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It Takes A Long Time to Get Young

Listener interested in Sean’s crypto investment opportunity.

Bridgette explains the attributes of Einkorn wheat that she bakes with.  Loves using Andreas seed oils on her skin.  Kava Kava a favorite.  Why did she get “the bug”?   They talk about lots of things.

Patrick enjoys the state-of-consciousness he experiences when he’s screen-writing The Real World of Money.

If we look at who we are as soul, and we believe a thought, the body will do what we believe it will do.  The thought is a hologram that is in every part of the body.  If in long enough, it can damage the tissue in the body, which causes disease.  Tissues will heal when we release the energy and “stinkin thinkin”.  The pain and symptoms start when we’re healing.

Vacation starting 12/21/21.  Be back January 3, 2022 with Atom Bergstrom.

The Faul of the Cabal :  Is Paul McCartney still alive?

“Flat earth theory” is a contentious issue.  What are the effects of believing a lie?

Why are we on earth  – in the lower worlds?  To help one another?

Patrick’s smoothie – colostrum, maple syrup, banana , wheat grass, cacao, oat or almond milk – whatever you want.  Mixed in a NutriBullet. 

Patrick’s former theme song “You’re So Cool” was from the movie True Romance.

Listen to Andrew Gause’s recorded shows on ORN to get a financial education.  Hard currency is the only tangible asset.

ORN will have lots of streaming videos over the Christmas hiatus.

'Patrick Timpone – The Biology of Belief; Massive Inflation Coming; Why We’re on Earth and More – December 20, 2021' have 2 comments

  1. December 23, 2021 @ 10:15 pm Kildare

    All the best Patrick! Have a great Christmas! Been following your show since 2007 and you are part of my virtual family. We escaped Canada for the winter and am enjoying the freedom in Mexico. Life is good when you live without fear!


    • December 24, 2021 @ 11:28 am patrick

      thank you so much
      May the blessings be


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