Patrick Timpone

It Takes A Long Time to Get Young

Patrick talks about his screen plays.

If we’re against something, is it more likely to happen?

We get forward by pressing into the goodness.  Doubting or fearing what we know to be true are what keeps most folks from doing what they want to do and being successful.

We’re not taught how to work these bodies.  Religion scrambled the story.

The fallacy of believing we succeed or get healed if we’re good or deserve it. 

Patrick has learned about health by working through sciatica, irritable bowel, heartburn.  They’re all about tension and cleared up with body work.


Making Brown’s gas (molecular hydrogen) drinking water.

The Viral Delusion:  The Untold Story Behind the Pandemic.  A 6-part series with Dr. Mark Bailey.  The Viral Delusion – Episode One – The Tragic Pseudoscience of SARS-CoV-2 ( 

Bridgette talks about her business “The Garden Hoe”.  Suggests growing succulents in dry areas.  Proprietor of “The Golden Bubble” AirBnb in Santa Rosa, Florida.  Gifts Patrick einkorn bagels she makes from sprouted, dried einkorn wheat flour.  They discuss lots of topics. Likes Gonzalo Lira on YouTube and Telegram.  Stories of Bucha, Ukraine atrocities are all made up.  Nothing that isn’t made up.

Patrick’s screen play won 1st place at L.A. film festival.

Buy einkorn wheat berries and gluten-free rice pasta at

How to know if testosterone levels are good:  If you wake up in the middle of the night, or in the morning, and have a nice hard erection.

Nice comments on Dr. Samantha Bailey show. 

Flat Earth Dave Weiss – watch Patrick’s show with him with lots of visuals on BitChute.  Lawrence poses “are you saying?”questions.

You can’t go through the firmament.  Rockets just glide along it.  Goggle silences dissenting thoughts about cosmology.

Listener asks about talking to loved ones through the soul or spirit.  We are souls and spirits; we’re not separate from them.  Just talk to your loved one, even if they’re physically distant.  Don’t talk Mom into staying longer than she wants.  Check out ho’oponopono prayer.

Charles suggests you will forget about a flat earth after taking college-level calculus.  Patrick disputes a math proof.  David Weiss offers 3 bitcoins to anyone that can prove a global earth.

The Illuminati called themselves Magi. 

If growing chickens, get a Great Pyrenees to protect them from animal intruders.

Even though Brian disagrees with the flat earth concept, he appreciates all that Patrick presents.

Inderk asks about any negative effects from urine therapy.

Support the people doing good work.  Subscribe to Dr. Cowan for $5/month.

Crrow777 will be on ORN on April 26.  Says the nuclear thing is all made up.  They lie about everything.

Take ice cold showers last thing at night and when waking up in the morning.  Very powerful.

Great colon cleanse suggestion from Dr. Jennifer Daniels – Amenazel Soursop Bitters.  Made in Ghana.  Available at Amenazel Soursop Bitters – Amenazel Organic and elsewhere.  Horrible tasting, but you get used to it.  Pour 1 TB down the throat after a meal.  Like doing a colonic every day.

Patrick, part one

Patrick, part two

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