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Seeing a 360° View of Reality Helps Us Find Out Who We Really Are

What does spiritual mean?  Seeing a 360° view of reality – the ORN perspective.

Going within to find out who we are.  We are special.

Their narrative is falling apart.  Past history, germ theory, catching something, heliocentric earth, etc.

The power of just saying no.  Los Angeles school district cancels vax mandate because so many students weren’t complying.

How to change the world?  Create our own world, one without discord.


UK gives up – abandons vax and mask mandates and requiring work from home.

It’s always now.  No future, no past, no time.

We control what goes on in our body with our beliefs.  It’s our creation, so we can uncreate it.

The counter-intel people are trying to disprove Drs. Cowan, Kaufman, and Lanka.

Looking at the Matrix – what’s next?  Why is COVID in place?  Why 911, the Shoe Bomber, the Patriot Act?

Supreme Court upheld that health care workers can be mandated to be vaxxed, but not private company employees.  Billions of dollars given to hospitals for writing COVID on death certificates, using ventilators.  Mucho money to school boards for mask mandates.

Printing money gives politicians all the money they need for extravagantly costly legislation.

Nancy asks what to do about her hubby’s ever-increasing blood pressure.  Eliminate stinkin’ thinking.  Drink plenty of water.  Holistrol from Pharm East, the Pearlcium people.

Cornucopia Pet Foods Super Bowl special.  Call them at 631-427-7479.

Flat earth people blame the Freemasons for starting the heliocentric earth theory.

Why do Google, YouTube, etc. try to censor flat earth theory?  They don’t want you to think you’re special.

After a year, why are stars in the same place?  Why does Polaris never move? 

Rudolf Steiner understands the wonder of this universe.  Planets are living souls.  Gives new meaning to astrology.

Terrain movie about no germ theory coming up in February.  See it at ORN.

Eck teaches about what is.  The path of total awareness.  Have a best friend inside of you, you can talk to, that is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient -The Master Within. 

Check out Thursday’s show with David Weiss.  ORN will stream it this weekend.

Helena says look at pressure waves, damage across islands – says this is evidence the earth is round.  Offers a bet.

Why do people get so angry at ideas counter to mainstream beliefs?

Russia has banned cryptos.  Why?

NYC mayor will take first paycheck in BitCoin.

China’s No. 1 worry is that the Chinese people will rebel.

Federal judge in Texas blocks Biden vax mandate for federal employees.

Listener appreciates Matthew Ehret and his exposure of false history. 

Huge mud flood In Biblical times that’s been scrubbed from history.  Evidence of electricity in past long before Tesla.  Free energy has always been there. 

Listener buys cell salts from Amanda Vollmer.  Astrological determination of which cell salts you need at

How did they get away with the weirdness of all that’s happened in the last 2 years when there’s no virus?  How does Fauci get away with actions counter to what he recommended in early 2021?

Listener interested in Atom’s advocacy of trauma altering DNA.

It’s your choice to buy into something hurting you.

Joe Rogan details how the left has become intolerant of any other viewpoint, calling dissenters alt-right and other pejoratives. 

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'Patrick Timpone – Seeing a 360° View of Reality Helps Us Find Out Who We Really Are – January 21, 2022' have 2 comments

  1. January 21, 2022 @ 9:26 pm Lawrence

    Germ Theory does exist. It’s germ fact, or reality or just plain Germs as an outside agent or death and destruction that doesn’t exist. Yes Germ theory is truly a theory. But a theory is not a fact. A theory is just an idea, an imagining, a dream. and sometimes dreams do come true. but when they do, it no longer a theory.


  2. January 22, 2022 @ 4:19 pm BubbaJ

    Money is the #1 huge way that the crooks control the population. Populations are all about CONTROL and POWER. Control means who makes the decisions, which is the same thing as freedom. Power is obviously protection/security, and the ability to protect your control (decionmaking ability) & law enforcement. We people need to have total control over the money system, otherwise we get the disaster we have today. We either need to take over the existing money system, or start a brand new one, whereby the people vote on all major decisions involving the money system, letting a few people make all the money decisions & print money is a disaster.


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