Patrick opens the show by chanting “HU.”

“Why are we, where are we, who are we, and what’s it all about, Alfie?” says Patrick.

Are we experiencing the Great Awakening? What kind of Change is happening on planet Earth?

Are you and I going to wake up, and not the Collective?

Is each effort to awaken like successive “takes” on a movie shoot?

Patrick is taking Shilajit. It’s now in the One Radio Network store.

Can we heal without an antibiotic? Patrick relates what Dr. Andrew Kaufman said about strep throat and pneumonia.

When does the body experience the most pain? Why do some people choose to get pneumonia and others don’t?

When do souls choose to leave their bodies? What kind of experience is dying, and where do we go?

We let go of many things in order to change. There’s a time for us to “wake up and smell the coffee and the roses.”

There is no virus, only exosomes. When we get sick, we’re detoxing.

Diabetes is only an imbalance in blood sugar.

Do we create each experience to grow spiritually and to help others?

What is meant by the saying, “Do what you like, and the money will follow”?

Nothing exists without its opposite. The more conscious we are, the more bonkers everyone else seems. That’s how we have balance.

Patrick plays a YouTube video of a confrontation between Senator Rand Paul and Dr. Fauci. Patrick comments that Senator Paul is a lone voice in the wilderness along with the governor of South Dakota.

Why are attorneys suing Moderna over their injectable device?

When Patrick asked Joel Skousen when this hoax will be over, and Skousen replied, “Never!”, Patrick thought that was an unbelievable statement, but now, with all these alleged mutating “variants,” it’s not so unbelievable.

A listener writes in, “Where’s a good place to live?” Patrick relates the limited options.

Atom writes in, “When Vibrant Gal escaped the Commies in Hungary, there was a border to cross. Now there are no borders to cross, so it’s time to stand on our own two feet and fight back.”

Inflation is in our future. Money is being printed like there’s no tomorrow. Get gold and silver. “The monetary system is so belly-up,” adds Patrick.

Another listener relates how Organic Sulfur helped his spinal cord recovery after a car accident. He requests more shows about the spine.

“The more we pandiculate, the stronger the spine gets, and the body stands more erect,” says Patrick.

Atom comments, “Stretching can grow the spine at least 2 inches. It was done by someone who was too short to be a policeman, so he stretched his spine enough to meet the requirement.”

Patrick explains how “there is only Now,” and how aging is involved. What kind of insights did Patrick’s out-of-body experiences give him?

What happens when you let go of fear?

Have you lost friends by telling them about terrain theory? According to Dr. Tom Cowan, people who believe in the virus are under a spell like Alice in Wonderland.

What is the plan for the Great Reset? How will “they” ditch six-and-a-half billion people?

“Carol in the country” writes in about how she’s been awakening people by sending them information, but they don’t believe her. Patrick offers some practical advice.

Patrick recommends the movie, “Promising Young Woman.”

Patrick updates us about the progress of his screenplay. It’s already complete; it’s just being finessed.

Are vaccines going to be mandatory in the military? Were they in the past?

What’s the best way to prepare kale, and how long should it be cooked?

Does Ray Peat really recommend cooking kale for 2 or 3 hours? Do Atom and Vibrant Gal really cook their kale for 2 1/2 hours?

Patrick extols the benefits of raw dairy.

Patrick reminisces about his dream about his Dad.

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