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Friday’s are our favorite day of the week around here at One Radio Network because it’s all about YOU! Patrick talks with listeners who call in and he answers emails and ponders life’s deepest mysteries. We discuss everything under the sun including: health, wealth, well being, spirituality, politics, world events, conspiracy theories which most prove to be more than just theory. We have a lot of fun. Join us at 10 am central time!!

World Health Organization (WHO) pandemic treaty in the works.  What can they do to you if you don’t buy into it?

They really believe in more government, more control, more gender confusion, more government subsidy, more wokeness.  But it doesn’t work.

Disney is 6th largest media company and is running on wokeness.

They’re not going to change.  So it’s important for us to stay out of the way.  Move into another reality.

Tests and supplements and trying to balance hormones doesn’t get you where you want to be.

Spirit knows what every soul wants and needs for this lifetime.

Russia sold huge shipment of coal to China for yuan, oil to India for rubles.  Breaking the petrodollar.

Epstein was all about getting sexual photos of people in power.  Photos then used for control.

Creating demand for the dollar by Kissinger negotiating with Saudis to sell oil only in dollars.  That deal is now falling apart.

Saddam Hussein threatened to sell oil for gold-backed dinar.  Paid the price for threatening dollar-based oil.

Money boys losing control.  Inflation will escalate.

Is nuclear or radiation danger just fear porn?  How about all the life growing now in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl, 3 Mile Island, and Fukishima?

Listener asks: How do you get weeds in hydroponic foods?  A pretense for applying glyphosate?

Pending bill to put burdensome regulations on Health Sharing Ministries in Colorado   Will affect 50,000 participants. 

What is astral travel?

We are soul, not thoughts, emotions, or the mind.

Past ORN video shows are on BitChute.

How does Patrick use his rebounder?  Jumping up and down, Jumping Jacks with 3 lb. weights, or running in place as fast as he can as long as he can.  Benefits of rebounding.

It’s our belief in aging that makes us age.  Belief in something getting you will make you ill.  Belief, experience, blame – it’s all backwards. 

Listener asks: Any way to reduce peyronies disease?

Comments from men on the deer exercise.  Mona asks if Patrick is obsessed with sex.

Listener remarks on “Watch the Water” video with Dr. Ardis.

Cindy asks about tanning beds, fertility, having more babies.   Homeschooled kids and homeschooling resources, Richard Maybury’s books.

Listener says the active ingredient in ant bait traps is ivermectin.  The active ingredient in Raid ant bait traps is avermectin.

Lynn recommends using Sparti lamps during the winter for keeping Vitamin D up.

Gerald wants recommendations for learning screen writing and how to sell them. Patrick recommends The Nutshell Technique by Jill Chamberlain, and Story by Robert McKee.   Shares his success in entering film festivals and contests, making contacts. 

When selling anything that you need another person to act on, after you make your pitch, let it go.  Don’t think about it again.  Give them the space to receive the offer and make the decision.  They want to make the decision themselves.

Biden administration proposes a “Ministry of Truth”, calling it a Department of Homeland Security Disinformation Board.   You can’t make this stuff up.

Patrick Part one

Patrick Part Two

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  1. May 3, 2022 @ 4:28 am Jake

    Listening to you Patrick i feel so much love for you and what you do. Thank you.


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