Patrick Timpone

If Earth Is Not a Spinning Ball Hurdling Through Space, Then What and Where Is It?

Show highlights:

Why is Patrick a flat earther?  Why is this world-view “a big potato”?

What does it mean that we are omnipotent and omniscient?

Was Einstein a made man?  Was he influenced by Freemasons?

Are astral planes as solid as earth?  Is there more?  Is it all just a state of consciousness?

If this is make believe, how make believe is everything else they tell us?

Is age just made up?  Words have energy.  If we accept a word, we’re putting it into our being.

Caller Judy recalls childhood experience of not wanting to learn to tell time and resistance to getting sucked into the concept.

Always felt something was wrong with the truth we were told.  Doesn’t believe earth is a spinning ball.

If we’re in an enclosed firmament, we can’t get high enough to see it all.  How far does earth extend?  Counters globalist’s idea of scarcity.

Why do treaty limits say we can’t go to Antarctica and traverse beyond 300 miles?

30 billion dollar annual NASA budget to convince us we’re spinning around.

How to access videos from the ORN shows?  Go to Bitchute.

Emailer wonders why Patrick changed his mind about flat earth theory from 5 years ago.

Nancy is enjoying Patrick’s journey of learning about the non-spinning flat earth.

Cindy questions about transatlantic pilots and whether they notice a curvature of the earth.

The moon is a living light being and not even close to being landable.

At 1:23:37, see a video of the edges of the earth, an endless wall of ice, taken from Antarctica.

Donovan is speechless and in awe from watching the Lost History videos.  Recommends everyone watch.  Email Patrick to get the link to 20 hours of videos.

Long time listener Tim (and Patrick) wonder what’s going on with Robert from Houston.  Enjoying recent Friday shows.

Lawrence appreciates that Patrick is making sense of the craziness going on in this reality.

Without germ theory, does the medical-industrial complex implode?

Why does Rupert Murdoch allow Tucker Carlson to attack vaccines?

Does ejaculation make men age?  Is it necessary for conception?  Does the concept of the energy transfer without ejaculate explain Mary’s Virgin Birth of Jesus?  Practicing retention to build aura and chi.

Randy asks:  why don’t we see all of the moon all of the time?

Are more people waking up, thereby forcing globalists to be on the run?

We’re in a land of karma, of good and evil.

Santos Bonacci says the sun is totally made of hydrogen.

'Patrick Timpone – If Earth Is Not a Spinning Ball Hurdling Through Space, Then What and Where Is It? – September 15, 2021' have 13 comments

  1. September 18, 2021 @ 12:46 pm Chris

    Ok Patrick now you have lost it bigtime. Flat earther is a psy-op to divide people and put them in boxes and the sleeping masses will not get on this train and you are out now bc of this bc with this you cannot help them. jeez what is going on with you!!??

    Research storms, they are circular. Why? Bc we are on a sphere and this cannot on a disk. fact.
    Research gravity, they can predict for centuries planets and where they will be with perfect accuracy and only if it is here round. fact.

    Also more then 200km big, gravity will make it a sphere bc of the pressure. fact.

    And last but not least (to have it short here) call me when you are at the edge.

    Good luck but you will not come on our blog anymore and we will put a banner on it bc you are lost big-time. If you think this is helping people… this is making it all worse and enjoy your karma bc if one is lost bc of you, you will too in the afterlife.

    Good day!


    • September 18, 2021 @ 1:00 pm patrick

      Well good luck to you Chris. I know we’re on an unmovable plane that doesn’t hurdle through space at 666,6666 mils per hour.
      Interesting speed NASA created, wouldn’t you say?

      NASA sell the gravity theory, which doesn’t exist. Einstein was a Freemason fraud.

      All things global earth are created by NASA who faked a moon landing. How can you believe anything… anything….one thing they say.

      Can you send us a picture, an actual photo…no CGI,no painting… an actual photo of this big round earth? No, there isn’t one.

      Why is that?


    • September 19, 2021 @ 1:05 pm Photomaineac

      Government is there for your best interest = FACT!
      NASA is a non-profit institution = FACT!
      Catholic priests do not like little boys = FACT!
      There is no such thing as HAARP and CHEMTRAILS = FACT
      A camera cannot sense the Sun at 93.368 million miles away = FACT!
      A camera cannot sense the Moon at 238,900 miles away = FACT!
      A vacuum would suck our Atmosphere away = FACT!
      Joe Biden won the election fair and square = FACT!
      The VACCINES are all safe = FACT!
      Facts are not always accurate = FACT!


    • September 23, 2021 @ 1:20 am Ballton McSphere

      Give it up chris..


    • October 4, 2021 @ 6:15 pm Rex

      Storms are circular because we live on a ball? Shouldn’t they be SPHERICAL? And why are you listening to a lecture on flat earth?


      • October 4, 2021 @ 6:43 pm patrick

        Because after research into this our conclusion is that the earth is not a round ball spinning on its axis at 1,000 miles per hour and hurdling around the sun at 666,666 thousand miles per hour per NASA.

        We know men never landed on the moon per NASA Rex, so how can we believe anything they say, and there is not one… not one that we know of actual photo of the round earth from high above. Not one, why is that?


  2. September 21, 2021 @ 4:22 pm Elizabet

    Patrick, from viewing the amazing 20 hours of videos I am about finding truth and letting go of learned lies of fake facts. Thank you for being a great host to learning about this plane we live in and I now keep saying “Boss da plane! We live on da plane!” Keep on!


    • September 21, 2021 @ 4:31 pm patrick

      LOL… thank you… have fun. Nothing is as it seems :)


  3. September 23, 2021 @ 5:21 am samson Chege

    hi i would like the video link pliz!!


  4. October 16, 2021 @ 11:54 am Lucretia

    My father was flew a F-100 when he was in the Air Force, sure wish he was still with us to ask him. I do recall we mentioned something to him and I just barely recall he said he could not see the curvature. In flying to Hawaii at 30,000 feet, I sure never saw any curvature. Interesting we were so duped by all those “stupid flat earther’s” that kept people from sailing off over the edge of the earth to their death. Gee, Columbus “proved” them wrong and we are now an “woke” society of zombies. 


  5. November 16, 2021 @ 12:44 am flat

    i have a task for all flat earthers
    try setting up a satellite dish and see if you can get any signal


    • November 16, 2021 @ 5:59 pm patrick

      Not sure what you mean by task. I suspect you are suggesting that there are satellites, hence the spherical model is right. Well, of course there are satellites. But they are not as advertised as they don’t move around the earth…because that’s not possible.

      Satellites are al on helium balloons, some are stationary and some move around…depending on purpose…. Musk is a globalist actor in our opinion and is launching balloons, not rockets.. The rocket launches you see are just produced videos to sell the whole outer space idea.


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