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As long as we’re making an effort to do everything we can to get what we want, spirit has our back.   When you pray, move your feet.

Lessons Patrick learned from his job experiences.

Everybody is communicating with everyone else, all at the same time.

Spirit (God) needs us.  We are required to help it so it can expand itself.

Caller Bridgette thinks Amenazel soursop bitters are amazing.  Shared how she takes care of her Vata body.

Cindy called last week about wanting to have more babies.  Try shatavari, maca, and ashwaganda.

They want us to think we’re not in control.

Biden administration byline is “It’s not my fault.”  Now blaming OPEC and suing them for price fixing of oil.

Communism is not taking responsibility for oneself.

We have to decide what to do with the time given us.

Patrick’s advice to men: Make it easy on yourself and give your woman what she wants. 

We only age because we believe we age in time.

Caller Mark is growing fruit trees.  Describes a refugee encampment in Jordan which created an oasis from desert.

George Soros and associates trying to convince businesses to not advertise on Twitter.

Donald Trump or anyone could be elected Speaker of the House even if they weren’t a House member.

Jovial Foods has recipes on their website, including for einkorn.  Patrick recommends their brown rice organic pasta.

Kitchari – an Ayurvedic healing food that is balancing for all doshas.

How to astral travel?  We do it when getting caught up in emotion.  Imagine something you want to experience.

For fertility or prostate health, shine a red light on the genitals. has the lights Patrick uses.

Listener had mercury fillings removed 2 years ago.  Sweating good for detoxifying.

Sharon gives testimonial for Dr. Glen Swartwout remote biofield analysis and zyto assessment.  See his ORN shows.

Patrick met J.P. (the red-headed guy that makes satiric videos) at the Dripping Springs, TX, Farmer’s Market.  Likely future guest.

FDA limits J&J COVID shot because of “rare but serious” blood clots.

Elon Musk expected to take over as temporary CEO of Twitter.  396.5 million monthly users, billions more in its base.

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  1. May 17, 2022 @ 11:09 am Annette Davis

    In regards to the Amenazel soursop bitters, I am concerned about the ingredients that are not listed. The label only shows half of the supposedly 21 herbs. I would want to know what the other unlisted herbs are before I purchase this product. I emailed their company without any response which makes me even more suspicious. What are your thoughts?


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