Patrick Timpone, Dr. Melissa Sell, & Amandha Vollmer

Patrick opens up the Round Table by referring to the health benefits of living at a higher elevation.

Melissa Sell lives at 7,000 feet elevation at Big Bear, California. Amandha Vollmer lives in Ontario, Canada, at a lower elevation.

The subject quickly changes to address the more serious issues of the day, namely, mRNA vaccines, vaccine shedding, and the worldwide trauma caused by all the fear porn.

Amandha Vollmer calls the vaccines by the more appropriate name of “quack-zines.”

We create our own reality, but is the thought process impacted from the ground up too? How are our energy bodies affected from the bottom up?

Which comes first? The food we eat that affects our health or the thoughts we have that attract us to the kind of food we eat in the first place?

The terrain is everything, but our lack of understanding can cause us to be influenced at other levels.

Patrick asks Melissa and Amandha how they’re dealing with the pandemic. What practices do they personally do?

Melissa describes her morning meditation and her journaling. She meditates first thing in the morning “when all things are pure,” and it’s a good time to “charge your life.” What other strategies does she use to access “the consciousness that is everywhere”?

Amandha prefers to meditate just before bed. She describes how it helps her “dream state” give her information. Sunlight, grounding, and tuning forks are also important.

Patrick describes his very early morning stretching, and how specific images and memories seem to occur with certain stretches. Are all the issues in the tissues? Is it possible for sounds to accompany these images?

“Your body remembers everything that ever happened to you,” says Melissa.

Color and sound therapy influence our emotional field. How are color, sound, and consciousness interrelated?

Amandha explains how healers are under extra pressure because of the pandemic.

“We’re involved with so many people out of balance that we get affected by them,” according to Amandha. “In the past year, I’ve had the most memories of my past I’ve ever had.”

“Sometimes I wake up and say, ‘Is this still actually happening?'” marvels Melissa.

Challenge is an opportunity to “do the deeper work.”

Does the virus really spread through the air, and can it enter the mouth? What is really involved? Poison? Trauma? Stinkin’ thinkin’?

Is a bogeyman germ really running around on the loose?

Is the body really trying to heal all of the time? What part do herbs play? What about acupuncture?

What happens when people default to allopathic medicine?


Patrick asks, “Can you get well if you just use herbs?” How do the spiritual, mental, and emotional interact with the physical?

Deep down it’s what you really believe. “Their stories will come to you,” says Amandha. “When they start to parrot what their M.D. told them, they’re stuck in the story.”

“The whole notion of vaccination is about fear,” asserts Melissa.

What are you consenting to? What do you believe about yourself? How do you make laws for yourself?

Beliefs are made in moments of trauma. Parents slipped in a lot of stuff. You are consenting to the life you live.

Patrick maintains, “This whole body thing is such a scam. The body is just a thought.”

If we believe something is in the body, it’s really there.

Are the perpetrators of the pandemic ever going to give up? Whatever the thought form is, it has to play out.

Will a Great Awakening happen? Our community is building that power. Set your attention. Go out into the world fearlessly.

“Yea, though i walk through the aisles of the grocery store, I’m protected,” quips Melissa.

How do we work with belief and knowing? Does knowingness have to “work through the laws of this place”?

Patrick relates his dream of his father in the hospital. His dad said, “Tell all the kids to earn more money and get out of debt.”

“That’s good advice,” says Amandha. “We never had debt till William of Orange.”

The Round Table ends, and Patrick remarks how cool these “angels” are. “They’re doing angel things.”

Amandha Vollmer and Melissa Sell on what we believe is what we get, May 5, 2021

'Patrick Timpone, Dr. Melissa Sell, & Amandha Vollmer – When It Comes to Health, Deep Down It’s What & How You Believe – May 5, 2021' has 1 comment

  1. May 10, 2021 @ 8:10 pm Leslie J Plaisance

    What a lovely show with three people who have made their life’s work the study of consciousness and the search for truth.
    Add to that, the desire to help others and you couldn’t ask for anything more.
    Thank you for your courage and determination.


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