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Humanity Is Under a Huge Spell and We’re All Paying the Price

“There are some very big things happening in the world of finance,” says Patrick.

Patrick learned a lot about the “real world of money” from his 25-year association with his good friend, Andrew Gause.

The “Boys” — the Masters of the Universe — are firmly in charge and they have a plan.

The government keeps creating debt, and people don’t want to go back to work. The “Boys” are turning the U.S. into a third world country.

Gold and gold coins are good hedges against inflation. Fred Dashevsky of U.S. Coin Capitol is a regular guest on One Radio Network.

Patrick shops at H-E-B. This supermarket retailer doesn’t require masks anymore, but 85% of shoppers are still wearing them.

People still believe that there’s “something out there that can get them.” They’re detached from reality.

They’re going to wear a mask “till the end of time.”

Patrick talks about Dr. Janci Lindsay, yesterday’s One Radio Network guest.

Dr. Lindsay’s information about vaccines affecting fertility is further validation about the “Boys” plans to depopulate the world.

Atom writes in, “The COVID-19 convalescent plasma Dr. Janci Lindsay discussed is very profitable — $1,000 a milliliter.  That’s $3,000 for 1/8 of a teaspoon.”

People need to learn to think critically. Insight and intuition are necessary.

This fake pandemic has people stressed out and hysterical. Case in point is the video posted on the show page of One Radio Network — “Did You Get Yours?”

There’s no “Wuhan spooky virus.” It’s all made up. Michael Flynn and Rand Paul are mistaken.

“You don’t spread a cold virus.” Patrick plans to have Drs. Tom Cowan and Andrew Kaufman back again to give more details. Check out their last ORN interview — “Show Me the Virus!” — on March 17, 2021,

Patrick and Doodle are planning to meet their friend, Dr. Richard Massey, in Fredericksburg, Texas, tomorrow (May 29). The Sacha Stone World Tour will be there.

A listener asks Patrick if he uses turpentine.

How does the body age? “We only age when we don’t realize we’re a spiritual being in a body,” explains Patrick. “I guess I’ll have to hang around 20 to 30 years longer to make people realize longevity is real.”

A listener writes in about relocating an hour outside of Austin. Patrick describes the real estate opportunities.

“We don’t know how much the ‘woke’ people will get away with. They’re trying to make everything even,” says Patrick.

There’s no free lunch. “There are those that are ‘awake,’ and there are those that are ‘woke’.”

A listener asks, “How do I convince my family not to take the jab?”

A listener asks Patrick if he owns any Bitcoin.

The “Davos crowd” is running the “woke” cities. The U.S. will eventually split into Red states and Blue states.


“We’ll probably end up having ten United States one day,” says Patrick.

A listener wants to know about the product Carol bought from Glen Swartwout to help recall dreams.

Carol writes in about the freeze-dried storable food that Richard Maybury recommended.

Patrick signed up for the Elon Musk satellite service “that will supply internet service to the world at a cheap price.”

Doug asks how vitamins, minerals, and protein powders are manufactured.

Will “magic mushrooms” be the “next big thing”?

Ann suggests Burch Driver as a One Radio Network guest.

Patrick liked “The Next Three Days,” a movie directed by Paul Haggis, who also wrote the screenplay.

Patrick talks about the elements of good screenwriting — the “beat,” “turning point,” etc.

“It’s all a dream and you’re under a spell,” concludes Patrick.

Patrick Timpone with a Friday session on life, love and Planet Earth, May 18, 2021

'Patrick Timpone – Humanity Is Under a Huge Spell and We’re All Paying the Price – May 28, 2021' has 1 comment

  1. May 31, 2021 @ 10:56 am David

    Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?
    If there is a genuine problem then the facts will always bear it out, fair enough.
    News today about covid:
    BBC News London 1pm May 31 today aired a report on Covid.
    If BBC can’t get their facts right, who can, right?
    A lot of people fully believe what BBC News and CNN etc. report. I mean they have floors of researchers and the smartest people in the country at their disposal. They always like to tout the fact that they are fair and balanced and go after the ‘truth’, as news media should.

    John Simpson, World Affairs Editor (50 years with the BBC) reports today:
    “COVID is a lethal and highly contagious virus”
    “That has spread to every country in the world”

    The Medical Definition of ‘highly contagious’ IS –
    – 50% or more of the country’s population get the disease/virus
    The Medical Definition of ‘lethal’(deadly) IS –
    – 50% or more of those who get the disease/virus die from it
    That’s the scientific facts.

    Let’s use a calculator.
    Official figures from CDC.Gov USA May 31 2021
    USA Population 2021 = 328 million
    Total Covid Cases (33,079,543) = 10% of the population got Covid
    Total Covid Deaths (591,265) = 1.79% of those who got Covid died from it (yes that’s one point seven nine per cent) or 0.0018 of the total USA population (yes that’s zero point zero zero one eight)
    I’m just going by the official figures/facts which are:
    10% got it
    1.79% died from it
    Sorry, I don’t know what grade math you did but that is neither ‘highly contagious’ nor ‘deadly’, which is what every Govt organization and news media has been telling us for the last year. How can they be saying such a thing? They can’t multiply?
    “COVID is a lethal and highly contagious virus” – NOT TRUE
    Not even close.

    This is not true according to science, and that is what we must go by. Otherwise it’s all made up nonsense, and you can just make things up as you go along and then report them as true facts. If we’re not following the science then what are we following? Fantasy? Someone’s made up ‘opinion’?
    Is the mainstream news media reporting true and correct ‘facts’? Or they are just reporting fiction?
    Has John Simpson gone senile?
    Was it just a typo on someone’s desk?
    Are they deliberately misleading the public or just outright lying?
    The facts DO NOT support what the Govt. organizations and news media are reporting. Do the math yourself, don’t believe me.
    Oh, I nearly forgot… RUN!!! RUN!!!! There’s a highly contagious deadly virus in the air!!!!! RUN for your lives!!
    Remember ‘the boogie man’ ploy when you were a kid?…
    Nah, adults would never fall for that one


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