupid adults making a mess of things. On and on it goes. Dreams and ambitions in people are two of the worst things in humanity. Yes that’s what we need in the world…more Dreams…NOT! And what happens when you dream anyway? You WAKE UP! Dreams are for delusional fools who have lost their connection with God. Dream on…..
    Just my opinion of course.
    And great radio shows we get here from Patrick and much appreciated.


    • September 26, 2021 @ 2:00 pm patrick

      I get your point Peter, as you know the here and now is all there is. Yet, my experience is that if we do not dream, imagine what we want it doesn’t happen. Because that’s how it happens.

      Think about. You can not, can not, move your body without first thinking, (dreaming/imagining) what you want. Try it. ha

      So, of course humans have not done a very good job of making the earth a better place overall, but it think it is because they have let someone else imagine for them what they should experience

      of late… germs, disease… vaccines…tyranny… whatever right?

      We create by thinking feeling imagining, (dreaming) of what we want and then doing everything it takes to get it and the God kicks in the rest. But, I know one thing for sure my friend… if one just sits
      in the ever present now and let’s God do it all without any direction from what we want… Nothing will happen.

      God only works through us …. not to us.


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