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The Green New Deal, Great Reset, Great Awakening, Globalist Agenda, Health Musings, & More !

“It’s an honor to do this for a living because I could be out there lifting heavy things,” jokes Patrick, opening today’s show.

William phones in from Fredericksburg. He’s still on a cell phone because a landline would cost him $6,000 to install.

Patrick is drinking a “homeopathic version of Cobalamin Tonic.” He doesn’t do well with caffeine.

A listener writes in about Patrick’s interview with Dr. Carrie Madej.

What forces are behind the recent gender movement? Are the globalists involved? What is their agenda?

Patrick discusses the Great Reset and the Green New Deal. It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s really happening.

Is transgenderism part of the eugenics movement?

When women live together, their menstrual periods synchronize. Are pheromones involved?

“Man-made climate change is the biggest piece of junk science ever perpetrated,” according to Patrick. He plays a clip of John Kerry lecturing about getting carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.

How did Biden’s Climate Czar get so ignorant? He could use some input from Ray Peat, who knows how important carbon dioxide really is.

Chris from Pennsylvania phones in with an update about Tommy the Commie (Governor Tom Wolf) and the long-term effects of the mRNA vaccine. If these vaccines contain human fetuses, how does this affect gender?

Has a virus really ever been isolated? According to Dr. Tom Cowan, it’s never been done.

Patrick and Chris discuss Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Del Bigtree.

Chris shares an almost unbelievable story of a wedding in the Age of Covid. It shows how friends and relatives are being turned against each other.

Coca-Cola is encouraging its employees to be “less white” to “fight racism.”

Will there be a Great Awakening? Patrick and Chris compare the pros and cons.

What happened to Patrick’s chickens?

Atom writes in, “Subliminal programming works so well even NASA scientists can’t find them.”

Are people “less white” if they have a suntan? The agenda is to have the black people hate the white people and the white people hate the black people.

A listener had a session with Dr. Glen Swartwout, and thanks Patrick for the recent show. Dr. Swartwout was interviewed on One Radio Network on April 21, 2021, and did Remote Testing on Patrick.

Patrick discusses the food he’s eating and the supplements he’s taking. Oranges are definitely on his list.

Atom writes in, “Other folks connect resentment to the gall bladder, but I find resentment is really connected to the spleen (venting one’s spleen).”

Patrick talks about screenwriting and entertainment.

Roger phones in from Florida. He and Patrick discuss the virtues and vices of THC and CBD oil,

It starts raining.

Carol suggests that Patrick make a video of his Yoga exercises.

A listener writes in about Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan turning GMO products into non-GMO ones.

Carol writes in about curing Morgellons with an alfalfa and organic dish soap bath.

What causes cataracts? Or macular degeneration? Or pterygia?

'Patrick Timpone – The Green New Deal, Great Reset, Great Awakening, Globalist Agenda, Health Musings, & More – April 23, 2021' has 1 comment

  1. April 25, 2021 @ 1:40 pm Anthony

    Hello Patrick,
    I was so happy that you didn’t apologize to Kara for your conversation with Dr madej. This PC culture and gender neutral agenda is gone way outta whack now. How can there be more that 2 genders?, there just can’t, its stupid and a non argument.
    This is not a go at Kara, but I would say that she thinks the way she does because she has spent too much time in college being indoctrinated.
    By the way, here in Ireland the people who get vaccinated get a badge to pin on their shirt to say “I have got my Vaccine”, and if you refer somebody to get a vaccine you get a 20 euro voucher to spent!! That’s the truth.
    Great show, I listen back when I can.


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