Patrick Timpone

Lies, after lies, after lies.  The more they can convince us of things that aren’t true, the more they can control us.

How are the Jesuits and the Mafia connected?

How Patrick “Woke Up” in New Orleans.  First step on his path was Wayne Dyer’s Your Erroneous Zones.  Experience your relationship with God. 

Will the germ theory go away entirely one day?

What will Julian Assange be releasing?

The impact of the usual American diet and pharma products on consciousness.  Be kind to those that don’t understand.

A young listener asks why President John F. Kennedy’s assassination was so important.

Perfect storm of turbulence for Europeans paying the most ever for energy now.

Thanks to listeners who have sent in donations to ORN.

Elon Musk sold $11 billion of his stock.  What does that say about the stock market future?

Will debts be forgiven for those accepting Universal Basic Income? 

We owe $35 trillion to the Fed.  It’s all made up.  Is it a good idea to stash some dollars now?

How to strengthen every muscle in your body through stretching by hanging from a bar.  Growing spiritually by learning to live with pain.  Embracing cold showers.

Submission makes you weaker and sicker.  Boycott them.

Giving your pet the best food you can.  Cornucopia dog food is totally organic and even safe for humans.

Sean from Seattle calls and discusses investments, Bitcoin, flat earth cosmology, directed energy weapons, and silver.

Why can’t Hubble take a picture of earth spinning around?

ORN had Dr. Thomas Cowan on before he was cool.  First show was 11/24/15.

Listener wonders if a hanging stretch would be contraindicated for someone with scoliosis.

Pain is healing – honor it, and it will transmute to no pain and you will heal.

Listener questions if guns will play a role in stopping the Great Reset, per Brandon Smith.  We mostly see them used for bad.

'Patrick Timpone – Lies, Lies, Lies: The More We Believe Them, the More Control We Give Them – December 17,2021' have 4 comments

  1. December 18, 2021 @ 1:59 pm Charlotte

    Yes Patrick you are so right… one…big..lie

    May God Bless You and I will pray for you


    • December 18, 2021 @ 2:01 pm patrick

      Fake photography with fish eye camera. Not round. Sorry


    • December 20, 2021 @ 2:50 pm Taylor

      Hello Charlotte (and Patrick),

      Thank you for sharing the link to Jim Lee’s presentation; I watched the video in it’s entirety. I have stated previously that I do not have a dog in this fight (heliocentric vs. geocentric) other than a genuine desire to know absolute truth.

      With that said, something that I find curious is the height at which witnessing curvature begins. If I recall correctly, Jim’s 3D globe model does not demonstrate noticeable curvature until the Ozone layer (9-22 miles) and certainly does so in the Mesosphere / Noctilucent Clouds (50+ miles above the Earth). However, he also claims curvature at, or near, sea level with the two video examples demonstrating ships disappearing from the bottom up as they travel over a supposed physical horizon. I am not attempting to be antagonistic, but which is it?

      In other words, if we are able to witness curvature at sea level, then we should be able to see an amount magnitudes greater from Mt. Everest’s peak. According to Jim’s 3D model, we do not because of the Earth’s enormous size. On the other hand, if what we see from Mt. Everest is a level horizon, then it would seemingly be impossible to observe physical curvature from the ground (or just above) as this would dictate the globe’s size shrink significantly.

      I understand the higher we travel, the further we are able to see. But, physical curvature is just that, physical and not apparent. Therefore, I am curious how and when this physical marker decides to materialize? Any insights you are able to provide are greatly appreciated.

      With Gratitude,


  2. December 18, 2021 @ 5:04 pm Lonnie

    Patricks world, I still have a radio show..


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